Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Past, The Present,The Future

I know I promoted myself on my new blog with the jam session from last night, that went well,But It was kinda spur of the moment and I wanted to share with my family and friends where I'm playing in the city. Still, this is a personal blog and not a advertisement site! So my blog for today is a little more then usual but i kinda gave a rewind to the past and fast foward to the future. Hope u enjoy

With that said, I wanna start off by updating everybody on what's happening in Mckiebeats World, so here it is.
I've had the pleasure to be a part of two great abums, producing, drumming, and engineering
with Joy Denalane, singer from Germany, and Bilal.

So the time has finally come and we're gonna hit the studio to mix Bilal's new record tentatively titled 'Airtight's Revenge'. Anybody that knows him personally and know us together, will know how proud I am to have him release an album and get himself back to where he needs to be! He's one of my closest friends. I'm thankful that I've had the pleasure to rock with him since 2000 and grow with him as a respected musician in the game. To have an opportunity to grow with this dude for a decade is a cool thing, and it definitely helped me as a musician to reach for and achieve some of the goals I've set for myself.
I'm still reaching them somehow, but if I didn't have the chance to live and grow with the band 'Wolf Nipple Chips'             (Conley "Tone" Whitfield-bass, Mike Severson-guitar, Robert Glasper-keys, Jerrod Barnes-keys, Lamont Caldwell-sax/vocals, Laron Thomas-trumpet/vocals, Candice Anderson-vox, Finese Miller-vox, And Bilal himself). I'm not sure where I would have ended up right now as a musician! Everybody has great musicianship, but more importantly, it felt like we were family onstage and I work well with that any day. Our bond showed because we sounded great as a unit.  We would do tours with no rehearsals because we knew each other and the songs with our eyes closed. So right now if I sound all teary-eyed and personal forgive me, its my blog!!!!!! I love these guys!

I'm just happy that life is going on. Everybody has families now, different ventures, but it's still all love. Bilal should get his due credit with the new album. Shouts out to his fam Sue, Lil Rams, and Bashir! But the album is really a piece to have- it's some of my best work! I won't speak too much on it for now, because I want it to be a pleasant surprise! Although, if you're a close friend of mine, you know how you can get a sneak peak on it!  =)

While that is going on, I'm doing a host of side projects! I'm working with my boy Chase Allen a 20 year old rapper and New School leader who is changing the game. Check him out at Chase's Facebook Page. We're almost finished with his new mixtape, which I'm very proud of. He has a lot to say to the world and you can hear it really soon!

I'm also in the studio with another very close and extremely talented friend, Adam Blackstone. Even if his name doesn't sound familiar to you now, it will soon and you've probably already heard his work.  He's a musical director, bassist, producer, and an all around amazing dude. If you've been sleeping, step your game up and check him out at

So far this is it for now, but check back daily for updates! 
Steve Mckie & Robert Glasper My Homie!
Bilal Oliver & Steve mckie
Adam Blackstone& Steve mckie
my Boy!!!!! he's Good, love that guy!

Father & Son
Bilal @ studio pine 
Tone whitfield & Bilal
Bilal,Robert Glasper,Steve
Tone Whitfield-remember that morning buddy!
Another close Pal, who's also very good on the bass and the tracks.
Ok so we flew the worst airline of all time in Europe called ryair
And Rob glasper somehow managed to travel without his passport through every city all but the last one
Here is in this photo He's thanking the guys that they let him make it through with a photo copy of his passport. Very funny stuff

Adam Blackstone and steve mckie @ Work
bilal,Rob,Hawk in the Back, Steve
Mike severson & Steve Mckie (Oh yeah in Amsterdam,High)
The trio in denmark!
The trio having fun
having dinner before our philly show@World cafe Live
Chase Allen,He said he's gonna conquer the rap game, just sit back and watch me!!
mckiebeats, and blackstone
(Spank and Adrape in the back)

In germany, wolf nipple chips, mike severson, laron thomas,lamont caldwell, Bilal the mummy lol

Bilal& Tone in Studio Pine
Thug drummer with tone whitfield in the back!
this one was a throwback photo, braids,durag, and brown cap.
where did that come from

mckie out


  1. What's up Steve...It's Robby Dee....just want to say once again that I enjoyed your blog, enjoyed your path in life, and I wish you nothing but continued success!!! One Love...Peace!

  2. thanks rob, i appreciate the love man! really!!

  3. nice blog uncle stevie love ya maymay