Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cape Town, South Africa, and Family

Talk about tourism,
Cape Town is Africa's most popular destination for it. My last journey to Africa was totally different from this one. The difference  was amazing, the environment blew my mind totally. The scenery here is like being in california or somewhere like that.

I had the pleasure of comparing these towns and i must say, i dont really feel like im taking part of africa like you guys think. The ghetto's and all, you wont see much of that here in cape town, but if you can put that aside, you would enjoy the beautiful sights it has to offer. Last night we took the night out and checked on a few clubs and as i spoke with bilal, we both agreed that it felt like we were home, in philly or nyc. The night scene was identically the same. So as i take pictures, dont be surprised as to what you see, and im not a tourist here, so my pictures may be a little suspect.(ha ha).
So as we are walking down the street, there is this little kid, and you know this scene very well if you watched slum dog millionaire, this kid walks down the street with us and he asks for some money, cute little kid he was. He caught everyone at the right time as many drank wine, beer, and whatever else, they were very generous with the amounts of money they  gave him. One in particular, bilal, gave the kid 40 rand and 20 us dollars. Yeah, he was totally on, but hey, were in africa and everyday that scene never really plays out, so nice ending as the little boy walked away with some money to feed him self or family.
Good thing about these tours are, you never know who your gonna run into on them, and i have to say philly is down here representing nice. As always though.

Can i say how the flight down tore us to shreds, i mean it was so long, then once we landed in Johannesburg, we had a three our layover before we made our connection to cape town. Oh yes, we had the benches and chairs on lock as we waited and waited, and waited. Good thing the jazz festival people were there and had our cars ready, hotel keys waiting and the trip became that much better again.
Shall i say its really good  when you actually love your job and you get paid for it,
i like to think that im blessed and very fortunate. Coming from hoods and blocks where most people never leave them,  experiencing it for my own eyes, yeah im blessed, thank you god, and my family for supporting me to do the things i love.
Im looking outside my window at this huge mountain thinking, where am i, knowing where i am and all but sometimes its surreal, if you know what i mean.
I would love for my family or that certain person(SB) to be here with me and see the things i see, experience the times and the culture of these places.
Then my mom wouldn't always wanna spend her free time in wild wood new jersey.
i love you mom, but i had to put you on blast for that one. We as a family need to explore a little more, go out there and see the world. But she hasn't taken a flight yet, so i have to break her and my dad in on one of these trips. Wish me luck.
Enjoy your saturday night everyone.......
Mike on guitar, Laron on trumpet(great writer) and Corey on Trombone Rehearsing for South Africa show
The water front in Capetown,South Africa
Bilal Knocked out waiting for the flight
The Band waiting for that flight
Yup This is the plane were waiting on to get us there!
People checking out these acrobatic dudes jumping on eachother, i have video footage too that i will download later
No, they didn't attempt to walk up that mountain, Laron and Bilal
Cape town outside my bedroom window



  1. You are truly blessed to have the oppurtunity to experience this amazing journey..happy to hear you are enjoying yourself and exploring all Africa has to offer...enjoy the rest of your day, and have a great show tonight-..miss u lots..xoxo----SB

  2. I've been lucky enough to go to Johannesburg a couple of times, but even Africans tell me one must go to cape town. I didn't even know that cape town had a jazz festival. Thanks for hipping us to that! This would be an amazing festival to experience. I took some photos when I was there in Jo'Burg, and Vosloorus, a township in South Africa. I'm sharing the link if you'd like to see them.

    Thanks for sharing your photos. I particularly like the shot outside your window. The view is absolutely stunning.

    I know you guys are going to rock the festival.

  3. Yoooooo Brother! I see you are enjoying your job. Not everyone can say they enjoy their job( as i sit here at work with the MEAN GRILL). Your benefits are great too. You are truly blessed Brother.
    Be safe and enjoy the Mother Land. I'll see you when you return. PEACE!

  4. whateva...u wish u was there with me.