Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just thinking out loud.......

Back Again, and I would say in love but then i'd be asking for a lot of trouble right?
I dont think so, im just back again wondering whats the next stop in life, where's the next unexpected curve coming from. Did you ever wonder why things are placed in your life and then at the drop of a dime its gone forever? Or at least when it happens you feel like its gone then it may come back, but then again maybe it wont. Why do we fight ourselves from something we want so badly? I know, I know, I know, I sound like jada kiss on the why record, but forgive me, my head is all over the place right now, and caught up in feelings I didnt think I would have at this particular time in my life.  Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but any and everybody, if your strong enough can start today and  make a new ending.
Get it....................... As I allow you to think about what I just said.

Embrace all the unexpected challenges in your life, take it as a blessing,as if it is something that you didnt expect to happen so soon and yet it was so good, i mean i would totally take on something that was good, and unexpected,If  it has a better outcome on your happiness. heat wave wrote the song about happiness, so just take it and be happy. im sure you're wondering what the hell is mckie talking about but if u take the time to scan all things that came your way, im sure you ladies and gentlemen would know exactly what im talking about.

Why when something is not going well in your life and you call your partner and try to bring them down because your own pursuit of happiness is shot? You bring them down by saying the worst things about them, but in all honesty, you're not having the life you want or expect and your scared, so the first thing you do is tear your partner down because you have no guts or courage to face life as it is. Stop being so dramatic and tight. Just live life, everything falls perfectly into place. Im going at it hard right now but my heart is pondering and I just wanted to get it out in words, as I dont really talk much, but thanks goodness for blogs, and I can share it with the world.
Why does she wanna protect herself from feeling good or even feeling like she loves you? Why cant she just see that she's special enough and it doesnt take a world of time to have butterflies and complain with all that its too soon stuff. What else do you have to do to make her feel like your down for the cause? Tell me please.
Did you ever wonder what this cycle of life was about, in particular, relationships.
They blossom, they die, they quickly fade away, the fire starts strong, but then it ends quickly. Oh but one of my favorites, you meet this person and you click so well, but  what are you to do next when the situation doesnt permits, get it? How do you tell a good friend, hey I really feel you and I have a great connection with you.. But its just as a friend. That friend zone sure can get tricky right. :). Im laughing because I wonder what are you thinking about as you read my madness. But its all truthful and honest. These are some of the things that goes on from a daily basis.
You gotta respect her for wanting to do the right thing and evalute how the rest of her time is gonna be with you if  she decided too... well you know.

I like to think that if you wait to do everything or certain things until your sure its right, then will you ever get anything done? Just a question, hopefully you all will answer this one.. And please, take this time to respond or leave a comment, I know your reading and i'd like to know what you all are thinking about some of the things I said.

My last words are crazy but true, for everything you gain, you'll lose it, then for everything you missed out on, at some point you will gain again in at some point in life.
im mckie and im out till next time
me and spank chillin out, he's currently touring with lady gaga

Good times with Aaron Draper my bro and Spank at the studio

Along side the shelter island beach in Ny

Working At downtown studio

Steve, Bilal, Hawk Burns waiting for food before philly show

Hey look at these guys, dai an amazing guitar player and Thomas, well he does it all

Louis Cato-Bassist Yuki on Keys, Dai again 

One of my collector items, theres a few!

Throw back to 98' prom right... i put it out

Great pieces to have in the studio.

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