Friday, April 16, 2010

Social Media, networking, whatever you wanna call it

Whasup to all you TGIF'ers,i just wanted to add that the life and adventure of a musician does not really "TGIF" Why? well because we don't live by the rules of 9 to 5 everyday and only get an hour lunch if your lucky, some only gets 30 mins, or short little breaks.
Musicians can be in a conversation and ask, hey what day is it today, most of the times in the warm weather, everyday feels like a friday for us acept for the church going folks who get paid quite well to play gospel music, and believers of god.
I wonder what can we call our everyday, any idea's? That was on my mind because usually on face book so many people can't wait for friday to come, so that they can make their splash for the weekend, If you ask me,its all too funny. How about "Thank God For Everyday". Thats more like it!
There was a discussion last night about the whole social media thing, and it made me wonder,why is it that facebook, along with other popular networks is the hottest thing to do now days? Sure im fimililar with how twitter works, but really do you have enough time in the day to post after post how your day is going? I mean for entertainment purposes i believe it is fine, an a recording artist promotes where they are gonna play, or information about a new album, of course you wanna hear that, so that gives me a reason to wanna " follow you" or like you guys follow my blog, you do it because you dont see me often, and im sharing my life and adventures with you. No diss to the average joe, but i dont wanna follow somebody who works in target, or some kinda office space, or some mom that got hip to tweeting. Imagine how it reads, "Just left target, man that line was long"  " I can't wait to get off work,Im so tired SMH"  "My girlfriend Broke up with me" What the crap is that man, really, do i really  wanna follow that all day, or how hungry you are and how much you ate. Funny stuff. I think i do ok with my face book page, i don't really share too much on there, so i elected to blog, which is better, this is a place for it, not your page people, its a network zone, catch up with old friends kinda thing, for instance, hey i haven't spoken to Bob in a while, let me see if he's on face book, boom, there you go.
Now days face book is subject to people really airing out what is on their minds, forgetting the fact that, some and all of us just dont wanna read it, and its too much information you leave there! Really, i heard that a guy robbed someone's house and then he got on face book at the people's house he robbed, i'll give you a moment for laughter.....................................
Yeah, he robbed the house and then got on face book, who does that? 
Really  i don't wanna be a social media party crasher, but we really have to wonder what is next in our crazy world we temporarily occupy. Texting has killed the lines of oral communication, nobody talks anymore, and you can literally break up, have a fight, with your mate through text, then soon as someone says something that hits home, you then make the call, in which you should have did in the first place. All of us are subject to sending a massive text at one point in our lives, because we failed to get our message out through words. It really really makes you wonder, whats next?
Im taking all inquiries on this one!


  1. Lol!

    But really, without the "average person" on social'll just be a bunch of musicians updating other musicians (or a bunch of enterpreneurs updating other entepreneurs)..and really that'll be the most pointless network ever (well, as far as consumer relationships are concerned). So, the "average person" is a social network necessity. Hell, it's the focal point of social networks.

    Also, you under-estimate the boredom of a 9-5 deskjob. Lol. Some people do over-do it though.

    I personally loathe pointless I'm pro-text for the most part. It is however interesting to note that worldwide phone call statistics have actually increased yearly despite the increase in text based communication.'s not that we are speaking to each other less..we just found other pointless ways to say even more pointless stuff.

    Viva la technology!

  2. yeah steve, I agree with Maria, all jobs are not monotonous as you may think...Maybe you just talk to a bunch of losers that hate their jobs. Ive been on the road and ive done the teacher thing, and let me tell you my friend, interacting with 545 kids everyday is far more entertaining. Then again, sex, drugs, and rock and roll dont exactly turn me on...Moving on, I do agree some people are wayyyyy too invested in e-networking. Although, I do like it to share political opinions and to also get a cool motivational quote every now and again.

    Oh well, the writing is improving just have to master style and grammar: you know paragraphs, punctuation, transitional phrases. But your writer's voice is excellent. You are great at allowing your readers to empathize with you, even when we disagree. That, indeed, is a talent!

    Later, loser.

  3. oh , i forgot...tht pic looks like youre smoking a cigarette.