Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Floating Around.....And Back

Whasup everybody
Got in a little later then i planned, thanks to my buddy Sb!
So i decided to hang in Ny for a few hours longer.
Bumped into a few friends thats on the road with jay-z right now.

Shout out to my Bro Kenyatta "Kelo" Saunders( http://mixonline.com/photogallery/raphael_saadiq/index17.html)
He's one of the best Sound engineers out there right now! He's  currently on the road with Jay Z and recently coming off Raphael Saadiq Tour! My Bro is doing his thing, Congrats to Kelo... wait wait wait.. ladies call him Kenyatta! Facebook Him

The City Of New York  Appeared to be sleep on my way back to philly, i guess it's not the city that never sleeps?
Its amazing how u travel for a hour  or two and then  your in a completely different zone or shall i say city that  gives you a push of energy.
Of course Ny is the mecca but whatever, everybody got their feelings and reservations.
Speaking of cities, we played atlanta not too long ago and Throughout all the snow that hit the east coast, down south in atlanta got a few sprinkles
I had to take a pic because it looked so romantic with the snow throughout the trees!
A cool site to see if u didn't experience it... they didnt lay salt down because they were not use to getting snow! Of course right.
Anyway Im gonna get back to the studio and get some work done!
Thank for stopping past today!
Have a good one!
The City Looked Pretty Sleep To Me
The Garden!! Legendary Place And the Knicks still suck!!

Snow In ATL? Never seen it before, Beautiful Site Though

That Stuff was slipery But we Made it to the show!

Last But Not Least, It's what I do Best! Got my small Kit in the Booth
And the laptop! Gotta blog
Be safe Everyone until the next one!



  1. I love this Guy!!! He is one of My heros!!! LOL!! Yeah we are in the same age bracket but so what he is the man! LOL!! Love you man Keep pushing doc!!!!!

  2. Those night pics are great Stevie. Great blog.