Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love my family Part 1

The importance of spending time with children and your family members kids who are not fortunate to have both of their parents presence in their lives to show them things in life and ways about it.
My nieces more importantly are deeply missing fatherhood which is much needed in today's way of life.
They need a man's guidance to inforce rules and regulations when the time is right.
They need their hands to be held and to be taught about the jive little dudes who will for sure approach them ( god give me the patience, I dont wanna break any body's face). I try to give my daughter sheyenne a little space and give her some independency in things that she's doing in life. Like doing her homework on her own until she needs help, taking a shower, cleaning herself correctly, and all those types of things.
While I spend time with her, I try to bring along my sister's girls, they are all around the same age and all inspiring kids!
They were happy to just sit in border's and check out gossip in their favorite magazines,play around in the park, and walk around downtown being exposed to society. It was great!, They loved it, we caught the train, and they were subject to a new world! Ghetto people cursing to their kids, crowded streets it was at the weather begins to warm up and leave behind the cold.

I was a proud dad but at the same time, i wonder why am I taking my niece's out when their dad's are alive and well and they are not the one spending that time that the kids need with them. I dont get it, like I said before, your children don't need much, but do something man, show them that u love them and not just picking them up and taking them to your crib is how u love them.
I have nothing against these dudes but i cant stand how they let their kids just sit around and dont expose them to all the amazing but informative things in life, and then they wonder why their girls end up to be ghetto, pregnant, dropped out of school and not caring about their precious one time life.
Thanks goodness to my Strong and ambitious nieces, Sianni, Devonna, Tahjira,Mayonna,and Simone
I will see to it that they have a male figure around to guide them the way they need to be.
I love them much and will be there for them as much as they need me.
Im sure whatever it is Sheyenne is looking at, its hannah montana related! This girl is obsessed!
They are actually posing!
Your Kidding me right?
And now to the video Part 1

Video Part two as this old man tries to give us a hat that someone left in the park.. uhhgg

mckie out until next time,
enjoy the blog and your sunday!


  1. Sheyenne is your CARBON it.

  2. cute! ...but no facebook for the kids,pleeease