Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Personal notes today,

Finally my boy Chase allen completed his highly anticipated mix-tape release, and its being mixed right now as we speak. I dont take to much with working with rappers of any sort, yes, i like to make hip hop music because it's in my blood of course. So don't be surprised to hear that i have this kind of music in my repertoire, Its official, Steve mckie does Hip hop music and its not cheesy at all. 
The last three nights i stayed up until 7am working on my music and finishing up projects, and finally i think i have recorded my last drum track to complete bilal's new album set to release this summer. Bilal and I were in the studio last night doing some touch up's to a few records that needed some tweaking. Before that i was preparing and cleaning the sessions  to be mixed in a New York studio.
Every other night i was going back and forth with engineer Jason goldstein ,sending files for songs that were missing files and listening to mix's that were done! Interesting huh, i'd say so. Its really a progress and the patience you have to keep is crucial, because you will crack or obtain the attention span of a six year old in a heartbeat. ( You ever notice those people that come in the studio and they have about a good five minutes of concentration of what's going on, and then quickly after that, they leave or is doing something else then listening to the music with honest consumer ear.)  So back to leaving the studio at 7-am, everyday now since this past sunday has been my regular routine, then i sleep from 7-am to 1pm and off to the gym( La Fitness that is) with my workout partner and close friend John price, great dude! And then from there i perform my father duties, playing gigs, and back to the studio, i think i wanna get a tv in the studio for the time being, its playoff time for nba basketball, and yes im a fan! But reality set in and told me that no work would get done and i would sit there with espn and every game that comes on. On the other hand, i should be rewarded with that, judging from how hard i've worked these past few weeks. Then here comes another great 5-am flight leaving philly to perform with bilal thursday night in kentucky. Say soulful!!!!!!!!! Kentucky though?

Shout out to Res, I couldn't be apart of playing her show tonight at johnny Brenda's, She will be rocking the stage with a great philly band, put together by, yes me, Steve Mckie. Patty crash will also perform.
It would have been fun to play with that bunch, but i would have no time to do anything else and i had to get alot of work to get done, and more importantly, take a break this past weekend, knowing i had to get ready for yet another busy week, or shall i say, adventure and life of a producer and musician! So if your reading this early, go down and support Res at Johnny Brenda's, she's set to take the stage at 11pm and she also just released a new album online called black girls rock.(Res Web page) Support your local talent, you love music right?
Well im off to my daily routine in which i just showed you, i hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy this cold cold evening, in philly that is, temperature just dropped for some reason, come back sun please! Peace
I had to repost this one, they don't believe it, but get me on the court haha
Chase Allen and His cousin Nash on his hip, at Elena's Jams session in philly, every other thursday
that was a fun nite!
Only in New York will you see this! That kit sounded amazing, but those blood drops are not cool.
My Boy Robert Glasper and his new addition
Say no more, philly has them all! Drummers world you shall call philly now!
Lil John Roberts in Cape Town

Monday, April 26, 2010

Inevitably Is a Classic!

Why do people get so upset over inevitable things? You know its bound to happen, you have a feeling it's coming, and you still are totally surprised at the result. I never understood it. At some point I feel like once it does happen, its a growing process. Your picture does look a little blurred at first, but then, my perfect reason for time giving you all your answers, in a trying moment. Just wait it out. And I know I may get booted for this, but once a woman finds out information like, he cheated with lots a women, 75 to 80 percent of the time, you guys take him back,But why? I've seen this situation so many times. Or when we you know the relationship is done and you've done everything you can to salvage it, please! You know its over and no turning back! But we are surprised like we didn't know this would happen and try so hard to figure out what went wrong. What went wrong is that, its inevitable for a relationship to take its course, wether it's staying together, or breaking up, its life and it plays out to the end. Unless you are contempt and you just have no feeling for these kind of things. Just please stop acting astonished when these things happen. These are just some small thoughts from today, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening.
What are these skies telling you?
My Temp bed, not too bad huh?
Sheyenne's Social Studies Project is Done! Let's hope all that hard work amounts to an A.
Mike Severson (Getting Riped For Miami Beach)
John Roberts was hitting with Rachelle Farrell at the Cape Town Jazz Festival
I played with Bilal April 3rd,2010
My mom and her newly adopted dogs
Miami, Im sure you know about this place!
And to all my baller's out there, please check the form out guys, its all there.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

