Friday, March 26, 2010

A series of things to talk about........

Most of us on this earth,
wants love, or wants to be loved at some point. Then we want great romance, of course great sex, and last but not least which should have been first, they all want the security of a stable relationship. Its just natural to want these things in life. How do you manage to get them, where do start? Im not asking for myself, but just in general. What do you think? How do you attract the special mate your looking for, or do you just settle for the person who is pulling in your corner. Or when you get that first official date, does it ever occur to you on where to go and how special it has to be, or are you wondering on how your gonna act because u wanna impress this person.  I say be yourself to be quite honest and see how that works out for you. You never really know.
 But any way, im sorry reader's i was trying to keep a consistent flow and all, but the weather took me down! I was sicker then i expected to be and i had no energy to type or do anything, so i basically just laid in the bed drinking theraflu until i could muster any energy to just get out of bed. And once that was almost done, meaning the cold, i had to play consecutive days on the drums. In the back of my mind im thinking this cold isnt over yet, so must of the night i felt like Patrick ewing sweating my life away while playing.
Guess the cold wasnt done after all. I'll make it through though. Im glad everything is coming back down to earth, as im preparing to travel for a few days. First stop is the windy city they call chicago for a nite at the double doors club with bilal. Then a few days later we head off to the motherland of south africa.
Sounds like a trip huh, would you really travel more then 10 hours on a plane to get to your work destination? Being a musician, you just have to be ready for it. Get on the plane and go, gives you time to meditate,catch up on some sleep, read a book,watch the movies, watch the movies, ok i said that two times because i remember vividly a trip traveling to germany and my boy bilal was on the plane, along with his manager and my good friend nicole hurst all watched the movie about this music genius kid "August Rush" While we talked about our 8 hour plane ride over, everybody started to admit how that movie got us all teary eyed. It was funny, a kid who was born into two musicians, one rock and one classical. He got turned into foster care and some how in the end of the movie he met  up with his parents as his mom searched for him, meanwhile his dad didnt even know he had the girl pregnant.
Great movie, I had my kids watch it, they liked it, so check out august rush if you havent seen it yet.

Friends, we all have them right? We have certain kind of friends, like the ones who you were always close to, but never really have the time to hang, or you have new developed friends where you dont know much about them and you guys click until something happens and your thinking, whasup with this person. Yes, i guess its safe to say that we all have these kind of whirlwind of friends that comes in different sizes,shapes,and colors. Still i believe that you have to choose wisely what types of people you want in your personal space. I have musicians friends where we just play music and go home and never talk until we play again, i have friends where we do music and talk about life and we know eachother's families. I have friends where we just talk about life and random domestic things like how big our kids are getting,there schools, and so on. Then i have friends who are attracted to the  streets and they can't help it and it causes me to have alot of love for them, but i can hang in their zone, and im sure they would completely be bored in mines. You ever try mixing all your friends together for a party or just a social gathering, nope! It would a drama festival. But i will say this, if you ever had the pleasure of being friends with me, you know that im a very cool person until you pushed me to the brink. Im always pleasant but quite, and i speak my tongue most of the time.
Well everybody enjoy your day and have a good one, im gonna take you to chicago with me tommorrow. Lets see how it turn out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Im still down for the count

No typing my life away tonight, im still sick and trying to get better.
Hopefully everyone will understand and i will not get criticized for filming a video blog.
Oh yeah, before i forget, ursula rucker will be performing without the B-side band this coming wednesday at the marbar located at 40th walnut. Come out and support, these guys are playing great music including myself. You wanna be there. Don't miss it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Under the weather........

i've been sick for the last two days and i was still active trying to fight through it, but it got the best of me and i faded to black from everything. How can you get sick in the beautiful weather? Well try rocking the stage at world cafe on monday the 15th doing a haiti relief concert. So after the evening was done i walked to the car, in a soaked shirt, had my jacket on, but the cold had already taken hold of me, not realizing, i went on without taking any meds. So i guess i blame myself. Anyway im taking it easy, no studio, no basketball, no jogging, no anything. Im totally drained to the brink of malfunction. This entire winter passed along without me getting sick and i felt good about my immune system, but it failed me now.

