Monday, March 1, 2010

ALmost There!!!

 Monday is here again as the cycle goes right along and the time passes away,
people get older in age, and all this to say is another month just passed us right on by!
its March!!!! 
Gotta love that first of the month time when u gotta pay rent, studio rent, Utility bills, cable bills, Standing in line at the bank cashing checks, money orders
Your 9 yr old daughter want her Ugg boots (lol)!
Isn't this the best time around!
Its the  official time of the month where everyone is sticking their hand out and collecting, Including child support Collectors! (Yes i said child support) Dont u wanna just cringe inside fella's lol!!

A good friend of mine goes by the name of sonny james Better known as Dj statik says he would blog more but he doesn't really have anything to blog  about!!
My friend, i beg to differ, only because your a pretty smart  dude, with a cool speech!
You know how to talk and put things and perspective and your a cool Dj!
Blog your life away! Shout out to DJ Statik! (

The highlight  of today's blog has been cut short dude to my uncharged camera, i wanted to documents things throughout my day to share with you from philly to Nyc. At Least I got to stop by Td Bank, Cvs haha.

But Rittenhouse Square Park is a good start!
located  on 19th Walnut.

its a nice and cozy park in downtown philly area, really peaceful and chill.. very cool in the summertime for a sit down quick chat.. or just a breathe of fresh air!

I wanna send a special thank you to everybody who are following me so far.
For taking the time out to leave your precious Face-book pages to give me a buzz!
spread the word as i intend to be here posting all types of things interesting enough to keep your mind briefly stimulated!
Also feel free to comment as well..... i know you all... :) thanks again

cool Block right over 29th Walnut street!

 On My Way to the train station i walked past my jogging trail The skuykill river trail! Just Under 30th walnut street Brg


  1. ur pics r really ugly...

  2. Haters are not allowed to post! Ms Green

  3. my bad, mckievo but you made td bank look like citizens bank, rittenhouse look like U.Penn , the cool block look like a a scene from the Piano, and the skuykill looks like, well, like the skuykill! ...way to go, stevers. Cool pics