General Discussion Pt 1

The undeniable things we inhabit from our mates,
Its amazing when you think about things you do in your everyday life and you step back for a moment and think, wow, did i really say that how he or she would say that. Am i saying something that you guys can relate to? I mean its true though. How many times have we done something and it reminded you about somebody we use to be with? I know in your mind your thinking, why, but it's something we all go through, and i had a moment so i guess its safe to all the reader's to know my moment.If you read this and feel like im speaking about you, im sorry, and im sure you know who you are. I'll give it to you in a series, for one, i have this thing now where I'm highly observing a situation or a person, trying  to figure out what's going on. Stirring has been a issue, wondering what is on people's minds. Or involving myself into a conversation with a stranger in a public place about anything. Here's a funny one, a saying, she says, that is so wrong, in so many ways, or she says "Im so geeked" i found myself using these terms of speaking in my speech of sentence, and i caught myself, like wow, things you pick up from the other person is amazing. Sometimes its a very good thing to take with you in life, but then sometimes your not  so fond of it. How about being at the dinner table and you order some type of noodles and your reminded of how  he or she told you how to roll the noodles on your spoon with the fork, because you do it totally wrong or child like. There is so many things i could go on about, but i won't, i'll leave it for an open forum for you guys to share with me, if your reading this particular blog and it has reminded you in some way, share what your mate has left you with. Im curious to hear them, just write  a comment down below and share a laugh with me. Don't be dry, its perfect and honest fun, right?
I would like to thank some people for giving me good traits to have in my life, its not always a bad, or sad thing when you leave a relationship. If your smart enough, you take things you learned and apply it to your life accordingly. It took a long time trying to figure out why things happen the way they do, but then i realized that, everything happens for a reason and there is a learning lesson from every aspect of life you go through. So when you have those times when you say, wow, this is how jane would say this, or this is how mary would have done that, just embrace it and be thankful. Really, that is real talk people.
Thank you all, I'm still learning to this day, and there is always room for improvement.

Currently  Im in the studio right now, preparing one last song from Bilal's new album  thats being mixed as we speak! It shall be a good one, why do i know, because i produced half of it. its been a long time coming now, so when it does come out, please go out and support. I gotta get back to mixing so, i'll catch you guys soon enough.
By The way
If you know about your hip hop and respect dope artist, then you know what this link is all about i've placed here and 
I  just could not leave without giving a shout out to one of my favorite rappers--------Guru Gang Starr Rest In Peace Brother!

Gang Starr's Guru Remembered By MTV News' Sway

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Fatherhood is great when you know what your doing, or even when you don't know what your doing, its allows you to step back and observe life from a different angle. Its time to grow up is all im really saying. But it's alot of fun, you get to see your child grow into whatever they wanna become if you moniter them closely and have a strong presence in their live's you know. Even if your hours contain you at work for longer then usual, you have to take time to do things, that will count down the line and be a forever memory in your kids eyes. Mines, well its simple, i work at the studio 24/7, and i travel quite frequently. So my time is pretty jammed up.
But it can never be too jammed up where it wont permit me to be with my two babies!
Im sitting here in the studio with my daughter, and she has a project due at the end of this month (april) and we started about a week ago gathering information to put into her presentation. So its just me and her, one on one, googling, writing notes down, cutting out pictures and everything. Now just look at something like that, its all in one, spending time, learning, helping and doing your duties as you should do. All these little things end up being the most major things that counts in their lives, and goes a long way and it keeps you in fine tune with them later on in their teenage/adult life.  Why wouldn't you wanna be apart of that process? I kinda felt overwhelmed at first because researching and putting things into words from a kids view, and she started off kinda sluggish and i didnt want her project to seem as if it was done by me, so i just told her to use her brain, and told her that all the answers are in front of her if she just read, and now she's breezing through like its nothing. Thats great, im happy and proud, she's even typing in Microsoft word outlining her project, and putting it all into her own words!

