Monday, April 26, 2010

Inevitably Is a Classic!

Why do people get so upset over inevitable things? You know its bound to happen, you have a feeling it's coming, and you still are totally surprised at the result. I never understood it. At some point I feel like once it does happen, its a growing process. Your picture does look a little blurred at first, but then, my perfect reason for time giving you all your answers, in a trying moment. Just wait it out. And I know I may get booted for this, but once a woman finds out information like, he cheated with lots a women, 75 to 80 percent of the time, you guys take him back,But why? I've seen this situation so many times. Or when we you know the relationship is done and you've done everything you can to salvage it, please! You know its over and no turning back! But we are surprised like we didn't know this would happen and try so hard to figure out what went wrong. What went wrong is that, its inevitable for a relationship to take its course, wether it's staying together, or breaking up, its life and it plays out to the end. Unless you are contempt and you just have no feeling for these kind of things. Just please stop acting astonished when these things happen. These are just some small thoughts from today, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening.
What are these skies telling you?
My Temp bed, not too bad huh?
Sheyenne's Social Studies Project is Done! Let's hope all that hard work amounts to an A.
Mike Severson (Getting Riped For Miami Beach)
John Roberts was hitting with Rachelle Farrell at the Cape Town Jazz Festival
I played with Bilal April 3rd,2010
My mom and her newly adopted dogs
Miami, Im sure you know about this place!
And to all my baller's out there, please check the form out guys, its all there.


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