Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trapped In All Day!

  Forgive me blog readers but friday was too busy of a day to get to my blog spot, due to lack of sleep and Double booked sessions as adam blackstone would say. He manage to think that every time we work in the studio that i always double book myself and have someone waiting for their session to start. Its not true at all, thats pretty funny, Double booker.

Its about 1:42 am and im still "Going In" Like dj khalid say (lol) He's funny, Check Him out As he blogs while he 's in the hospital! The Doctor told him, he's going in........ I had to post this because its pure comedy but at the same time he's on the grind! You Have to respect his hustle. To see what im saying, click on the link below and fast foward to the 6 minute mark.

Fast foward to 1:58 am and im just getting to cutting vocals on chase for one of his last songs for the mixtape album. Looks like its gonna be an early one tonight. Im working hard this week.
Earlier today i was recording Terry tribett and Adam blackstone with this kid name tre on drums, dont know his last name but he sounded cool! Sound alot like spank if you ask me!
Its amazing the effect that us drummer's have on this new generation! Spanky the drummer from philly inspired alot of new drummers coming up today. Shout out to the kid Tre! After 3 hours....... he got it done and it sounds pretty Good. Did i fail to mention Terry tribett was here also recording, his first here.
Chase As he waits his turn, double booked he was!
Adam in tinychat with Onistsha And waiting while Tribb and Tre practiced

I feel like i wanna catch up on some sleep tonight but my body is often going and i feel like i cant sleep until things are done. Maybe everything is checked for tonight, or this morning as it is now 4:14 am into saturday! its cool im about to head outta here.
But before i go i wanna say thanks for checking up and reading my blogs!

be cool everyone!

Chase in the booth getting some freestyle work done!


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  1. so where does my African Drum track fit into all this, homie???