Which allows me to sit her and check out what she's doing, and write to you fellow reader's on your relaxing sunday.
i feel kinda excited even though its her project, but i wanna see the grade A in the end because she's put some work into it and she needs to get her grade back up to higher marking. 
You know that feeling when your children brings home these ridiculous grades and you know they are smarter then the result, kinda get you upset, but step back and throw yourself into the situation, apply yourself, and make it known what's at stake.
I if remember, i'll be sure to post her final grade from this project, about four states she selected to research on, about its whole entire.

I hope everybody week has been a good one, as we gear up for next week, don't forget to send a special  thanks to god for allowing you to see yet another day.

The project is being finished!
My job is for the evening is almost over

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Response to the social media thing! Exclusive

Ok guys, my blog topic from yesterday has gotten some mixed reviews and some thought it was pretty hilarious. My whole point, which was to say that lots of people take it totally too far and blow it way out of proportion. The crazy explicit post, the very deep and personal descriptions about whatever it is that's going on in their lives and time after time i read it and get tired of it. Then another one of my favorites is how all of the sudden, everybody is so brilliant with their quotes. I know that im not the only person that is watching this stuff go on. Say  you know a person, you know  that they never would say and have the thought to be so clever and here on face book, they are saying stuff about life, or how to get something done, and the spelling is totally wrong. I guess they mean well but it bothers me because when and if i see you in person, you dont represent your quote for one second, you know, full of mess!  To my great friends who posted heart felt comments, i really do appreciate you guys feedback, thank you, really. But i wanted to clear up where i was coming from a bit. To Maria, i totally agree with you about  social networks and how it is anchored by just regular average people, but  i dont wanna put general people in a box, so these sites are here for everyone at their own risk and nobody status should be any higher than the next. So yeah i agree with that, without it, it would be totally boring and there wouldn't be a point for it's existence. Now off to the texting world situation, the world did not really have a choice with that, its either your in or your out, and i still feel like that when texting became a prominent thing to do, it really put the lack of in having a real conversation these days. To the flip side of it, i do not have to talk to you to say, hey i'll be there in 5 mins, or to give quick directions, or to just send a hey im thinking about you note, or lastly when you absolutely can't talk, just send a text in the heat of a moment when you can't get to the phone. But having a real life situation go on and you dont talk, and you find yourself with 30 text of bits and pieces to a conversation is kinda of a drag you know? Again, i totally thank you for feedback, it was needed!

On to the good old teacher friend Sha, Im sorry dear, lots of people jobs in the 9 to 5 world is very monotonous, wanna do a survey? You just so happen to love your job, because maybe its your passion and it's something you were set out to do. You clearly have a gift for it of course, but your experiences on the road shouldnt measure up to what you do now, and you know what, im sure you have not traveled the world as i have, so maybe you were over it, and saw some things that didn't grab your attention span enough. For me, i would take seeing the world over being in a class full of kids any day, specially the way these classrooms are today. All power to you. Its totally not about sex,money,drugs, thats just a personal preference to some, you know. You can gain alot of information by seeing all these beautiful places,there could  a bunch of different teaching  opportunities for yourself, just open your view and you would surely see it.Just imagine teaching in paris, or some other enjoyable city that you dreamed of going too. Thanks for the comments on how I write,it's deeply appreciated, I do wanna improve all those things you said,and with time I think it will happen.

