Monday, March 15, 2010

Took the weekend off, now im back

Only due to work piling up and lack of extra time to share and blog with you guys, so i missed a few days. But im back for another week to share whats going on in my zone. So here we go. Im sure most of you heard im playing tonight at the world cafe (again) for the haiti Relief show. It makes you wonder how many relief shows has it been since the massive earthquake? Lets google second please............................ Well there is no exact number but it did show that 1.3 MILLION people are homeless after the tragic event. So where does that lead us? Well to a million relief shows,benefits, fund rasiers,and donations of all kind. Today, a group of philly musicians,singers, writers,dancers will take the stage in effort to show their love to all those people who are unfortunate right now. God bless them.
If you plan to support this cause in music, then you wanna be at the world cafe tonight if you havent heard much about it. I will join the stage with some of my friends that include a list of Bilal,Eric roberson, Jaguar Wright, And Jazmine. Our little medley is the last set that will start around 10:45. Now we are dealing with our people so please please dont expect it to go on schedule, at least im not. It's a good thing that every body is doing, so we shall see that outcome of it. If you dont wanna miss it, then come on out.(

Moving right along i wanted to include some video footage today of a very interesting project im working on, This kid chase allen, young rapper from philly. Confident, lyrics are cool most the time, but the funny thing about this video is that he's being schooled by Res(website),Dj Statik,Josh from Ucity, "all performers for tonights event" About how young he is and his knowledge of rappers from his own hood. Enjoy the young one!

I know i did a blog about my boy bilal and his new album, but its really coming. More studio footage to come soon, but we are mixing right now as we speak to, and hoping to be done by this months end.

Back to chase in the studio, giving a preview of his mixtape, shout out to my boy anthony who did the track, good job on sampling the jackson 5.

Then Back to the exploiting of the young rapper, come on man cool-c

While taking a break in the studio with bilal, mike severson and yuki goes for a little riff battle, im sure you musicians would love this one.(excuse the laughing)

Well, that about does it for me, i would have included more, but i figured this would keep you Until tuesday post, until then, be cool..............