Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunny day In philly

Am i the only musician in the world that loves chipotle?

I didnt think so, my routine in there is pretty simple. I get the chicken burrito with double chicken,no rice or beans, just a sprinkle of cheese and lettuce with the salsa. I know, it pretty bare but i like it and it fast good junk food at its best but if unload the beans and rice, i think its kinda better that way! Funny stuff right.

Anyhow, today was a nice day out! I will take the sunny days over this damn snow and cold any day. It allowed me to get back on the jogging trail, it seemed like everyone was out today. Running,walking, and massive school buses loaded with kids ready to take advantage of this great weather here in philly!
I usually jog on the boathouse row/ kelly drive. its a cool run and you get to run along the river and see the sun and birds, all that good nature stuff, who needs la fitness treadmills when u have nature for free!

This week shall be a busy one with jam sessions coming at wednesday @ the mar-bar located just above the bridge cineplex and Thursday at Elena's located on 49th and Baltimore.Elena's, more of an open mic showcase while the mar-bar is totally for the musicians and special guest vocalist, who ever that may be. I promise You.
I encourage more singers to come out to both if your just in love with live music.
But in Elena's( Every other thursday) that microphone is definitely open for you.
I remember jam session in the year 2000 when it was a music town cluttered with dope music, and all sorts of concerts, it helped launch my musical paths and career. I met so many great musicians and developed friendships from it.

By the way, i've gotten so many cool responses from my last blog about hanging out with my family, and its still a sensitive topic to my but I wanna say a special thanks to those who took the time to read it. I cant express more how important that is. I plan to do a series on my family, I hope no one takes it personal if I don't mention you, all of you guys know that I have a huge family tree, so were gonna keep this one a short one! Mom is next......
I will be hitting the road soon and I will have some more interesting pictures to post along with my Blog titles, like different cities, and countries! I figure since most of you are not traveling the globe like you should, so i'll just bring the advertisement to my blog and get you wanting to visit these place! Its another world out there, get your passports and travel the world. Instead of wildwood,New jersey!
im off to the studio, if i get lucky on my Frederic Chopin samples i will post a preview tonight. stay in tune
mckie out!
below are pics throughout my run today....


  1. i never knew you noticed the view

  2. of course i noticed the view... who is this?