Saturday, April 17, 2010

Response to the social media thing! Exclusive

Ok guys, my blog topic from yesterday has gotten some mixed reviews and some thought it was pretty hilarious. My whole point, which was to say that lots of people take it totally too far and blow it way out of proportion. The crazy explicit post, the very deep and personal descriptions about whatever it is that's going on in their lives and time after time i read it and get tired of it. Then another one of my favorites is how all of the sudden, everybody is so brilliant with their quotes. I know that im not the only person that is watching this stuff go on. Say  you know a person, you know  that they never would say and have the thought to be so clever and here on face book, they are saying stuff about life, or how to get something done, and the spelling is totally wrong. I guess they mean well but it bothers me because when and if i see you in person, you dont represent your quote for one second, you know, full of mess!  To my great friends who posted heart felt comments, i really do appreciate you guys feedback, thank you, really. But i wanted to clear up where i was coming from a bit. To Maria, i totally agree with you about  social networks and how it is anchored by just regular average people, but  i dont wanna put general people in a box, so these sites are here for everyone at their own risk and nobody status should be any higher than the next. So yeah i agree with that, without it, it would be totally boring and there wouldn't be a point for it's existence. Now off to the texting world situation, the world did not really have a choice with that, its either your in or your out, and i still feel like that when texting became a prominent thing to do, it really put the lack of in having a real conversation these days. To the flip side of it, i do not have to talk to you to say, hey i'll be there in 5 mins, or to give quick directions, or to just send a hey im thinking about you note, or lastly when you absolutely can't talk, just send a text in the heat of a moment when you can't get to the phone. But having a real life situation go on and you dont talk, and you find yourself with 30 text of bits and pieces to a conversation is kinda of a drag you know? Again, i totally thank you for feedback, it was needed!

On to the good old teacher friend Sha, Im sorry dear, lots of people jobs in the 9 to 5 world is very monotonous, wanna do a survey? You just so happen to love your job, because maybe its your passion and it's something you were set out to do. You clearly have a gift for it of course, but your experiences on the road shouldnt measure up to what you do now, and you know what, im sure you have not traveled the world as i have, so maybe you were over it, and saw some things that didn't grab your attention span enough. For me, i would take seeing the world over being in a class full of kids any day, specially the way these classrooms are today. All power to you. Its totally not about sex,money,drugs, thats just a personal preference to some, you know. You can gain alot of information by seeing all these beautiful places,there could  a bunch of different teaching  opportunities for yourself, just open your view and you would surely see it.Just imagine teaching in paris, or some other enjoyable city that you dreamed of going too. Thanks for the comments on how I write,it's deeply appreciated, I do wanna improve all those things you said,and with time I think it will happen.

Reader's, i hope that you all understand me more clearly, i didnt mean to attack anyone or their page, i just find things very interesting and no one really says anything, and i just wanted to hear you guys opinion about it, enough of you didnt respond, but im sure you totally hear and see what im saying. Enjoy your saturday, its playoff time for the nba!
Later everybody.

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  1. Good points Steve. 30 text of bits and pieces would be pointless (unless unavoidable).

    Hope the weekend went great!