Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jam Session

Where does the time go in a week? Its already wednesday and guess what today is?
The night where i play a jam session with some of my friends, down at the MarBar on 40th and walnut located right above the bridge movie theater. I heard Dice raw is on the bill tonight along with my boy Dj Statik. Should be a good one, i like his style alot on the turntables. So if you dont have anything to do this mid week come on out, grab a drink, or socialize and listen to some live music! If you get there before 10 its free and then 5 dollars after that.(There you go Anthony, there's my online promotion ha-ha) But really, come out if your reading this and you did not make any plans tonight.
It amazes me who a decade later the same rituals are performed here in all types of atmospheres and venue, people try to create what use to happen years ago and the funny part is, alot of them are a huge mess. Its totally done wrong, people think jam, and they automatically take it for granted and come to the session with all the wrong purposes. Take this for instance, you have a jam session and your sharing the stage with others, like im a drummer, and there is someone on the mic rapping, singing or whatever it is that they decide to do, you dont just start playing all over the place while they are on the stage with you, how about play with them and give them something to feed off, im sure if you did it, you would get something back from them. I tell people all the time its about the feelings and where  you place you movement on the drums. So in the jam session format, its always best to listen to the person next to you, you guys are having a conversation with each other in music, what i play, the next person will hear it and tell me to play something back with the strike of a note, its that simple, but you have these wanna be, or you know what, let me change that, you have people who have all the right intentions but sometimes it dont turn out the way you hope for it to be.
So when i play at these jams, i try to have fun and make everyone around me enjoy the same experience, because it gets to be no fun at all when you cant enjoy what your putting out. I could definitely go on for days, but i'll keep it there, if you want a great example of it, come out tonight and see for yourself, no one is stepping on each other's toes, and the music is all there.

I like it when jam sessions are fun, when artist dont know what they are gonna sing, the band have no idea what they will play, and it all  is just made up on the spot, kind like letting the music flow through you. Some people hate it, but only because they are cowards to their artistry. God gave you a voice, just freestyle with it!
Anyway, there are a million more things i have to do before i go and get setup for tonight's jam, please take into consideration what i've said, and if you dont believe me, come see it for yourself! MarBar 40th walnut 9 p.m.

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