Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hoop it up...

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for you body. Take your pick, jogging, working out in the gym, playing ball, lifting, and eating right, your bound to enjoy a great slate of health. The hard part about is maintaning once you get to a certain point. You gotta keep at it, but dont do too much, you dont wanna have to go shopping for new clothes and whatever it is.  I particularly like to jog on the street or a nice trail, preferably the boathouse ride near the art museum here in philly, its a nice view and the people out there really motivate you to keep pushing when you start to gasp for air. Dont defeat yourself, remember the goal out there. And hey, im not expert if it sounds that way, im out there trying too! trust me, i've had to build myself up to running 5 to 6 miles at a time. Special shout out to my boy john price,
he's been helping me get back in shape and being a great friend/work out partner, we push eachother, and that's so important when your out there and you wanna succeed. Having somebody there makes it all better, but it doesn't stop me when he cant make it, so i run mostly and when we work out, were going to hit the gym, or a jog trail. Basketball will get it done too, i love to play when time permits, today we played over at clark park on 43rd and chester, and i kinda jammed my finger playing defense, but it was  pretty mild, im still able to type and make music.(Man)
Talk about taking care of your money makers, you've got to be careful, you dont wanna miss out on that tour, or production placement because you can't use your hands!
Playing basketball is fun though, running up and down the court, and trash talking is my favorite, specially when my game is on, and im making my shots, and playing good defense, steals......... Its my one recreational activity that i often dont' get to indulge in. (Blame it on the work, and being dad!)
I still would like to form a basketball league, a community of my family and close  friends who love to trash, and  talk all that time about them having game. Do you really? Where are the ballers, im calling you guys out, the weather is nice now, its time to lay it out on the court. Im gonna leave the invitation out there for you guys, you know where i am, haha, seriously though, have a great night, and hope you enjoy your evening, i'll try to do the same with  mines.

Im sure i got some bad news that night, or something happened, time has healed me.
My Boy John price in the back, and jeff lee johnson on guitar. good session
Two of my most favorite people, my moms, and brother omar

later folks


  1. jammed ure finger huh? leave bball to the pros! lol :)

  2. oh thanks, steve...thts what up! , )

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  4. I see your jump shot is still working too.