Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday's thoughts and Tone Whitfield......

Today as i sat in Cosi's, one my my favorite quick spots to grab a sandwich, I observed a few folks while in line waiting for my food. Interesting there was two high school kids, now you know i already have a thing about this new generation of kids coming up, so im always dogging them about how messed up they got it. Argue that if you want, but i was born in 1979, for god sakes, the year of one of the greatest albums of all time "Off The Wall" Need i say more.  So the kids were coming from upstairs and this one girl must have left her bag upstairs, and her friend comes quickly behind her and says, Hey u left your book bag, what are you carrying in there, and she quickly responded by saying, what do you school books! I was done, like wow, they actually still carry books and study. Parents, are you checking your kids book bags, homework folders, weekly test, all that good stuff?
Just made me proud to see that, damn i must be gettting older huh?

You ever have one of those friends that you love dearly but they have experienced more of life then you,and you wanna tell them certain things but its not in your place most of the time?
You ever have an amazing friend that is talented out this world, can play whatever instrument they want, but they still manage to have issues in a world they set out to be in?
Im not trying to blast my main man Conley "Tone" Whitfield but im here to uplift his spirit and let him know that he's an amazing musician and that his talents are respected throughout this grinding but yet crazy music industry.
Im not saying its a piece of cake and yes it does take a special individual to put up with the entangles this music biz creates. Tone like a few others helped pave a nice lane in my very young career in the year 2000. He stood by me and supported my sound, encouraged me to keep playing and get my sound together. I'll never forget when i got my first beat machine and i was so excited to show him my new beats. Instead of saying they were whack, he just simply responded by saying, " hey man just keep doing it man" meanwhile he was skipping through every beat like a whack a&r person, funny times.
Me and tony has created a distinct sound backing up bilal for some nine years now! Wow thats a long time to be in a band huh?  Of course we went our ways and played with different major groups, but once we got back on our home stage, the rest is curtains. I wanted to post a video of us working in the studio, were still grinding it out years later. He's also a great musician.
He just placed a track on bilal's new album and the cut is entitled "little ones"a song about bilal's two sons. And like i mentioned above, he did it all from drums to bass to keys. I have yet to accomplish something like that, but guess what, i stick to what i know. I gave up practicing bass. Haha.
So i mentioned i want to start a basketball league, only of my close friends and family, that way it will be more fun and no drama that comes with putting together a bunch of guys who claim they got game, yes im talking about the kevin mitchell's the rob moore's and so on.
Oh yeah, you too kelo! Im still looking for a venue for this outing to take place, guess it sounds like a bunch of work but if anybody have any idea's im down to brainstorm with you.
Haven't you always want to start a league, or some sort of recreation with your close friends and loved ones? I do, so i intend to make it happen. As i add another thing to do, to my already long list. I was on the court today trash talking, winning a half court game with a few guys i didn't know. My friend who joined me said i was a gunner, but i was draining most of my shots, against a few bums and a female baller, who after she bumped into me, didn't have anymore words while she trash talked me before my first shot. I mean i would think i couldn't play either if i saw me walking up with seven jeans on, obama t shirt saying can i run with you.
Im taking on any challenges if your interested, leave a comment or your email and im there.

Give him a shout out on his facebook page!  yes just click on it..
Oh yeah thats our song Starship that my good friend Yahzahra Wrote. dope song

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  1. ur a good friend, steve!, when your not being a jerk ,)