Reader's, i hope that you all understand me more clearly, i didnt mean to attack anyone or their page, i just find things very interesting and no one really says anything, and i just wanted to hear you guys opinion about it, enough of you didnt respond, but im sure you totally hear and see what im saying. Enjoy your saturday, its playoff time for the nba!
Later everybody.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Social Media, networking, whatever you wanna call it

Whasup to all you TGIF'ers,i just wanted to add that the life and adventure of a musician does not really "TGIF" Why? well because we don't live by the rules of 9 to 5 everyday and only get an hour lunch if your lucky, some only gets 30 mins, or short little breaks.
Musicians can be in a conversation and ask, hey what day is it today, most of the times in the warm weather, everyday feels like a friday for us acept for the church going folks who get paid quite well to play gospel music, and believers of god.
I wonder what can we call our everyday, any idea's? That was on my mind because usually on face book so many people can't wait for friday to come, so that they can make their splash for the weekend, If you ask me,its all too funny. How about "Thank God For Everyday". Thats more like it!
There was a discussion last night about the whole social media thing, and it made me wonder,why is it that facebook, along with other popular networks is the hottest thing to do now days? Sure im fimililar with how twitter works, but really do you have enough time in the day to post after post how your day is going? I mean for entertainment purposes i believe it is fine, an a recording artist promotes where they are gonna play, or information about a new album, of course you wanna hear that, so that gives me a reason to wanna " follow you" or like you guys follow my blog, you do it because you dont see me often, and im sharing my life and adventures with you. No diss to the average joe, but i dont wanna follow somebody who works in target, or some kinda office space, or some mom that got hip to tweeting. Imagine how it reads, "Just left target, man that line was long"  " I can't wait to get off work,Im so tired SMH"  "My girlfriend Broke up with me" What the crap is that man, really, do i really  wanna follow that all day, or how hungry you are and how much you ate. Funny stuff. I think i do ok with my face book page, i don't really share too much on there, so i elected to blog, which is better, this is a place for it, not your page people, its a network zone, catch up with old friends kinda thing, for instance, hey i haven't spoken to Bob in a while, let me see if he's on face book, boom, there you go.
Now days face book is subject to people really airing out what is on their minds, forgetting the fact that, some and all of us just dont wanna read it, and its too much information you leave there! Really, i heard that a guy robbed someone's house and then he got on face book at the people's house he robbed, i'll give you a moment for laughter.....................................
Yeah, he robbed the house and then got on face book, who does that? 
Really  i don't wanna be a social media party crasher, but we really have to wonder what is next in our crazy world we temporarily occupy. Texting has killed the lines of oral communication, nobody talks anymore, and you can literally break up, have a fight, with your mate through text, then soon as someone says something that hits home, you then make the call, in which you should have did in the first place. All of us are subject to sending a massive text at one point in our lives, because we failed to get our message out through words. It really really makes you wonder, whats next?
Im taking all inquiries on this one!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hoop it up...

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for you body. Take your pick, jogging, working out in the gym, playing ball, lifting, and eating right, your bound to enjoy a great slate of health. The hard part about is maintaning once you get to a certain point. You gotta keep at it, but dont do too much, you dont wanna have to go shopping for new clothes and whatever it is.  I particularly like to jog on the street or a nice trail, preferably the boathouse ride near the art museum here in philly, its a nice view and the people out there really motivate you to keep pushing when you start to gasp for air. Dont defeat yourself, remember the goal out there. And hey, im not expert if it sounds that way, im out there trying too! trust me, i've had to build myself up to running 5 to 6 miles at a time. Special shout out to my boy john price,
he's been helping me get back in shape and being a great friend/work out partner, we push eachother, and that's so important when your out there and you wanna succeed. Having somebody there makes it all better, but it doesn't stop me when he cant make it, so i run mostly and when we work out, were going to hit the gym, or a jog trail. Basketball will get it done too, i love to play when time permits, today we played over at clark park on 43rd and chester, and i kinda jammed my finger playing defense, but it was  pretty mild, im still able to type and make music.(Man)
Talk about taking care of your money makers, you've got to be careful, you dont wanna miss out on that tour, or production placement because you can't use your hands!
Playing basketball is fun though, running up and down the court, and trash talking is my favorite, specially when my game is on, and im making my shots, and playing good defense, steals......... Its my one recreational activity that i often dont' get to indulge in. (Blame it on the work, and being dad!)
I still would like to form a basketball league, a community of my family and close  friends who love to trash, and  talk all that time about them having game. Do you really? Where are the ballers, im calling you guys out, the weather is nice now, its time to lay it out on the court. Im gonna leave the invitation out there for you guys, you know where i am, haha, seriously though, have a great night, and hope you enjoy your evening, i'll try to do the same with  mines.

