Monday, December 27, 2010

This year is on it's way out.

Cold like the pole in the winter it is, on this night of December 26, 2010, and by the way, It's snowing again! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
Instead of watching the eagles pound on poor Farve and the vikings, I get to blog for the last time in 2010.
In Philly, were having snow blizzard conditions which prevented the NFL to postpone the game tonight.
Sucks, but what else are you gonna do. Wait! I'm a producer, I could go to the studio and make some music right……. No… one of the heaters went out and I forgot to replace it! I went over there and tried that and my feet were frozen and that was a major discomfort when you're trying to work and you're not comfortable or warm.

I guess I better take care of that tomorrow! I've got to get back in there, so many idea's going through my head musically. I want to get them out and make some great music.
Or maybe I should relax a little more and take more time to spend with my family and get right back in it at the start of the new year, which is days away. Ok, sounds like a plan. For now I'll just write off the top.

With my only blog coming almost four weeks ago, you can tell I really took advantage of the time I've had off this month. Well, Technically from touring. I've been home for most of the month enjoying family, being able to pick my kids up from school and having a bit of time for myself to reflect upon all my encounters that I've had this year. It has been a good one, I've been blessed this year. Musically, how many young and inspiring Music producers have had the chance to be apart of such greatness as it was being able to co produce an album such as Bilal Oliver's Air tights Revenge. That was such of blessing to be apart of and while it's still making some great waves and headlines, I figure I'm on my way.
If I had to be asked what is one of the most difficult things of working in the music industry, it would be very easy to answer. The balance of your time from just regular everyday life, and the music life as we know it.
Now throw in family and things of that nature, your essence of time is everything. Neither  can be slighted.

For instance ,your kids have projects at school and of course they need your help, or they have activities that they participate in and your support is always needed there. What does that bring us back to again, that thing  called time? I like to use  a saying called " Time is money," because in my life, every minute I waste on something that's not worth it, I think of plenty of other things and places where my time could have easily gone to.
While being in the studio and working with artist, or just working on music in general, It takes time. Some folks like to work at the top of the morning, afternoon, while I feel like most of my work is done at the late hours in the evening.
Don't get me wrong, I can actually work early, but I feel like my flow is better in the evening.

At the end of the day, it's a very delicate thing. You don't wanna spend too much time in the studio while your significant other awaits you, while at the same time, you don't wanna lose time from doing something you love so much, especially when that's your bread and butter cash situation. In the end, that person shall understand what your goals and dreams are and have an awesome support system for you, but I'd advise you to not take advantage of that. It's a very thin line!

Moving right along, who wants to see more video footage of whats happening at the studio?
Lately I've been sitting down with a few final cut pro peeps about it and they are excited to grab and edit the happenings of it. I plan to get started in 2011 and adding a youtube page to the blog for you guys to check out.
The videos will include the process of beat making,recording drums and all things of that sort!
I wanted to start a little earlier this year, but I had to sit down and get my plans together on how to start.
I even considered taking final cut pro classes myself and recording and editing my own video, but again, time is money, and where is the time gonna come from that extra activity?

Well, thats all for now folks, I don't wanna take too much of your time this sunday evening, thanks for ready and sticking with me this year, I promise to showcase more of myself in action at the studio and while on stage doing what I do best.

And while I was in the middle of typing this, I was informed by my twitter page that the great R&B Singer Teena Marie has passed away!
I wish her family the best and my prayers goes out to them. She was a legend and icon in our music community. She was most famous from her career she shared with the late great Rick James. Those two wrote a bunch of hit songs that we all remember and still play to this day. Even though her career took a turn for slide down, she was still considered a beast of a singer. I guess were gonna be banging Teena songs for the next few weeks now. Ooo
 La La La, rest in peace Ms Marie! One of my all time Favorites!
March 5, 1956 – December 26, 2010
Teena Marie, One the the greatest singers died today!
I'm sad from this one. Read for yourself.
Oh yeah, you know those guys right there, The Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen
They beat the sixer that night in philly by a point!
Snowing, it just started a hour ago, outside my door!
The first glimpse Of snow i saw since it started! man ol man
My Mom's crew of Shih Tzu's
This little one was enjoying his nap!
The Kids enjoyed Christmas Morning!
My son seemed to be happy, with his CSI toy!
My Boy KG Kevin Garnett was tired on this play!
Great Game though
Yeah, I'm a Bball fan, good game!
Later folks, Have a good time celebrating the new year!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What are you thankful for?

