Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Learning the other person, and how i see it.

It was raining today, and i had to travel  to new york. had a good time, its my calling of being a musician, we have to go through the trenches of it all. I encourage people who wanna take a relaxing and inexpensive trip to use bolt bus, or even mega bus, why? Because its totally clean unlike chinatown, drops you off at a mutual location in the city, its cheap (ten dollars each way) and my most favorite of all is the wifi internet connection it offers, and yes, for free. So if your looking to get to New york for cheap and most comfortable way, i say give it a shot. 
Moving right along, In our life endeavors we encounter situations we never thought would be possible, or just things that makes us say, damn why does  life has to be so hard, why do people get magnificent breaks in life? Kinda simple if you ask me, its all a learning curve, which leads me into my context of "Learning Your Partner". Yes im talking about the loved one, your friend, your husband, your wife, your boyfriend,girlfriend, ok you get the point, your significant other. Its important to know how a person's persona is, you know, the aspect of his or her's character, that is percieved by others. You have to know how they operate at all times, how to speak with them, how to treat them, and most importantly of all, listening to them and knowing what battles to fight. You dont always have to fight them all, just take a backseat more then once  and the radar of huge fights and arguments may be minimized enough to keep you guys going. I feel like when you do not understand the person you're dealing with, you tend to miss a huge deal of what that person can offer you. You miss out on the chance of having a great time because u did not open your eyes big enough to see who you had in front of you. I dont wanna trash my male genders but we often let beautiful flowers go because we didn't know what kinda mate we had on our sides. Most of the times, it's a pure lack of knowledge, Its starts off from the roots, you know, what our mothers and fathers taught us growing up, it goes a long way, but lots of us only grow up with one parent in the home, so we lose huge steps and pointers on these ways, just imagine if many more of us grew up with both our mother and father together, then we would know what it is to treasure a person, a relationship, time, and just getting to know who your partner is. You then would have a better chance at meeting that person's needs and wants. Im not saying it's a cake walk, but its half the battle, just imagine if you didn't take the chance to get to know a lady, and you took her out on a date, and she totally surprised you with her actions, but, did you take the time to evaluate everything, how would she respond around your friends, a business meeting, or any place where you feel the need to be represented sharp. Or if you took a guy out and he's sitting at the table and he expects you to get the bill or something, I know crazy, but you have to pick out these things, and thats just a part of getting to know who you're dealing with.
One of my favorites are also being sensitive to your mates feelings, you cannot be hardcore all the time, even though some may like it, you have to have a good sense on how to be extra sensitive to the fact that, something you've said, might change a person entire mood, or just being there to listen and occasionally have a solution to whatever the problem is. Get it?
All this to say that, the more you know about a woman or man, makes all the better in the long run. You can nip lots of things in the bud if you tried, dont be selfish anymore, try caring for the other person first this time, I guarantee you it would work. And I know this must have you thinking, and if it is, then I did my job.

This isn't a love corner place, it's my blog, I write what my mind feels and what my hands type.
 It is therapeutic. It  also puts me in tune with apart of myself that i forgot about, if there is something you wanna do, and maybe you use to be good at it, try to give it a shot again, i remember mines use to be writing and english, so there you have.
Nicole hurst-Great singer, working on her album!
Tweet and steve
Brandi Barksdale Good Writer!
My home boy Dijohn Thompson
Joss stone gig days
Rob Glasper,Tone whitfield, Steve mckie, Hawk Burns

thats all folks


  1. Yes Sir!
    I'm totally with you!
    Wish I could be around....
    Luv. Philip

  2. good reading nephew.

  3. wonderful insight Mckiebeats! very impressive for such a quiet fellow

  4. Man, I see your there with Tweet. Absolutely loved her first album. It was so underated. The duet with her and Bilal was amazing. God was definatly in the room on that one. Bilal was doing vocal acrobatics on that track.


  5. nice one...reminds me why i love you the way i do...youre such a sensative guy...g's up hoes down my ass!