Thursday, December 24, 2009

First blog ever... let's see how it goes

12/24/09 Christmas Eve!

Well since its my first blog and all.. i guess i should back track and explain my journey to la and trying to make it back home to my family... let alone other plans that always seem to arise!

So the mess started on Dec 21st, i had a planned flight to la to perform a show with my boy bilal for his new label introducing him and all.
This is good, so the flight is scheduled to leave at 6am from philly to cleveland, yes a connecting one.. and due to our 23 inches of surprising snow, that flight caused the airport to cancel my little flight to cleveland. Good thing i checked the status online the night before which then prompts me to contact the promoter and inform him.
so he gets back to me telling me he has a flight that leaves from abe airport... wait....................abe though!
that's all the way in freaking allentown, pennsylvania, WTF......
I say, man that flight is not gonna happen. I Live in philadelphia dude! reschedule that one.
the drama begins, no direct flights, everything is on the frits because of the damn snow,
i finally get a flight to lax, after all the drama of changing tickets, standing in line for 3 hrs in philly, i make my way from terminal F to terminal B ! flights are pushed back to the extreme.... on the way to the gate. Chik fila interupts me... aww those nuggets are great! lol
make it to my gate i have to way because the ticket agent downstairs placed me on standby but stupidly forgot to change my entire ticket to us airways from conntinental! great! this is what happens when u book travel with three different airlines.. confusion!!!!!
i walk up while everybody is finally boarding wait for a standby ticket... no dice.. u have to stand in the other line to re book your tickets sir!
fast foward the anger, from 5 pm till 12 am that night i took in all that madness.
there is a car that picks me up from my home around 2:15 am to newark to fly to detroit then la!
Finally reach detroit, thinking yes.. made it in good time.. have 15 mins till my flights boards to la.... nope the plane had maintence problems from 8:45 till 12 noon...count that. waiting.. then we get on the plane.. sit for another 30 mins because bags have to load up lol.
Later that day i make it to lax, only to drive directly to sound check... amazing!
show was cool! i guess La man.. not really feeling it sometimes.. but we did a cool show for what it was.
if i told you how it was coming back... u would crack up from ready so i will spare u and leave you guys with a merry christmas!