Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Continuation Tuesday it is.........

Thanks everybody for the support. I appreciate it much. When i first started my blog, i didnt know what to expect from it, but i wanted it to be a productive activity if im gonna spend lots of time on the computer.
All that to say, i will continue to write down whats going on in my head.
Last night was pretty crazy,long,fun,uplifting and just a cool place to see all my peers, close friends, working peoples and all. The Haiti relief show which showcased alot of talent in philly,and the tri state area. I had fun seeing people i havent seen in a long time, joining the stage with some i havent played with in a while was fun. Jag and jazmine did their thing, bilal.. well u know that guy of course, does he need a introduction. It was also fun to play with my production partner Adam blackstone, an amazing bassist, in which i've probably mention him in a few of my blogs already. But i liked playing with him, very professional, but yet fun with a great feeling for being on stage, and a strong presence.

The night seemed long but again, it was cool to have good friends around, one of my best friends darrell robinson jr. That dude is one of the best drummers to hit the stage, and he still have plenty of time in his already much achieved career. We attended the same high school(University City High), as i was going, he was coming in. We've learned alot of things from eachother and still do to this day. He's one of the most primed muscians in philly today and is emerging into the world of production like myself, so please be sure to check him out. Darrell will for sure be around in this game.darrell's facebook page

Another highlight earlier in the day while were having sound check with Jazmine Sullivan, My daughter sheyenne one of her biggest fans sat in the audience and listened to jaz sing her favorite song, i need you bad. It was cool, but funny thing is, i have history with alot of great artist and friendships and past times. Me and jazmine played together, wrote music together and all, but most importantly, while we use to rehearse as a band in my mom's basement (thank you mom for everything you've put up with) jaz use to watch and hold sheyenne when she was a baby. I reminded sheyenne of it and she didnt believe me, then i said to jaz, hey remember watching my daughter when she was a baby, and she glanced at her and said wow... in aww! For sheyenne to witness that as she already inspires to be a singer, was like icing on the cake . Shout out to my son samarr, he attended but he's a few years too young to experience that moment. Why i dont have pics,hmmm let me see....... im pretty horrible at taking flicks and i have a better camera around this time, but its something hard for me to do, pull out my camera for the personal kodak moment? But how else would u blog readers get to see what im talking about if its not put on photo. Ok i got you guys next time. There's a few interesting trips coming up so i'll be sure to document those as well.
Hopefully i'll get some shots from last night from one of the million photographers in the place, oh yes!!! it was a bunch of them in there. Shout out to Fatin and Aja, Derrick mays, Tony moore, and everyone else who helped put a good show together in relief to help haiti.

I went outside today and its already moving into spring time.Guess i'll get  out there and run a few miles in efforts to keep a good shape. Its defitnitely therapeutic for the mind and its a great exercise when you push yourself past your personal limits, mines would be about 8 miles. Can you run that? On a good day i can run about six total miles. Its fairly easy to give up when your running alone and i wouldnt advise running a track. Take a scenery, trust me, its alot better then running  around the same track and also i would advise you to take a partner. They push you more, specially if its your first time trying.(thanks Sg for your push)
Come on, don't moan and groan, just try something new, get out there and take charge of your health, don't let yourself go, i did at one point in my life and will never do it again. Being a musician that travels on the road has it perks and some bad times, which is food,food,food, i took advantage of it in the wrong ways. Now i have to recover from it.
Thanks again for stopping by, see you guys next time.
@downtown records studio in ny, mixing an album.
My boy Lil Darrell Robinson Jr
He rocks with Pharell and the nerds,Great Drummer and close Friend
What else can you say about Randy Bowland The great guitar player
One song in particular, by Joe,Things your man wont do, great solo!
Another one of my close musician friends Ben O'neil, Great Guitar player also
Has his rock group called the mlm's
My boy josh from the group U-city
He's a dope song writer and lives right around the corner from me.
tell him to stop playing around and get these songs written!
Oh yeah.... im a ball fan. and i do get it in on the court, also im a boston fan, this picture is old
but you can see poor stephon marbury, bad ending to a great career.
He's playing in china now i believe. and they traded eddie house to the knicks!!
Me and my kids, gotta love them

that about does it for me today, everybody enjoy the weather!

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  1. Steve, please!!!!....8 miles my beautiful ass! See you @the boat house...Sunday 11 am, no excuses!