Im sure i got some bad news that night, or something happened, time has healed me.
My Boy John price in the back, and jeff lee johnson on guitar. good session
Two of my most favorite people, my moms, and brother omar

later folks

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jam Session

Where does the time go in a week? Its already wednesday and guess what today is?
The night where i play a jam session with some of my friends, down at the MarBar on 40th and walnut located right above the bridge movie theater. I heard Dice raw is on the bill tonight along with my boy Dj Statik. Should be a good one, i like his style alot on the turntables. So if you dont have anything to do this mid week come on out, grab a drink, or socialize and listen to some live music! If you get there before 10 its free and then 5 dollars after that.(There you go Anthony, there's my online promotion ha-ha) But really, come out if your reading this and you did not make any plans tonight.
It amazes me who a decade later the same rituals are performed here in all types of atmospheres and venue, people try to create what use to happen years ago and the funny part is, alot of them are a huge mess. Its totally done wrong, people think jam, and they automatically take it for granted and come to the session with all the wrong purposes. Take this for instance, you have a jam session and your sharing the stage with others, like im a drummer, and there is someone on the mic rapping, singing or whatever it is that they decide to do, you dont just start playing all over the place while they are on the stage with you, how about play with them and give them something to feed off, im sure if you did it, you would get something back from them. I tell people all the time its about the feelings and where  you place you movement on the drums. So in the jam session format, its always best to listen to the person next to you, you guys are having a conversation with each other in music, what i play, the next person will hear it and tell me to play something back with the strike of a note, its that simple, but you have these wanna be, or you know what, let me change that, you have people who have all the right intentions but sometimes it dont turn out the way you hope for it to be.
So when i play at these jams, i try to have fun and make everyone around me enjoy the same experience, because it gets to be no fun at all when you cant enjoy what your putting out. I could definitely go on for days, but i'll keep it there, if you want a great example of it, come out tonight and see for yourself, no one is stepping on each other's toes, and the music is all there.

I like it when jam sessions are fun, when artist dont know what they are gonna sing, the band have no idea what they will play, and it all  is just made up on the spot, kind like letting the music flow through you. Some people hate it, but only because they are cowards to their artistry. God gave you a voice, just freestyle with it!
Anyway, there are a million more things i have to do before i go and get setup for tonight's jam, please take into consideration what i've said, and if you dont believe me, come see it for yourself! MarBar 40th walnut 9 p.m.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Learning the other person, and how i see it.