Off to domestic things around the house, you know, those great things we like to put off during the week because we're so busy in our daily life. Well i guess us musicians anyway as were already in a class of our own. We do things totally different. Everyday for us is like a friday or those times where you can just sit around and do nothing, or plan whatever you want to do. Its definitely a challenge to keep up this kind of a lifestyle, but if your primed for it, well then you have no problems and you know the in's and out's.

I was introduced to a wildlife nature walk this weekend. It was pretty cool, i enjoyed myself alot until the sickness started to kick in. I never even knew this place existed, right in the korman suites area of philadelphia. As i walked, i just knew something was gonna jump out at me, as i walked through spots that looked like lions and tigers live there :). I wish i was feeling better, then i would have enjoyed it that much more, but hopefully i can do it again, and this time jog my way through it.
It really sucks to be sick, i can't wait for it to pass me by. My daughter called me and asked was i ok, i told her im sorry for cancelling her studio time with her cousins, but it would have not been fair to record them and spread my germs  all over the place.
Samarr and Sheyenne both asked if i needed anything, cute kids they are. Too bad i gotta pay a surprise visit to samarr's school this week as his teacher called me about his behavior. Gotta love parenting time.
Hopefully its just the warm weather boiling kids energy. It always happens that way, but there's no excuse's when you get the call home. So off to the school i go. It should be cool though.
Well thats my update for now, its back to medication and sleep, and hopefully i'll burn this cold right out of me, until then i hope you all enjoy the nice weather and stay out of trouble.
Samarr on laundry duty
Cool little dude he is
My Partner Danophonic Dan at the studio
Yuki the nord lead master recording on a bilal song
They call him 'Chase Allen' he's next up
Amtrak's New building, At least philly is trying to get their sky buildings together
Mike Severson getting his guitar licks on in the studio for a bilal record
You can tell im in a ghetto laundry right! The car seat of a 15 passenger van.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday's thoughts and Tone Whitfield......

Today as i sat in Cosi's, one my my favorite quick spots to grab a sandwich, I observed a few folks while in line waiting for my food. Interesting there was two high school kids, now you know i already have a thing about this new generation of kids coming up, so im always dogging them about how messed up they got it. Argue that if you want, but i was born in 1979, for god sakes, the year of one of the greatest albums of all time "Off The Wall" Need i say more.  So the kids were coming from upstairs and this one girl must have left her bag upstairs, and her friend comes quickly behind her and says, Hey u left your book bag, what are you carrying in there, and she quickly responded by saying, what do you school books! I was done, like wow, they actually still carry books and study. Parents, are you checking your kids book bags, homework folders, weekly test, all that good stuff?
Just made me proud to see that, damn i must be gettting older huh?

You ever have one of those friends that you love dearly but they have experienced more of life then you,and you wanna tell them certain things but its not in your place most of the time?
You ever have an amazing friend that is talented out this world, can play whatever instrument they want, but they still manage to have issues in a world they set out to be in?
Im not trying to blast my main man Conley "Tone" Whitfield but im here to uplift his spirit and let him know that he's an amazing musician and that his talents are respected throughout this grinding but yet crazy music industry.
Im not saying its a piece of cake and yes it does take a special individual to put up with the entangles this music biz creates. Tone like a few others helped pave a nice lane in my very young career in the year 2000. He stood by me and supported my sound, encouraged me to keep playing and get my sound together. I'll never forget when i got my first beat machine and i was so excited to show him my new beats. Instead of saying they were whack, he just simply responded by saying, " hey man just keep doing it man" meanwhile he was skipping through every beat like a whack a&r person, funny times.
Me and tony has created a distinct sound backing up bilal for some nine years now! Wow thats a long time to be in a band huh?  Of course we went our ways and played with different major groups, but once we got back on our home stage, the rest is curtains. I wanted to post a video of us working in the studio, were still grinding it out years later. He's also a great musician.
He just placed a track on bilal's new album and the cut is entitled "little ones"a song about bilal's two sons. And like i mentioned above, he did it all from drums to bass to keys. I have yet to accomplish something like that, but guess what, i stick to what i know. I gave up practicing bass. Haha.
So i mentioned i want to start a basketball league, only of my close friends and family, that way it will be more fun and no drama that comes with putting together a bunch of guys who claim they got game, yes im talking about the kevin mitchell's the rob moore's and so on.
Oh yeah, you too kelo! Im still looking for a venue for this outing to take place, guess it sounds like a bunch of work but if anybody have any idea's im down to brainstorm with you.
Haven't you always want to start a league, or some sort of recreation with your close friends and loved ones? I do, so i intend to make it happen. As i add another thing to do, to my already long list. I was on the court today trash talking, winning a half court game with a few guys i didn't know. My friend who joined me said i was a gunner, but i was draining most of my shots, against a few bums and a female baller, who after she bumped into me, didn't have anymore words while she trash talked me before my first shot. I mean i would think i couldn't play either if i saw me walking up with seven jeans on, obama t shirt saying can i run with you.
Im taking on any challenges if your interested, leave a comment or your email and im there.

