Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Staying busy

Good evening everyone,
There's just so much to do in a day, and of course I get a little tied up with work, but there's a series of things I do on a day to day basis. I running and working out taking advantage of the weather, being a father,running a studio,being a producer, booking studio time, Being a session musician and people are asking you to cut drums on their projects and i fall behind on Them. which reminds me, I still have to record drums on bilal's level song from his new album. But wait im not finish, recording a mix tape with my Home Boy chase Allen, and tying up projects that I haven't finished yet.

If you ask me if im overwhelmed with all this work, I would say no right away only because it's my passion and its always fun to do something that you love.In a corporate world, being a musician is a hobby and it's not taken seriously, but im here to encourage you if u have a dream or talent to be somewhere in the entertainment world, go for it. It's a special thing to have a gift like whatever it is you may have, whether you sing, dance,paint, or anything. I was riding in a taxi in boston and the driver asked me, what kinda money is in music? I responded jokingly like are you kidding me dude. I asked him how much did he know about the music biz and if he had any friends doing it. He said no, but he carries musicians around all the time, but he never really got it. Why didnt I ask him how much money is in driving a taxi?

Well, im off now, but I had a few friends ask where am I playing tommorrow night, wednesday. Im playing at the mar bar located on 40th and walnut just above the bridge movie theatre. There's a 6 dollar cover I believe and you will enjoy yourself with cool dj's and drinks.. And of course live music! it's our second week out some come and enjoy if u might!
Be cool until next time..
The Studio, where im spending most of my time!