Well folks, here we are to the count down. The last month of the year 2010. It had many good moments and many down moments, but I'm sure you made the best of them right? It's that time where you sit and reflect upon the changes and obstacles you've encountered in your life,and while your doing that, your still getting things together for one of the biggest holidays ever made. Christmas.
It's here, in full effect, the weather, the music in the malls, the 50% deals for shopping, people traveling back home, taking time off from work. It's all here again. I hope you guys are prepared for it all.

My December starts off like usual, always on the run, since five this morning I've been in the studio fixing last minute things on tracks to turn in. I've sat and watched the Boston celtics throw down the cleveland cavs, I helped my daughter with homework, spent some time with family, and then at 8-am I find myself rested with only three hours of sleep, making my way to the airport for a flight to Toronto, Canada. We have a show of course at The Revival Club. Since the new album has been out, "Air tights Revenge" We've been on the road a bit, promoting it.

So far the responses have been astonishing, If you haven't listened to it yet, you need to stop waiting around and pick it up, and this time people,  please support, we all know you downloaded the epic "Love for sale" Album for free on the internet!
Rain rain rain, go away. Thats how my night before and morning started, raining pretty hard, and I thought around the time I got up this morning that I would be late for my flight, and little did you know, this rain, allowed me to sleep in a extra few minutes. Moments later I get myself together, called a cab, and this cat came knocking on my door, like "steve" you called for a cab, I'm still in preparation mode and surprised that he got all the way inside to my front door, informing me that it's raining and all the stuff. I guess he didn't have a cell phone to call and say he was out front. Oh well, seemed like a new guy and he asked me what do I normally pay to get to the airport.
Easy, $25 bucks, while clearly in the back of my head I know it's a flat rate of $34 bucks. Needless to say I gave him a cool $30 only to get there to find out that my flight was delayed by a hour. Thanks to the mother nature, it allowed bilal to catch up and not miss his flight.
Now the drama is our Ny crew, Mike, Corey, Chris and Marc. Their flying out of Newark today, and because of rain, they got delayed in a major way. At this point while I type, sitting in the lobby of this huge Sheraton, their flight hasn't left the ground yet.
In the mean time, Bilal,Tony, and myself are here to wonder around these cold streets, and huge gallery of a mall. 
If your following me on my blogs, you know that in almost every city, I find a Thai Place to eat at, and this one time, its not that good. While we should have known, since we were the only three in there!!
Toronto is where we are, it's cold as the north pole here too. We didn't get out to see much, but I wanted to remain somewhat consistent enough to share with you guys on my blog. So here it is.
This time and moment reminds me of a time where we had a gig and it was a major snow storm, who knows why we tried to make it to the venue, the gig ended up being cancelled due to weather. Even though Tony, Bilal, and myself made it here, there's no show without the Keyboards and Guitar. The melodic section
Crazy twist right. Somebody's gotta do it.
The bright spot of this trip was walking through our hotel and connecting to the mall, and getting to see one of my wish list Christmas gifts. The New Ipod Touch, while tony was into the Ipad really heavy and Bilal enjoyed the sight of Youtube from the new iphone 4. That apple store will get you caught up, and it never fails, tons of people are always there buying and browsing with their new wishful toys.
Good thing for us is, there's gonna be a few weeks off to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, and celebrate the new year! I'm looking forward to it, while I have many things to be thankful for. One, are you guys for reading my blogs. Once I started, I got slammed for sharing my world, and that I was too personal, only to find out that you guys appreciate me taking the time out of my busy schedule to share with you my journeys. I'm thankful for my children and their family, I'm thankful for my family, how they always have me in their vision, no matter what is going on. I'm thankful for the special people that have entered my life, and of course you know who you are!
Thank you all again for taking your time to read my blogs, I really am thankful for you all.
I encourage you guys to take time to reflect upon all of your positive ventures in 2010, and take all the negatives you've faced and figure out how to turn them around and better yourself from them.
If anything, I've learned to have patience in a person you love and that things won't happen overnight. If you stick to your guns and what you believe, you'll have a positive outcome in whatever your situation is.
If you know me personally, you know I'm a person with great patience. 

