Wednesday, April 21, 2010

General Discussion Pt 1

The undeniable things we inhabit from our mates,
Its amazing when you think about things you do in your everyday life and you step back for a moment and think, wow, did i really say that how he or she would say that. Am i saying something that you guys can relate to? I mean its true though. How many times have we done something and it reminded you about somebody we use to be with? I know in your mind your thinking, why, but it's something we all go through, and i had a moment so i guess its safe to all the reader's to know my moment.If you read this and feel like im speaking about you, im sorry, and im sure you know who you are. I'll give it to you in a series, for one, i have this thing now where I'm highly observing a situation or a person, trying  to figure out what's going on. Stirring has been a issue, wondering what is on people's minds. Or involving myself into a conversation with a stranger in a public place about anything. Here's a funny one, a saying, she says, that is so wrong, in so many ways, or she says "Im so geeked" i found myself using these terms of speaking in my speech of sentence, and i caught myself, like wow, things you pick up from the other person is amazing. Sometimes its a very good thing to take with you in life, but then sometimes your not  so fond of it. How about being at the dinner table and you order some type of noodles and your reminded of how  he or she told you how to roll the noodles on your spoon with the fork, because you do it totally wrong or child like. There is so many things i could go on about, but i won't, i'll leave it for an open forum for you guys to share with me, if your reading this particular blog and it has reminded you in some way, share what your mate has left you with. Im curious to hear them, just write  a comment down below and share a laugh with me. Don't be dry, its perfect and honest fun, right?
I would like to thank some people for giving me good traits to have in my life, its not always a bad, or sad thing when you leave a relationship. If your smart enough, you take things you learned and apply it to your life accordingly. It took a long time trying to figure out why things happen the way they do, but then i realized that, everything happens for a reason and there is a learning lesson from every aspect of life you go through. So when you have those times when you say, wow, this is how jane would say this, or this is how mary would have done that, just embrace it and be thankful. Really, that is real talk people.
Thank you all, I'm still learning to this day, and there is always room for improvement.

Currently  Im in the studio right now, preparing one last song from Bilal's new album  thats being mixed as we speak! It shall be a good one, why do i know, because i produced half of it. its been a long time coming now, so when it does come out, please go out and support. I gotta get back to mixing so, i'll catch you guys soon enough.
By The way
If you know about your hip hop and respect dope artist, then you know what this link is all about i've placed here and 
I  just could not leave without giving a shout out to one of my favorite rappers--------Guru Gang Starr Rest In Peace Brother!

Gang Starr's Guru Remembered By MTV News' Sway

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