Give him a shout out on his facebook page!  yes just click on it..
Oh yeah thats our song Starship that my good friend Yahzahra Wrote. dope song

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Have you ever got to the point where u wanna sleep and you went past the time u had to sleep and then for the rest of the day you had to grind it out, and do everything you had to get done in that day and not take a second to nod off because if u did, you would be out?
Thats sort of  how my day went today. Last night after the jam session, which was a great jam with the B-side band, i had to come back and finish up a session with chase allen for his new mixtape.
I didnt know what i was signing up for, but if you saw the commerical about how this guy went through a crazy day and it showed his fatigue status like the iphone battery in the red like he's about to die down.. and once he got back to the hotel, he was able to get some sleep and charge his battery up.
Thats me right now, my battery power is in the red, and im still going, going,and going. I gonna have to recharge though at some point.
Whats with the season change and people just act a fool and run wild like roaches when they are invaded.
I dont get it, its only the spring time, the weather is breaking for sure but its still so early. People are going nuts, like its already summer. Just be cool and enjoy yourself, no crazy actions, just relax. Take your kids to
the park and call it a day. I like to think its played out to act wild and crazy as soon as the weather gets warm.
Gotta love our people right!
Anyway i wanted to introduce you guys to a good friend of mine's who ep im working on now is almost complete. Her name is Daniela Bauer, currently staying in ny. She's a smooth singing, guitar playing, well she can do it all. Daniela just got an opportunity to play at Arlene's grocery in nyc and if your around next month on the 13th and want something to do, just come by.
Shall be a good one.

Well its almost time for me to charge my battery, i hope everybody enjoy their night, and try to keep the peace.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More sunshine....

Does anyone agree with me that we had a short winter this year? Spring came around too fast this year.
I mean im very welcoming of it  but i still feel like it came this year pretty fast. Or was i working so hard and so much i didnt realize how much time has gone by? I guess you can get caught up in time management in the music business. Anyway i hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather outside.

I was out there earlier today jogging with my buddy John Price.  We were going for six miles and ended up doing four. But it was still a good workout. Everyday you build up to different heights, so maybe by sunday i'll be ready for my 6 miles. Tommorow will be la fitness time. 
That place is gonna be a mad house, people somewhat working out, lounging around, talking, taking too much time on one machine! It sucks but sometimes u gotta love the place.
I gotta get away in the studio right now to do some work, but i wanna leave you guys with a video of me and my friends playing basketball. Its very funny.
I also intend to do a basketball league with my friends soon.. so stay tuned, all my ballers
And oh, come by tonight at the marbar on 40th and walnut to the b side jam session
tonight, yes, tonight, if your not busy.

Enjoy the day peoples,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Continuation Tuesday it is.........

Thanks everybody for the support. I appreciate it much. When i first started my blog, i didnt know what to expect from it, but i wanted it to be a productive activity if im gonna spend lots of time on the computer.
All that to say, i will continue to write down whats going on in my head.
Last night was pretty crazy,long,fun,uplifting and just a cool place to see all my peers, close friends, working peoples and all. The Haiti relief show which showcased alot of talent in philly,and the tri state area. I had fun seeing people i havent seen in a long time, joining the stage with some i havent played with in a while was fun. Jag and jazmine did their thing, bilal.. well u know that guy of course, does he need a introduction. It was also fun to play with my production partner Adam blackstone, an amazing bassist, in which i've probably mention him in a few of my blogs already. But i liked playing with him, very professional, but yet fun with a great feeling for being on stage, and a strong presence.

