Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More sunshine....

Does anyone agree with me that we had a short winter this year? Spring came around too fast this year.
I mean im very welcoming of it  but i still feel like it came this year pretty fast. Or was i working so hard and so much i didnt realize how much time has gone by? I guess you can get caught up in time management in the music business. Anyway i hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather outside.

I was out there earlier today jogging with my buddy John Price.  We were going for six miles and ended up doing four. But it was still a good workout. Everyday you build up to different heights, so maybe by sunday i'll be ready for my 6 miles. Tommorow will be la fitness time. 
That place is gonna be a mad house, people somewhat working out, lounging around, talking, taking too much time on one machine! It sucks but sometimes u gotta love the place.
I gotta get away in the studio right now to do some work, but i wanna leave you guys with a video of me and my friends playing basketball. Its very funny.
I also intend to do a basketball league with my friends soon.. so stay tuned, all my ballers
And oh, come by tonight at the marbar on 40th and walnut to the b side jam session
tonight, yes, tonight, if your not busy.

Enjoy the day peoples,