These are my words coming to you, from a cold winter night in Canada. I pray I have some better food for dinner tonight. I pray that the rest of the guys show up and we have a great showcase here in Toronto, sorry Chris bosh fans, wait......... are their even any of them? I didn't think so, ok let me stop, thats my basketball spirit coming out.
Have a great night folks! 

At the Sheraton Lobby
Graphic Arts Building Of Toronto
Downtown In Toronto
This guy pulled in and me and bilal were like... ummm ok buddy! Nice Car
Look at the spirit, they got in the Sheraton lobby, my mom would like this!
This tree in the mall is huge, look mom, you likes, i took this one for you!
A woman's store on a nice display.I know some of you are enjoying this shot.
More and more malls are opening up an Apple store and with the holidays here, it stays packed then ever.
People were buying stuff left and right in this apple store!
They must make a killing around this holiday time.
Tone really has his mind set for that Ipad.
Meanwhile Bilal sat right across from Tone checking out the iphone 4. He's a youtube guy!
And for me, well, my wish list would be a ipod touch 32 or 64 gig version,
they are just cool, and i could use.
These are things you do in other cities when you have free time, hit a mall, get something to eat, waste time
today we got to check out the mail in Toronto, Canada

How about that truck stop fast food, at least the presentation looks cool. Would you get a burger and fries from this truck? 
The thai spot which wasn't so good this time around. Oh well, we were on an amazing streak though.

Well enjoy folks, catch you next time around.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holidays,concerts you need to see,and love your family

Wow!!!!! I look up and it's almost been a month and I haven't written one blog post.
I apologize everyone, just as someone commented on how I juggle my time and still have time to blog and show pictures to you guys, I go off and don't post one for almost a month. Forgive me, I'm back with a few things to share.

First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! Its that time of the year again, where we spend time with our beloved ones and reflect upon the year we've had and how we wanna do better and have a bigger impact for the new year that approaches us.
Again, I know, I've been missing in action and that's really not a cool way to keep in contact with you all, so I'm here, and hopefully I'll be more updating with what's going on.
I guess I can start by updating you on a few shows I have coming up.
This Wednesday the 24th I'll be taking my talents to Dallas,Texas to perform a show with Bilal at the Prophet bar. Then this weekend (27th) is filled with some more fun Performing in Washington D.C. at the Black Cat, while good friend and great artist Yahzarah will be opening for us. After these festivities, we'll be coming back home to take the stage in Philly performing at at the World cafe, with more friends, U-City opens for us. Thats the 28th of November folks, if your gonna be in any of these places, then feel free to stop past and come celebrate the holidays with me!
I trust that you'll enjoy yourself.

Every year around this time I self evaluate my career and where I wanna be, and I always use the previous years to mark my growth. While I'm doing that, I'm already making visions on where I wanna go next. Its so easy said then done, so in that case you take steps and strides at a time.
If your dedicated to whatever your passion is, you will succeed with a positive outcome.
This time last year, I told myself I wanna take it up to a higher level on Producing music, and being one of the best musicians out there. With prayer and hard work, those things are happening right before my very eyes, and believe me, when you hear them say, it happens very fast, it happens very fast.
That is why it's important to have yourself together and prepared for what your about to become. It happens often when people are handed these overnight careers and then their not ready for it and they do something stupid and with the blink of an eye, its gone. Sad but true.
Basically it's all about having your priorities set, simple stuff, obtain and sustain. Get it and hold on to it.