The night seemed long but again, it was cool to have good friends around, one of my best friends darrell robinson jr. That dude is one of the best drummers to hit the stage, and he still have plenty of time in his already much achieved career. We attended the same high school(University City High), as i was going, he was coming in. We've learned alot of things from eachother and still do to this day. He's one of the most primed muscians in philly today and is emerging into the world of production like myself, so please be sure to check him out. Darrell will for sure be around in this game.darrell's facebook page

Another highlight earlier in the day while were having sound check with Jazmine Sullivan, My daughter sheyenne one of her biggest fans sat in the audience and listened to jaz sing her favorite song, i need you bad. It was cool, but funny thing is, i have history with alot of great artist and friendships and past times. Me and jazmine played together, wrote music together and all, but most importantly, while we use to rehearse as a band in my mom's basement (thank you mom for everything you've put up with) jaz use to watch and hold sheyenne when she was a baby. I reminded sheyenne of it and she didnt believe me, then i said to jaz, hey remember watching my daughter when she was a baby, and she glanced at her and said wow... in aww! For sheyenne to witness that as she already inspires to be a singer, was like icing on the cake . Shout out to my son samarr, he attended but he's a few years too young to experience that moment. Why i dont have pics,hmmm let me see....... im pretty horrible at taking flicks and i have a better camera around this time, but its something hard for me to do, pull out my camera for the personal kodak moment? But how else would u blog readers get to see what im talking about if its not put on photo. Ok i got you guys next time. There's a few interesting trips coming up so i'll be sure to document those as well.
Hopefully i'll get some shots from last night from one of the million photographers in the place, oh yes!!! it was a bunch of them in there. Shout out to Fatin and Aja, Derrick mays, Tony moore, and everyone else who helped put a good show together in relief to help haiti.

I went outside today and its already moving into spring time.Guess i'll get  out there and run a few miles in efforts to keep a good shape. Its defitnitely therapeutic for the mind and its a great exercise when you push yourself past your personal limits, mines would be about 8 miles. Can you run that? On a good day i can run about six total miles. Its fairly easy to give up when your running alone and i wouldnt advise running a track. Take a scenery, trust me, its alot better then running  around the same track and also i would advise you to take a partner. They push you more, specially if its your first time trying.(thanks Sg for your push)
Come on, don't moan and groan, just try something new, get out there and take charge of your health, don't let yourself go, i did at one point in my life and will never do it again. Being a musician that travels on the road has it perks and some bad times, which is food,food,food, i took advantage of it in the wrong ways. Now i have to recover from it.
Thanks again for stopping by, see you guys next time.
@downtown records studio in ny, mixing an album.
My boy Lil Darrell Robinson Jr
He rocks with Pharell and the nerds,Great Drummer and close Friend
What else can you say about Randy Bowland The great guitar player
One song in particular, by Joe,Things your man wont do, great solo!
Another one of my close musician friends Ben O'neil, Great Guitar player also
Has his rock group called the mlm's
My boy josh from the group U-city
He's a dope song writer and lives right around the corner from me.
tell him to stop playing around and get these songs written!
Oh yeah.... im a ball fan. and i do get it in on the court, also im a boston fan, this picture is old
but you can see poor stephon marbury, bad ending to a great career.
He's playing in china now i believe. and they traded eddie house to the knicks!!
Me and my kids, gotta love them

that about does it for me today, everybody enjoy the weather!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Took the weekend off, now im back

Only due to work piling up and lack of extra time to share and blog with you guys, so i missed a few days. But im back for another week to share whats going on in my zone. So here we go. Im sure most of you heard im playing tonight at the world cafe (again) for the haiti Relief show. It makes you wonder how many relief shows has it been since the massive earthquake? Lets google second please............................ Well there is no exact number but it did show that 1.3 MILLION people are homeless after the tragic event. So where does that lead us? Well to a million relief shows,benefits, fund rasiers,and donations of all kind. Today, a group of philly musicians,singers, writers,dancers will take the stage in effort to show their love to all those people who are unfortunate right now. God bless them.
If you plan to support this cause in music, then you wanna be at the world cafe tonight if you havent heard much about it. I will join the stage with some of my friends that include a list of Bilal,Eric roberson, Jaguar Wright, And Jazmine. Our little medley is the last set that will start around 10:45. Now we are dealing with our people so please please dont expect it to go on schedule, at least im not. It's a good thing that every body is doing, so we shall see that outcome of it. If you dont wanna miss it, then come on out.(

