Sunday, March 21, 2010

Under the weather........

i've been sick for the last two days and i was still active trying to fight through it, but it got the best of me and i faded to black from everything. How can you get sick in the beautiful weather? Well try rocking the stage at world cafe on monday the 15th doing a haiti relief concert. So after the evening was done i walked to the car, in a soaked shirt, had my jacket on, but the cold had already taken hold of me, not realizing, i went on without taking any meds. So i guess i blame myself. Anyway im taking it easy, no studio, no basketball, no jogging, no anything. Im totally drained to the brink of malfunction. This entire winter passed along without me getting sick and i felt good about my immune system, but it failed me now.

Off to domestic things around the house, you know, those great things we like to put off during the week because we're so busy in our daily life. Well i guess us musicians anyway as were already in a class of our own. We do things totally different. Everyday for us is like a friday or those times where you can just sit around and do nothing, or plan whatever you want to do. Its definitely a challenge to keep up this kind of a lifestyle, but if your primed for it, well then you have no problems and you know the in's and out's.

I was introduced to a wildlife nature walk this weekend. It was pretty cool, i enjoyed myself alot until the sickness started to kick in. I never even knew this place existed, right in the korman suites area of philadelphia. As i walked, i just knew something was gonna jump out at me, as i walked through spots that looked like lions and tigers live there :). I wish i was feeling better, then i would have enjoyed it that much more, but hopefully i can do it again, and this time jog my way through it.
It really sucks to be sick, i can't wait for it to pass me by. My daughter called me and asked was i ok, i told her im sorry for cancelling her studio time with her cousins, but it would have not been fair to record them and spread my germs  all over the place.
Samarr and Sheyenne both asked if i needed anything, cute kids they are. Too bad i gotta pay a surprise visit to samarr's school this week as his teacher called me about his behavior. Gotta love parenting time.
Hopefully its just the warm weather boiling kids energy. It always happens that way, but there's no excuse's when you get the call home. So off to the school i go. It should be cool though.
Well thats my update for now, its back to medication and sleep, and hopefully i'll burn this cold right out of me, until then i hope you all enjoy the nice weather and stay out of trouble.
Samarr on laundry duty
Cool little dude he is
My Partner Danophonic Dan at the studio
Yuki the nord lead master recording on a bilal song
They call him 'Chase Allen' he's next up
Amtrak's New building, At least philly is trying to get their sky buildings together
Mike Severson getting his guitar licks on in the studio for a bilal record
You can tell im in a ghetto laundry right! The car seat of a 15 passenger van.


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