It was raining today, and i had to travel  to new york. had a good time, its my calling of being a musician, we have to go through the trenches of it all. I encourage people who wanna take a relaxing and inexpensive trip to use bolt bus, or even mega bus, why? Because its totally clean unlike chinatown, drops you off at a mutual location in the city, its cheap (ten dollars each way) and my most favorite of all is the wifi internet connection it offers, and yes, for free. So if your looking to get to New york for cheap and most comfortable way, i say give it a shot. 
Moving right along, In our life endeavors we encounter situations we never thought would be possible, or just things that makes us say, damn why does  life has to be so hard, why do people get magnificent breaks in life? Kinda simple if you ask me, its all a learning curve, which leads me into my context of "Learning Your Partner". Yes im talking about the loved one, your friend, your husband, your wife, your boyfriend,girlfriend, ok you get the point, your significant other. Its important to know how a person's persona is, you know, the aspect of his or her's character, that is percieved by others. You have to know how they operate at all times, how to speak with them, how to treat them, and most importantly of all, listening to them and knowing what battles to fight. You dont always have to fight them all, just take a backseat more then once  and the radar of huge fights and arguments may be minimized enough to keep you guys going. I feel like when you do not understand the person you're dealing with, you tend to miss a huge deal of what that person can offer you. You miss out on the chance of having a great time because u did not open your eyes big enough to see who you had in front of you. I dont wanna trash my male genders but we often let beautiful flowers go because we didn't know what kinda mate we had on our sides. Most of the times, it's a pure lack of knowledge, Its starts off from the roots, you know, what our mothers and fathers taught us growing up, it goes a long way, but lots of us only grow up with one parent in the home, so we lose huge steps and pointers on these ways, just imagine if many more of us grew up with both our mother and father together, then we would know what it is to treasure a person, a relationship, time, and just getting to know who your partner is. You then would have a better chance at meeting that person's needs and wants. Im not saying it's a cake walk, but its half the battle, just imagine if you didn't take the chance to get to know a lady, and you took her out on a date, and she totally surprised you with her actions, but, did you take the time to evaluate everything, how would she respond around your friends, a business meeting, or any place where you feel the need to be represented sharp. Or if you took a guy out and he's sitting at the table and he expects you to get the bill or something, I know crazy, but you have to pick out these things, and thats just a part of getting to know who you're dealing with.
One of my favorites are also being sensitive to your mates feelings, you cannot be hardcore all the time, even though some may like it, you have to have a good sense on how to be extra sensitive to the fact that, something you've said, might change a person entire mood, or just being there to listen and occasionally have a solution to whatever the problem is. Get it?
All this to say that, the more you know about a woman or man, makes all the better in the long run. You can nip lots of things in the bud if you tried, dont be selfish anymore, try caring for the other person first this time, I guarantee you it would work. And I know this must have you thinking, and if it is, then I did my job.

This isn't a love corner place, it's my blog, I write what my mind feels and what my hands type.
 It is therapeutic. It  also puts me in tune with apart of myself that i forgot about, if there is something you wanna do, and maybe you use to be good at it, try to give it a shot again, i remember mines use to be writing and english, so there you have.
Nicole hurst-Great singer, working on her album!
Tweet and steve
Brandi Barksdale Good Writer!
My home boy Dijohn Thompson
Joss stone gig days
Rob Glasper,Tone whitfield, Steve mckie, Hawk Burns

thats all folks

Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching Up

     Good old monday, one of the most laziest days in the week, why, because the weekend has past already and everyone is back to their respected jobs,wishing and hoping there was an extra day added on to sunday before you would have to be back to work.  For me every week is pretty much different besides from me being a father, things change from time to time and every work task is different which leaves room for lots of spontaneous adventures. Lately for me, traveling has been the case, from airport to airport, connection after connection, long duration of flights, just to get back up and do it all over again the next day. Would you trade your job in for that?
Its been brought to my attention that consistency is pivotal. If there is anything you are trying to achieve in life, it is always important to maintain a great level of consistency. It keeps you well focused on what is at hand in your daily routine.
So thanks mutual friend for pointing that out, because if I didnt take that into consideration, a lot of things im trying to do would fall deeply under the radar. I hope that you can understand that to the fullest degree. I mean, you only get one shot at it right?
Today I wanted to talk about the importance of friendship, yes having a great friend or two in your life. We often go through hard times, good times, and that crazy thing called life, but what is it without having your friends around to share these experiences with. Imagine yourself without a crew to hang out with, or now days as they would call them "Bestie" females tend to use that new term known as best friend. Anyway we live by having these people in our lives, we tell them some of our deepest secrets that we would never tell to family members. I find it amazing how some of our friends are so close to us that it gives you a feeling that your related by blood. You tend to have same qualities, enjoy the same things in life and most important of all, you stand by that friend through whatever obstacle that may come in life. Its great to have a support system when you're experiencing these moments in life. That was brought to my attention this past weekend and it reminded me of myself as a friend. Thanks for that friend, im sure you know who you are. You never have to question the way you are as a friend, to be appreciated and loved and cared about is a  great thing to have around. I think a lot of us today lack the true meaning of friendship, we substitute it and settle for the associates that come and go. These are just people we may see in the barber shop or hair salon, we dont really know them, but we talk to them and maybe hang out on a few occasions, but that dont count as being a real friend. The sad thing with that is, most people are content with the idea of keeping associates in your life.
So when you form a bond with one or two people in life, try to do things for that person that you would life to be done for yourself, well thats a way to go about life, but when we have friends, a lot of times, things like these slip in the cracks and we often take advantage in the worst way.
Ok im not quite the expert here in that department, but I do maintain a level of doing for others as I would want done for me, it's not always successful but staying that way is important to me, at least you know im genuine about that. So people, I know you have tons of friends that you may have lost a connection with through out life, but im sure if you picked up the phone or send an email, do something, face book allows us to catch up this way, do it. Im sure it would make you happy to see that person you have not spoken to in years because you've been so caught up in your own life, the time separated you. My words to you, do some real catching up, I have.
Here's a friend Tone Whitfield
James Poyser Kristy,Me, Adam Blackstone
There's a few friends in that shot of my studio wall
Louis Cato, bass player And Bilal, always find time to get a nap in
Is Philadelphia Your friend?
Somewhere during our travels, wait Austria, 
Bilal,Rob Glasper, Hawk Burns, And Me
My Friend Brandi, She's A writer
Lamont Caldwell and Aaron Goode