Moving right along i wanted to include some video footage today of a very interesting project im working on, This kid chase allen, young rapper from philly. Confident, lyrics are cool most the time, but the funny thing about this video is that he's being schooled by Res(website),Dj Statik,Josh from Ucity, "all performers for tonights event" About how young he is and his knowledge of rappers from his own hood. Enjoy the young one!

I know i did a blog about my boy bilal and his new album, but its really coming. More studio footage to come soon, but we are mixing right now as we speak to, and hoping to be done by this months end.

Back to chase in the studio, giving a preview of his mixtape, shout out to my boy anthony who did the track, good job on sampling the jackson 5.

Then Back to the exploiting of the young rapper, come on man cool-c

While taking a break in the studio with bilal, mike severson and yuki goes for a little riff battle, im sure you musicians would love this one.(excuse the laughing)

Well, that about does it for me, i would have included more, but i figured this would keep you Until tuesday post, until then, be cool..............

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just thinking out loud.......

Back Again, and I would say in love but then i'd be asking for a lot of trouble right?
I dont think so, im just back again wondering whats the next stop in life, where's the next unexpected curve coming from. Did you ever wonder why things are placed in your life and then at the drop of a dime its gone forever? Or at least when it happens you feel like its gone then it may come back, but then again maybe it wont. Why do we fight ourselves from something we want so badly? I know, I know, I know, I sound like jada kiss on the why record, but forgive me, my head is all over the place right now, and caught up in feelings I didnt think I would have at this particular time in my life.  Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but any and everybody, if your strong enough can start today and  make a new ending.
Get it....................... As I allow you to think about what I just said.

Embrace all the unexpected challenges in your life, take it as a blessing,as if it is something that you didnt expect to happen so soon and yet it was so good, i mean i would totally take on something that was good, and unexpected,If  it has a better outcome on your happiness. heat wave wrote the song about happiness, so just take it and be happy. im sure you're wondering what the hell is mckie talking about but if u take the time to scan all things that came your way, im sure you ladies and gentlemen would know exactly what im talking about.

Why when something is not going well in your life and you call your partner and try to bring them down because your own pursuit of happiness is shot? You bring them down by saying the worst things about them, but in all honesty, you're not having the life you want or expect and your scared, so the first thing you do is tear your partner down because you have no guts or courage to face life as it is. Stop being so dramatic and tight. Just live life, everything falls perfectly into place. Im going at it hard right now but my heart is pondering and I just wanted to get it out in words, as I dont really talk much, but thanks goodness for blogs, and I can share it with the world.
Why does she wanna protect herself from feeling good or even feeling like she loves you? Why cant she just see that she's special enough and it doesnt take a world of time to have butterflies and complain with all that its too soon stuff. What else do you have to do to make her feel like your down for the cause? Tell me please.
Did you ever wonder what this cycle of life was about, in particular, relationships.
They blossom, they die, they quickly fade away, the fire starts strong, but then it ends quickly. Oh but one of my favorites, you meet this person and you click so well, but  what are you to do next when the situation doesnt permits, get it? How do you tell a good friend, hey I really feel you and I have a great connection with you.. But its just as a friend. That friend zone sure can get tricky right. :). Im laughing because I wonder what are you thinking about as you read my madness. But its all truthful and honest. These are some of the things that goes on from a daily basis.
You gotta respect her for wanting to do the right thing and evalute how the rest of her time is gonna be with you if  she decided too... well you know.

I like to think that if you wait to do everything or certain things until your sure its right, then will you ever get anything done? Just a question, hopefully you all will answer this one.. And please, take this time to respond or leave a comment, I know your reading and i'd like to know what you all are thinking about some of the things I said.

