Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still At Work

I know i missed a day on my blog but please forgive me, i've been locked in this garage editing files and watching movies to make the time go past.
I really cant wait until i've finished this project that im working on(bilal Session Dumps) So that i can get back to a creative Space.

Im still putting things together for the website and hoping that my EPK gets done rather soon.
The Picture i included of me is taken in the garage where the studio is located, and everyone raves over the fact that it is located in a garage where i can make noise all nite long! The Reverb in this place is ridiculous!

I've also included a snippet of me tracking drums for my friend jesse Boykins! Dope Beat, i couldnt edit the sound properly so its just camera audio.. sorry! hope You enjoy!

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