Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have two, Sheyenne soon to be 10 yrs old and Samarr who recently turned 8 This year.

When u become a parent, things are suppose to change in your life.
Your suppose to have a new respect about life and know that its not all about you anymore.
I mean sure your to go about life and achieve your goals, but u gotta have a master plan thats includes them because wether u know it or not, they are counting on you. And kids dont need much to be loved!

I believe they automactically love you until they are old enough to realize that ur not in their lifes and not doing much for them.
I come from a huge family tree so its kinda hard to imagine myself not loving my kids and wanting to be around them!
I do have a very busy schedule and i try to make them apart of it as much as possible.
Like i said before, they dont need much!
I look around and i see how this new generation of kids are coming up, and it seems like its gonna be rough!
So stay in tune with your child and teach them values that u were taught when u were coming up so things wont be so difficult when they become older!
Im sitting back and wondering what do my kids wanna become!
Cant wait until they lock in to something they really wanna do and im there in the stands supporting!

Any way u gotta love the kids!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still At Work

I know i missed a day on my blog but please forgive me, i've been locked in this garage editing files and watching movies to make the time go past.
I really cant wait until i've finished this project that im working on(bilal Session Dumps) So that i can get back to a creative Space.

Im still putting things together for the website and hoping that my EPK gets done rather soon.
The Picture i included of me is taken in the garage where the studio is located, and everyone raves over the fact that it is located in a garage where i can make noise all nite long! The Reverb in this place is ridiculous!

I've also included a snippet of me tracking drums for my friend jesse Boykins! Dope Beat, i couldnt edit the sound properly so its just camera audio.. sorry! hope You enjoy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shouts out to creative Eye Design! He captured a moment of the drums in the studio, while the rest was me taking flicks of things while i had the camera in my hand.
Its fun snapping pics sometimes, i remember i use to do it alot! Whrn exposable's where still in style.
anyway. i hope u enjoy the the pics!
i have a cool treat for the next blog! Some will think its pretty funny! haha
later, be well

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gotcha on camera in the airport!

I had alot of time at the airport because of the weather, the snow shut down alot of airports and
people were stranded in the airport, missing flights, sleeping ungodly and a bunch of stuff!
i managed to capture this women missing her flight, it was brief, but the real part was watching the people's face as i boldly recorded them! funny stuff
Still in the studio cleaning files!
have a good one!

In the Studio

Whasup everybody,
im in the studio working on mixtapes, bouncing sessions down, and creating a new catalog!
its alot of work to be, im also in the middle of being apart of a highly anticipated album from my homeboy Bilal oliver!
its been awhile coming but he's finally gonna make it out!
Proud of him so much!
look out for the tour man! its gonna be crazy!
also late summer Joy denalane's album should be dropping, another album im proud of working on!
its some of my best output so far to say.....
although i love some of my previous work. the kindred Arrival record! people really slept on that one.. i thought it was a great record which had cool philly peeps like Dre & Vi, Ant Bell, Adam Blackstone, and myself!
But anyway be on the look out for me and my new website!
it will feature video blogs, disocgraphy, pictures, schedule, studio session sneak peaks, and all!
2010 should be a great yr!
im also working on a EPK that should be done sometime soon!
work is in progress and until im finished, its gonna be sleepless nites,
and long hrs of hard work!
and i cant forget that im a loving father of two! Shey & Marr- dad loves you
back to work, i just wanna try and update this blog as much as possible you know!
thanks for reading!