Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here i go, i won't stop..........

I feel so much better...........
Now that my cold is over, I actually do feel much better and that quick, my voice was put to the test as i checked my microphone during sound check. I did well, i hit my notes and the show was successful. I played with Bilal in Chicago at a venue called Double doors. Many of you may not know that I sing background vocals in the band now, along with Mike on guitar and Louis on bass. It's totally a new dimension to the show but most of the time it works. We need to go over more parts so that we can blend better, but overall it's a good look.  And yes, it's really me singing and playing drums. A sight to see.
It has been a few days since I sat in front of my computer and typed down what's going on, but I can assure you that things have been moving pretty fast.
So fast that  the morning I had to fly out to Chicago, I rushed around and I mis placed my camera that I use to take pictures  with, so that I can post on my blog and share with you. Honestly I thought someone had stolen it from my bag, but I remembered once I was  on the plane exactly where it was. Very happy about that because it is a very expensive digital camera for someone who doesn't take pictures all the time. I'll do my best to stay on top of that. We shall see how that works out.
Now don't get me wrong people, I like face-book and  all, it can get out of hand with time consuming and everything, but wouldn't you agree that some people use it to another level sometimes? With how they discuss their private  matters for people to have a discussion board about. WHY? Start a little personal blog and invite people you want, so only they can see it. Im about tired of seeing family members, friends from school, and just out right jerks talking about how they having sex, and the best three pumps of their lives, who says that?
Or I love you boo, I miss you, come back to me, when u just seen that person.
What about the young women, who have no clue about things, sharing how bad they are hurt and how they cannot make it on without a jerk who hurt them in the first place.
Even more better, boring teenagers with nothing to do at home starting up mobs and stuff, meet me down here at 5. What is that?
Why must our people take things to the next level and ruin it for everybody?
Remember the days before we caught up to face-book and left myspace in the dust? I guess tom doesn't really care, he dont have all  the stupid traffic anymore.
I know its a social network and all, but really people, you don't have nothing to do but post your stupid thoughts about how sex was with a girl and humiliate yourself by saying you pumped her three times and that was it. Please give them a round of applause.......... Funny right.
And please, im about sick of reading about girls heart broken and the fights between couples, is typical, she found out your password and has taken over your page and posted crazy things to females that maybe you dont even know. Done with it man, really, give it a break.
Lets keep it cool, and get back to the purpose of all of this.  I know, I went in but im sure you can relate to what im saying. Its really getting out of hand these days.
On the brighter side of it, its cool, you catch up with people you never thought you would ever see again. High school friends,college friends, old friends.
Fun times before a show with Rob glasper and Bilal
I look super funny in this pic, back on the road with these guys, Bilal and his manager Hawk
Dope, i remember a shirt like this at one point
Working with the Mdr orchestra in Dresden,Germany
And during the dress rehearsal, they caught me sleeping....... wow
Damn! A Great album that got away, during a tour, we found this in a record shop, they went far with this one
Goofing around with glasses while i play
oops was i suppose to post this? you all know what this place is
The great trio tour, rob traveled throughout europe while his passport was at the hotel in sweden.
he eventually got it back and made it home
Look at this guy, Jeff Lee Johnson on guitar, legend, legend, legend
My Boy JohnP on the drums

later folks, more post to come from cape town, south africa



  1. Love my brother:) good blogs I'm listening we must be siblings cause I feel just like you!

  2. And by the way I'm so proud of you! And singing. (In the backround) even more blitts:)

  3. Glad you're feeling better... and yes, well stated (about facebook). Its good to see you continuing to do your thing and branch out (background vocals...didn't know!) You've actually inspired me to start a blog... I just have to do it regularly ;-) ... take care and represent in your travels! Have fun!

  4. If i cant DEFINITELY cant sing niggha! lol! chillllllll...

  5. awwwwww think u can sing the backgrounds on my songs too? i KNOW you can!

  6. I'm going to have to hear you sing steve! Glad u're better!

  7. >Kita... thanks lil sis, im trying to do some things, you know haha, love you!!!!!
    >SG....STOP being hater
    >Nee Nee.... thanks for the love, thanks for checking up on my, i arrived safe, and you should def start a blog, its challenging, but you can do it!
    >Res......we shall see about that one!!!!
    >Maria, thanks dear, coming to your town soon, haha

    Later everyone...