Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching Up

     Good old monday, one of the most laziest days in the week, why, because the weekend has past already and everyone is back to their respected jobs,wishing and hoping there was an extra day added on to sunday before you would have to be back to work.  For me every week is pretty much different besides from me being a father, things change from time to time and every work task is different which leaves room for lots of spontaneous adventures. Lately for me, traveling has been the case, from airport to airport, connection after connection, long duration of flights, just to get back up and do it all over again the next day. Would you trade your job in for that?
Its been brought to my attention that consistency is pivotal. If there is anything you are trying to achieve in life, it is always important to maintain a great level of consistency. It keeps you well focused on what is at hand in your daily routine.
So thanks mutual friend for pointing that out, because if I didnt take that into consideration, a lot of things im trying to do would fall deeply under the radar. I hope that you can understand that to the fullest degree. I mean, you only get one shot at it right?
Today I wanted to talk about the importance of friendship, yes having a great friend or two in your life. We often go through hard times, good times, and that crazy thing called life, but what is it without having your friends around to share these experiences with. Imagine yourself without a crew to hang out with, or now days as they would call them "Bestie" females tend to use that new term known as best friend. Anyway we live by having these people in our lives, we tell them some of our deepest secrets that we would never tell to family members. I find it amazing how some of our friends are so close to us that it gives you a feeling that your related by blood. You tend to have same qualities, enjoy the same things in life and most important of all, you stand by that friend through whatever obstacle that may come in life. Its great to have a support system when you're experiencing these moments in life. That was brought to my attention this past weekend and it reminded me of myself as a friend. Thanks for that friend, im sure you know who you are. You never have to question the way you are as a friend, to be appreciated and loved and cared about is a  great thing to have around. I think a lot of us today lack the true meaning of friendship, we substitute it and settle for the associates that come and go. These are just people we may see in the barber shop or hair salon, we dont really know them, but we talk to them and maybe hang out on a few occasions, but that dont count as being a real friend. The sad thing with that is, most people are content with the idea of keeping associates in your life.
So when you form a bond with one or two people in life, try to do things for that person that you would life to be done for yourself, well thats a way to go about life, but when we have friends, a lot of times, things like these slip in the cracks and we often take advantage in the worst way.
Ok im not quite the expert here in that department, but I do maintain a level of doing for others as I would want done for me, it's not always successful but staying that way is important to me, at least you know im genuine about that. So people, I know you have tons of friends that you may have lost a connection with through out life, but im sure if you picked up the phone or send an email, do something, face book allows us to catch up this way, do it. Im sure it would make you happy to see that person you have not spoken to in years because you've been so caught up in your own life, the time separated you. My words to you, do some real catching up, I have.
Here's a friend Tone Whitfield
James Poyser Kristy,Me, Adam Blackstone
There's a few friends in that shot of my studio wall
Louis Cato, bass player And Bilal, always find time to get a nap in
Is Philadelphia Your friend?
Somewhere during our travels, wait Austria, 
Bilal,Rob Glasper, Hawk Burns, And Me
My Friend Brandi, She's A writer
Lamont Caldwell and Aaron Goode