So here I find myself returning from a three week short tour with Bilal, promoting the new album "Air tights Revenge" (By the way, Do you guys have it?) My work never stops! And being busy is a good thing folks, remember to have fun at doing what you love.  Here I am back from the west coast, different weather, different time zone, and soon as I get back, I fall into Halloween!! Trick or treating with the kids, with some of the most Interesting costumes. Sheyenne along with Her Best friend Lashe wore these awesome Cereal Boxes. They were the old school sugar smacks and the new version on them. Built By Lashe's Uncle. With some many compliments on them, you would have thought they were out there modeling for best dress!!! After a hour or two, they were done, while my son Samarr  acted as the paper boy, he had his bike rolling through streets that were surprisingly blocked off in order to celebrate  going from door to door to collect candy. Pretty funny stuff, I was amazed, saying to myself, they actually block streets off? The kids enjoyed themselves.
While the holidays are beaming by, what else would be appropriate? Studio work. Yes!  All in the same week, no time to relax and re adjust my clock.

My good friends Fatin and Aja hit me up and we found ourselves in the studio the very next day working on their new album. We've got a few great records too. Even Vivian green jumped in and we started working on some songs, that I believe are great records. I feel like I've been making some good music as of late. There was a few months ago where I felt like I was in a music block.
I couldn't write anything, but now, it's different, things are flowing at a good pace, and to top all of that off, I'm  still in and out of town.
It's my passion along with being my job, so I enjoy coming to work everyday making great music that you can enjoy.

Talk about family, my beautiful parents are breeding little Shih Tzu's. It first started off with a small one, they named her pebbles, and she got lonely so they got another one and named him rocky, a few years later, they had little pups.

Have a Happy Holidays everyone and I'll talk to you all very soon.

And they had cereal boxes for costumes!
Lashe and Sheyenne and Samarr
Halloween 2010 
Getting the candy, streets all blocked off, having fun
Samarr as the Paper Boy Halloween 2010
Sheyenne old school wheat puffs
Lashe' sports the new sugar wheats
Halloween, folks really celebrated!
My mom and her little dog's center
Shih Tzu's
Shey and anika had fun picking them up.
Those little ones are having fun.
They all got names, don't ask me this one's name lol
I believe there is six of them.
There goes my parents and in their basement, taking care of all eight of their Shih Tzu's
And now they are sleep! Goodnite

Well I'm off to the gym, gotta try this lean thing out again, and then in the morning we're off to Dallas.
Check you guys out later, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Still California dreaming!

