Thursday, March 18, 2010

Have you ever got to the point where u wanna sleep and you went past the time u had to sleep and then for the rest of the day you had to grind it out, and do everything you had to get done in that day and not take a second to nod off because if u did, you would be out?
Thats sort of  how my day went today. Last night after the jam session, which was a great jam with the B-side band, i had to come back and finish up a session with chase allen for his new mixtape.
I didnt know what i was signing up for, but if you saw the commerical about how this guy went through a crazy day and it showed his fatigue status like the iphone battery in the red like he's about to die down.. and once he got back to the hotel, he was able to get some sleep and charge his battery up.
Thats me right now, my battery power is in the red, and im still going, going,and going. I gonna have to recharge though at some point.
Whats with the season change and people just act a fool and run wild like roaches when they are invaded.
I dont get it, its only the spring time, the weather is breaking for sure but its still so early. People are going nuts, like its already summer. Just be cool and enjoy yourself, no crazy actions, just relax. Take your kids to
the park and call it a day. I like to think its played out to act wild and crazy as soon as the weather gets warm.
Gotta love our people right!
Anyway i wanted to introduce you guys to a good friend of mine's who ep im working on now is almost complete. Her name is Daniela Bauer, currently staying in ny. She's a smooth singing, guitar playing, well she can do it all. Daniela just got an opportunity to play at Arlene's grocery in nyc and if your around next month on the 13th and want something to do, just come by.
Shall be a good one.

Well its almost time for me to charge my battery, i hope everybody enjoy their night, and try to keep the peace.

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