My last words are crazy but true, for everything you gain, you'll lose it, then for everything you missed out on, at some point you will gain again in at some point in life.
im mckie and im out till next time
me and spank chillin out, he's currently touring with lady gaga

Good times with Aaron Draper my bro and Spank at the studio

Along side the shelter island beach in Ny

Working At downtown studio

Steve, Bilal, Hawk Burns waiting for food before philly show

Hey look at these guys, dai an amazing guitar player and Thomas, well he does it all

Louis Cato-Bassist Yuki on Keys, Dai again 

One of my collector items, theres a few!

Throw back to 98' prom right... i put it out

Great pieces to have in the studio.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Studio Footage!

Since im in the studio today all until later on when the jam session starts, i figured i would post some video of studio work while im working as i type. Im getting a break while adam is laying down his contribution to this new song that were working on. I wanna send a special shout out to my homie biggie smalls, yesterday marked 13 years he's been gone and i wanted to do a special blog on him but the day was filled with so many tasks, so that was laid to rest. By far one of dopest rappers to touch the mic. Short lived career though, and he laid a deep foundation to the hip hop culture. I wish he was still here to see what his effect would have of the hip hop world. Would he still be on top,would jay-z be on the throne he is now? we would never know right.  My best goes out to his family and children, he's deeply missed. B.I.G aka big poppa. My all time favorite rapper! Yup i confessed about that one.

jason in the booth

until next time... Mckie out

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Staying busy

Good evening everyone,
There's just so much to do in a day, and of course I get a little tied up with work, but there's a series of things I do on a day to day basis. I running and working out taking advantage of the weather, being a father,running a studio,being a producer, booking studio time, Being a session musician and people are asking you to cut drums on their projects and i fall behind on Them. which reminds me, I still have to record drums on bilal's level song from his new album. But wait im not finish, recording a mix tape with my Home Boy chase Allen, and tying up projects that I haven't finished yet.

If you ask me if im overwhelmed with all this work, I would say no right away only because it's my passion and its always fun to do something that you love.In a corporate world, being a musician is a hobby and it's not taken seriously, but im here to encourage you if u have a dream or talent to be somewhere in the entertainment world, go for it. It's a special thing to have a gift like whatever it is you may have, whether you sing, dance,paint, or anything. I was riding in a taxi in boston and the driver asked me, what kinda money is in music? I responded jokingly like are you kidding me dude. I asked him how much did he know about the music biz and if he had any friends doing it. He said no, but he carries musicians around all the time, but he never really got it. Why didnt I ask him how much money is in driving a taxi?

Well, im off now, but I had a few friends ask where am I playing tommorrow night, wednesday. Im playing at the mar bar located on 40th and walnut just above the bridge movie theatre. There's a 6 dollar cover I believe and you will enjoy yourself with cool dj's and drinks.. And of course live music! it's our second week out some come and enjoy if u might!
Be cool until next time..
The Studio, where im spending most of my time!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunny day In philly

Am i the only musician in the world that loves chipotle?

I didnt think so, my routine in there is pretty simple. I get the chicken burrito with double chicken,no rice or beans, just a sprinkle of cheese and lettuce with the salsa. I know, it pretty bare but i like it and it fast good junk food at its best but if unload the beans and rice, i think its kinda better that way! Funny stuff right.

Anyhow, today was a nice day out! I will take the sunny days over this damn snow and cold any day. It allowed me to get back on the jogging trail, it seemed like everyone was out today. Running,walking, and massive school buses loaded with kids ready to take advantage of this great weather here in philly!
I usually jog on the boathouse row/ kelly drive. its a cool run and you get to run along the river and see the sun and birds, all that good nature stuff, who needs la fitness treadmills when u have nature for free!

This week shall be a busy one with jam sessions coming at wednesday @ the mar-bar located just above the bridge cineplex and Thursday at Elena's located on 49th and Baltimore.Elena's, more of an open mic showcase while the mar-bar is totally for the musicians and special guest vocalist, who ever that may be. I promise You.
I encourage more singers to come out to both if your just in love with live music.
But in Elena's( Every other thursday) that microphone is definitely open for you.
I remember jam session in the year 2000 when it was a music town cluttered with dope music, and all sorts of concerts, it helped launch my musical paths and career. I met so many great musicians and developed friendships from it.