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cape Town, South Africa, and Family

Talk about tourism,
Cape Town is Africa's most popular destination for it. My last journey to Africa was totally different from this one. The difference  was amazing, the environment blew my mind totally. The scenery here is like being in california or somewhere like that.

I had the pleasure of comparing these towns and i must say, i dont really feel like im taking part of africa like you guys think. The ghetto's and all, you wont see much of that here in cape town, but if you can put that aside, you would enjoy the beautiful sights it has to offer. Last night we took the night out and checked on a few clubs and as i spoke with bilal, we both agreed that it felt like we were home, in philly or nyc. The night scene was identically the same. So as i take pictures, dont be surprised as to what you see, and im not a tourist here, so my pictures may be a little suspect.(ha ha).
So as we are walking down the street, there is this little kid, and you know this scene very well if you watched slum dog millionaire, this kid walks down the street with us and he asks for some money, cute little kid he was. He caught everyone at the right time as many drank wine, beer, and whatever else, they were very generous with the amounts of money they  gave him. One in particular, bilal, gave the kid 40 rand and 20 us dollars. Yeah, he was totally on, but hey, were in africa and everyday that scene never really plays out, so nice ending as the little boy walked away with some money to feed him self or family.
Good thing about these tours are, you never know who your gonna run into on them, and i have to say philly is down here representing nice. As always though.

Can i say how the flight down tore us to shreds, i mean it was so long, then once we landed in Johannesburg, we had a three our layover before we made our connection to cape town. Oh yes, we had the benches and chairs on lock as we waited and waited, and waited. Good thing the jazz festival people were there and had our cars ready, hotel keys waiting and the trip became that much better again.
Shall i say its really good  when you actually love your job and you get paid for it,
i like to think that im blessed and very fortunate. Coming from hoods and blocks where most people never leave them,  experiencing it for my own eyes, yeah im blessed, thank you god, and my family for supporting me to do the things i love.
Im looking outside my window at this huge mountain thinking, where am i, knowing where i am and all but sometimes its surreal, if you know what i mean.
I would love for my family or that certain person(SB) to be here with me and see the things i see, experience the times and the culture of these places.
Then my mom wouldn't always wanna spend her free time in wild wood new jersey.
i love you mom, but i had to put you on blast for that one. We as a family need to explore a little more, go out there and see the world. But she hasn't taken a flight yet, so i have to break her and my dad in on one of these trips. Wish me luck.
Enjoy your saturday night everyone.......
Mike on guitar, Laron on trumpet(great writer) and Corey on Trombone Rehearsing for South Africa show
The water front in Capetown,South Africa
Bilal Knocked out waiting for the flight
The Band waiting for that flight
Yup This is the plane were waiting on to get us there!
People checking out these acrobatic dudes jumping on eachother, i have video footage too that i will download later
No, they didn't attempt to walk up that mountain, Laron and Bilal
Cape town outside my bedroom window