Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the Studio

Whasup everybody,
im in the studio working on mixtapes, bouncing sessions down, and creating a new catalog!
its alot of work to be, im also in the middle of being apart of a highly anticipated album from my homeboy Bilal oliver!
its been awhile coming but he's finally gonna make it out!
Proud of him so much!
look out for the tour man! its gonna be crazy!
also late summer Joy denalane's album should be dropping, another album im proud of working on!
its some of my best output so far to say.....
although i love some of my previous work. the kindred Arrival record! people really slept on that one.. i thought it was a great record which had cool philly peeps like Dre & Vi, Ant Bell, Adam Blackstone, and myself!
But anyway be on the look out for me and my new website!
it will feature video blogs, disocgraphy, pictures, schedule, studio session sneak peaks, and all!
2010 should be a great yr!
im also working on a EPK that should be done sometime soon!
work is in progress and until im finished, its gonna be sleepless nites,
and long hrs of hard work!
and i cant forget that im a loving father of two! Shey & Marr- dad loves you
back to work, i just wanna try and update this blog as much as possible you know!
thanks for reading!

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