By the way, i've gotten so many cool responses from my last blog about hanging out with my family, and its still a sensitive topic to my but I wanna say a special thanks to those who took the time to read it. I cant express more how important that is. I plan to do a series on my family, I hope no one takes it personal if I don't mention you, all of you guys know that I have a huge family tree, so were gonna keep this one a short one! Mom is next......
I will be hitting the road soon and I will have some more interesting pictures to post along with my Blog titles, like different cities, and countries! I figure since most of you are not traveling the globe like you should, so i'll just bring the advertisement to my blog and get you wanting to visit these place! Its another world out there, get your passports and travel the world. Instead of wildwood,New jersey!
im off to the studio, if i get lucky on my Frederic Chopin samples i will post a preview tonight. stay in tune
mckie out!
below are pics throughout my run today....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love my family Part 1

The importance of spending time with children and your family members kids who are not fortunate to have both of their parents presence in their lives to show them things in life and ways about it.
My nieces more importantly are deeply missing fatherhood which is much needed in today's way of life.
They need a man's guidance to inforce rules and regulations when the time is right.
They need their hands to be held and to be taught about the jive little dudes who will for sure approach them ( god give me the patience, I dont wanna break any body's face). I try to give my daughter sheyenne a little space and give her some independency in things that she's doing in life. Like doing her homework on her own until she needs help, taking a shower, cleaning herself correctly, and all those types of things.
While I spend time with her, I try to bring along my sister's girls, they are all around the same age and all inspiring kids!
They were happy to just sit in border's and check out gossip in their favorite magazines,play around in the park, and walk around downtown being exposed to society. It was great!, They loved it, we caught the train, and they were subject to a new world! Ghetto people cursing to their kids, crowded streets it was at the weather begins to warm up and leave behind the cold.

I was a proud dad but at the same time, i wonder why am I taking my niece's out when their dad's are alive and well and they are not the one spending that time that the kids need with them. I dont get it, like I said before, your children don't need much, but do something man, show them that u love them and not just picking them up and taking them to your crib is how u love them.
I have nothing against these dudes but i cant stand how they let their kids just sit around and dont expose them to all the amazing but informative things in life, and then they wonder why their girls end up to be ghetto, pregnant, dropped out of school and not caring about their precious one time life.
Thanks goodness to my Strong and ambitious nieces, Sianni, Devonna, Tahjira,Mayonna,and Simone
I will see to it that they have a male figure around to guide them the way they need to be.
I love them much and will be there for them as much as they need me.
Im sure whatever it is Sheyenne is looking at, its hannah montana related! This girl is obsessed!
They are actually posing!
Your Kidding me right?
And now to the video Part 1

Video Part two as this old man tries to give us a hat that someone left in the park.. uhhgg

mckie out until next time,
enjoy the blog and your sunday!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trapped In All Day!

  Forgive me blog readers but friday was too busy of a day to get to my blog spot, due to lack of sleep and Double booked sessions as adam blackstone would say. He manage to think that every time we work in the studio that i always double book myself and have someone waiting for their session to start. Its not true at all, thats pretty funny, Double booker.

Its about 1:42 am and im still "Going In" Like dj khalid say (lol) He's funny, Check Him out As he blogs while he 's in the hospital! The Doctor told him, he's going in........ I had to post this because its pure comedy but at the same time he's on the grind! You Have to respect his hustle. To see what im saying, click on the link below and fast foward to the 6 minute mark.

Fast foward to 1:58 am and im just getting to cutting vocals on chase for one of his last songs for the mixtape album. Looks like its gonna be an early one tonight. Im working hard this week.
Earlier today i was recording Terry tribett and Adam blackstone with this kid name tre on drums, dont know his last name but he sounded cool! Sound alot like spank if you ask me!
Its amazing the effect that us drummer's have on this new generation! Spanky the drummer from philly inspired alot of new drummers coming up today. Shout out to the kid Tre! After 3 hours....... he got it done and it sounds pretty Good. Did i fail to mention Terry tribett was here also recording, his first here.
Chase As he waits his turn, double booked he was!
Adam in tinychat with Onistsha And waiting while Tribb and Tre practiced

I feel like i wanna catch up on some sleep tonight but my body is often going and i feel like i cant sleep until things are done. Maybe everything is checked for tonight, or this morning as it is now 4:14 am into saturday! its cool im about to head outta here.
But before i go i wanna say thanks for checking up and reading my blogs!

be cool everyone!

