Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Personal notes today,

Finally my boy Chase allen completed his highly anticipated mix-tape release, and its being mixed right now as we speak. I dont take to much with working with rappers of any sort, yes, i like to make hip hop music because it's in my blood of course. So don't be surprised to hear that i have this kind of music in my repertoire, Its official, Steve mckie does Hip hop music and its not cheesy at all. 
The last three nights i stayed up until 7am working on my music and finishing up projects, and finally i think i have recorded my last drum track to complete bilal's new album set to release this summer. Bilal and I were in the studio last night doing some touch up's to a few records that needed some tweaking. Before that i was preparing and cleaning the sessions  to be mixed in a New York studio.
Every other night i was going back and forth with engineer Jason goldstein ,sending files for songs that were missing files and listening to mix's that were done! Interesting huh, i'd say so. Its really a progress and the patience you have to keep is crucial, because you will crack or obtain the attention span of a six year old in a heartbeat. ( You ever notice those people that come in the studio and they have about a good five minutes of concentration of what's going on, and then quickly after that, they leave or is doing something else then listening to the music with honest consumer ear.)  So back to leaving the studio at 7-am, everyday now since this past sunday has been my regular routine, then i sleep from 7-am to 1pm and off to the gym( La Fitness that is) with my workout partner and close friend John price, great dude! And then from there i perform my father duties, playing gigs, and back to the studio, i think i wanna get a tv in the studio for the time being, its playoff time for nba basketball, and yes im a fan! But reality set in and told me that no work would get done and i would sit there with espn and every game that comes on. On the other hand, i should be rewarded with that, judging from how hard i've worked these past few weeks. Then here comes another great 5-am flight leaving philly to perform with bilal thursday night in kentucky. Say soulful!!!!!!!!! Kentucky though?

Shout out to Res, I couldn't be apart of playing her show tonight at johnny Brenda's, She will be rocking the stage with a great philly band, put together by, yes me, Steve Mckie. Patty crash will also perform.
It would have been fun to play with that bunch, but i would have no time to do anything else and i had to get alot of work to get done, and more importantly, take a break this past weekend, knowing i had to get ready for yet another busy week, or shall i say, adventure and life of a producer and musician! So if your reading this early, go down and support Res at Johnny Brenda's, she's set to take the stage at 11pm and she also just released a new album online called black girls rock.(Res Web page) Support your local talent, you love music right?
Well im off to my daily routine in which i just showed you, i hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy this cold cold evening, in philly that is, temperature just dropped for some reason, come back sun please! Peace
I had to repost this one, they don't believe it, but get me on the court haha
Chase Allen and His cousin Nash on his hip, at Elena's Jams session in philly, every other thursday
that was a fun nite!
Only in New York will you see this! That kit sounded amazing, but those blood drops are not cool.
My Boy Robert Glasper and his new addition
Say no more, philly has them all! Drummers world you shall call philly now!
Lil John Roberts in Cape Town

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