A nice and warm thursday night in Los Angeles and there could be nothing better to see then a soulful concert from the view of my hotel room located on the sixth floor. A Jazz concert, featuring many great musicians from the area. One in particular, Michelle' performing "Something In my Heart".
Yes that's right, as I sat there getting ready for a concert of my owns with Bilal, they were jamming outside my window, and it sounded as though i had front row seats. There was jazz music playing and it sounded great, and then there's this soft squeaking voice talking Introducing herself, and they started to sing, backgrounds going.. Something in my heart, something in my heart, and what really made this funny was, before I put it together that it was Michelle', I figured it was some lady singing it with the track, like just some regular gig and she picked a random song. My buddy tony insisted that it was her, but I was sure there was no way that it would actually be her singing. Wow, she hit every note verbatim! As the song went on, I'm thinking to myself, wow she's really hitting all the original notes to this song, and tony is in the back ground  saying man, thats her. I'm still skeptical, after all, this is a random jazz gig in my hotel. We are in La though, so anything can happen right. Behold once she finished her extra long version of something in my heart Produced by Dr.Dre. I said, ok, if that's really her,then we'll definitely know because they are gonna give her a grand introduction. Behold, they said, MICHELLE'''' everyone. I was on the floor, cracking up. That was too good to be true. Sometimes you see things that you often think you wouldn't get the chance too, I guess I can say I've been blessed because you figure that's a one in a million chance to see things like that, and for me, it's been several occasions that have had me and my friends on the floor.
Really quick, one cosy warm night in miami, and we're getting back in from hanging and partying, and there is a piano in the lobby, open to the public, well, at least to us, and if your having rob glasper sit there and play jodeci songs with bilal singing along oooh yeah, the signature jodeci ad libs, then it's not problem. Finally after all the joking around, they begin to play Lately I've had a strange feeling. A classic stevie wonder song. Quickly after that, who other then Jodeci come strolling in the lobby, loudly screaming, oooh yeah, oooh yeah, and starts to join in.
Man, that was too funny, to see them come in, first off, drunk, and high as ever. There's really no words for my face that i had. I was more shocked from the fact that we all were sitting there making jokes and laughing, then these guys come strolling in the hotel. Classic moment that was, they sat there and played songs all night, while i left, still amazed, but they wouldn't leave. He kept telling rob, one more song. I was gone, it was already Five in the morning at that point.
California, a beautiful place, I've spent a few weeks so far and I have to say that I've enjoyed my time here, and the sights. I've gotten to see some nice views of all of Oakland, San Francisco( even though they stole a world series dreams away) San Jose, The Orange County, and La.
They all have totally different vibes from one another and I got to soak up all of it. Even the rain in San Francisco!
One of my many times of being in La, the weather was on point, sunny, sunny, and sunny in the forecast. After all the rain and grey skies, La brought the sun and we enjoyed every minute of it.
I even got to check the dope scenery of baldwin hills. You can almost see everything standing up there.
Our shows were good, I think we reached to audiences that does not regularly get a chance to see a show like ours with Bilal leading the way. Playing in Orange county says enough, and they where pretty crunked. I couldn't believe it.
Makes you wonder, I guess the album is being pushed and promoted here in California right?
This time around, Cali was good, most of you will enjoy yourselves here, I'd advise you to rent a car, and get ready for the wonder traffic, its everywhere, but the city is beautiful. I see why lots of folks relocate here. Its the place to be. I've gotten some nice photo's for my next blog on a record shop popular in California, Amoeba Music Mega record shop. Only three locations, La, San Fran, and Berkley California.
I hope you guys had a nice and quick laugh, I did listening to Michelle' from my room, she was really killing it, now that I think about it.
Anyway, enjoy my mixture of pictures from San Francisco, Oakland and La, its all for you guys!  Now if you'll excuse me, the crew and I are gonna raid famous roscoe's and watch the magic spank the heat!

While taking a break washing clothes, I took the time to get the whole manicure/pedicure thing
The most refreshing part was the foot massage.
Attention Fellas, it's totally cool to get this done.
Why is that girl next to me so up tight looking, La man, is funny!
Backstage area that caught my eye
Beautiful La
More La
Driving to La
While in San Francisco, Graffiti is the hot stuff! All over
Still in San Fran, Told you the Graffiti game is hot!
The view of my second hotel in Oakland California, Which was right up the street from the Venue Yoshi's
The Architecture and Atmospere of San Francisco had my attention alot!
Coffee all over the place in San Fran
One of the many bridges that I've crossed, this one was the Bay bridge!
More scenery from San Fran
While riding from Sacramento to La, this was all the scenery I saw!
Tony is in all of my pictures it seems like, nice day outside, that laundry place was off the chain, very clean, and the dryers were quick!
What can I say, La is nice
There you go, A photo of me while sound checking at Yoshi's In Oakland

later folks!!!!!!