Chase in the booth getting some freestyle work done!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Past, The Present,The Future

I know I promoted myself on my new blog with the jam session from last night, that went well,But It was kinda spur of the moment and I wanted to share with my family and friends where I'm playing in the city. Still, this is a personal blog and not a advertisement site! So my blog for today is a little more then usual but i kinda gave a rewind to the past and fast foward to the future. Hope u enjoy

With that said, I wanna start off by updating everybody on what's happening in Mckiebeats World, so here it is.
I've had the pleasure to be a part of two great abums, producing, drumming, and engineering
with Joy Denalane, singer from Germany, and Bilal.

So the time has finally come and we're gonna hit the studio to mix Bilal's new record tentatively titled 'Airtight's Revenge'. Anybody that knows him personally and know us together, will know how proud I am to have him release an album and get himself back to where he needs to be! He's one of my closest friends. I'm thankful that I've had the pleasure to rock with him since 2000 and grow with him as a respected musician in the game. To have an opportunity to grow with this dude for a decade is a cool thing, and it definitely helped me as a musician to reach for and achieve some of the goals I've set for myself.
I'm still reaching them somehow, but if I didn't have the chance to live and grow with the band 'Wolf Nipple Chips'             (Conley "Tone" Whitfield-bass, Mike Severson-guitar, Robert Glasper-keys, Jerrod Barnes-keys, Lamont Caldwell-sax/vocals, Laron Thomas-trumpet/vocals, Candice Anderson-vox, Finese Miller-vox, And Bilal himself). I'm not sure where I would have ended up right now as a musician! Everybody has great musicianship, but more importantly, it felt like we were family onstage and I work well with that any day. Our bond showed because we sounded great as a unit.  We would do tours with no rehearsals because we knew each other and the songs with our eyes closed. So right now if I sound all teary-eyed and personal forgive me, its my blog!!!!!! I love these guys!

I'm just happy that life is going on. Everybody has families now, different ventures, but it's still all love. Bilal should get his due credit with the new album. Shouts out to his fam Sue, Lil Rams, and Bashir! But the album is really a piece to have- it's some of my best work! I won't speak too much on it for now, because I want it to be a pleasant surprise! Although, if you're a close friend of mine, you know how you can get a sneak peak on it!  =)

While that is going on, I'm doing a host of side projects! I'm working with my boy Chase Allen a 20 year old rapper and New School leader who is changing the game. Check him out at Chase's Facebook Page. We're almost finished with his new mixtape, which I'm very proud of. He has a lot to say to the world and you can hear it really soon!

I'm also in the studio with another very close and extremely talented friend, Adam Blackstone. Even if his name doesn't sound familiar to you now, it will soon and you've probably already heard his work.  He's a musical director, bassist, producer, and an all around amazing dude. If you've been sleeping, step your game up and check him out at

So far this is it for now, but check back daily for updates! 
Steve Mckie & Robert Glasper My Homie!
Bilal Oliver & Steve mckie
Adam Blackstone& Steve mckie
my Boy!!!!! he's Good, love that guy!

Father & Son
Bilal @ studio pine 
Tone whitfield & Bilal
Bilal,Robert Glasper,Steve
Tone Whitfield-remember that morning buddy!
Another close Pal, who's also very good on the bass and the tracks.
Ok so we flew the worst airline of all time in Europe called ryair
And Rob glasper somehow managed to travel without his passport through every city all but the last one
Here is in this photo He's thanking the guys that they let him make it through with a photo copy of his passport. Very funny stuff

Adam Blackstone and steve mckie @ Work
bilal,Rob,Hawk in the Back, Steve
Mike severson & Steve Mckie (Oh yeah in Amsterdam,High)
The trio in denmark!
The trio having fun
having dinner before our philly show@World cafe Live
Chase Allen,He said he's gonna conquer the rap game, just sit back and watch me!!
mckiebeats, and blackstone
(Spank and Adrape in the back)

In germany, wolf nipple chips, mike severson, laron thomas,lamont caldwell, Bilal the mummy lol

Bilal& Tone in Studio Pine
Thug drummer with tone whitfield in the back!
this one was a throwback photo, braids,durag, and brown cap.
where did that come from

mckie out