Friday, March 26, 2010

A series of things to talk about........

Most of us on this earth,
wants love, or wants to be loved at some point. Then we want great romance, of course great sex, and last but not least which should have been first, they all want the security of a stable relationship. Its just natural to want these things in life. How do you manage to get them, where do start? Im not asking for myself, but just in general. What do you think? How do you attract the special mate your looking for, or do you just settle for the person who is pulling in your corner. Or when you get that first official date, does it ever occur to you on where to go and how special it has to be, or are you wondering on how your gonna act because u wanna impress this person.  I say be yourself to be quite honest and see how that works out for you. You never really know.
 But any way, im sorry reader's i was trying to keep a consistent flow and all, but the weather took me down! I was sicker then i expected to be and i had no energy to type or do anything, so i basically just laid in the bed drinking theraflu until i could muster any energy to just get out of bed. And once that was almost done, meaning the cold, i had to play consecutive days on the drums. In the back of my mind im thinking this cold isnt over yet, so must of the night i felt like Patrick ewing sweating my life away while playing.
Guess the cold wasnt done after all. I'll make it through though. Im glad everything is coming back down to earth, as im preparing to travel for a few days. First stop is the windy city they call chicago for a nite at the double doors club with bilal. Then a few days later we head off to the motherland of south africa.
Sounds like a trip huh, would you really travel more then 10 hours on a plane to get to your work destination? Being a musician, you just have to be ready for it. Get on the plane and go, gives you time to meditate,catch up on some sleep, read a book,watch the movies, watch the movies, ok i said that two times because i remember vividly a trip traveling to germany and my boy bilal was on the plane, along with his manager and my good friend nicole hurst all watched the movie about this music genius kid "August Rush" While we talked about our 8 hour plane ride over, everybody started to admit how that movie got us all teary eyed. It was funny, a kid who was born into two musicians, one rock and one classical. He got turned into foster care and some how in the end of the movie he met  up with his parents as his mom searched for him, meanwhile his dad didnt even know he had the girl pregnant.
Great movie, I had my kids watch it, they liked it, so check out august rush if you havent seen it yet.

Friends, we all have them right? We have certain kind of friends, like the ones who you were always close to, but never really have the time to hang, or you have new developed friends where you dont know much about them and you guys click until something happens and your thinking, whasup with this person. Yes, i guess its safe to say that we all have these kind of whirlwind of friends that comes in different sizes,shapes,and colors. Still i believe that you have to choose wisely what types of people you want in your personal space. I have musicians friends where we just play music and go home and never talk until we play again, i have friends where we do music and talk about life and we know eachother's families. I have friends where we just talk about life and random domestic things like how big our kids are getting,there schools, and so on. Then i have friends who are attracted to the  streets and they can't help it and it causes me to have alot of love for them, but i can hang in their zone, and im sure they would completely be bored in mines. You ever try mixing all your friends together for a party or just a social gathering, nope! It would a drama festival. But i will say this, if you ever had the pleasure of being friends with me, you know that im a very cool person until you pushed me to the brink. Im always pleasant but quite, and i speak my tongue most of the time.
Well everybody enjoy your day and have a good one, im gonna take you to chicago with me tommorrow. Lets see how it turn out!


  1. hmmmmm...this blog started off really juicy, then it just dried up by the end...hmmmmmm??? anyway, it was kinda all over the place, kievers...still fun to ya..

  2. oh! u titled it " A series of things to think abt" i didnt read bad...but you still have to sum it up...or make it cohesive in the end for ur readers. Dnt forget... I know everything!
    , )