Sunday, April 18, 2010


Fatherhood is great when you know what your doing, or even when you don't know what your doing, its allows you to step back and observe life from a different angle. Its time to grow up is all im really saying. But it's alot of fun, you get to see your child grow into whatever they wanna become if you moniter them closely and have a strong presence in their live's you know. Even if your hours contain you at work for longer then usual, you have to take time to do things, that will count down the line and be a forever memory in your kids eyes. Mines, well its simple, i work at the studio 24/7, and i travel quite frequently. So my time is pretty jammed up.
But it can never be too jammed up where it wont permit me to be with my two babies!
Im sitting here in the studio with my daughter, and she has a project due at the end of this month (april) and we started about a week ago gathering information to put into her presentation. So its just me and her, one on one, googling, writing notes down, cutting out pictures and everything. Now just look at something like that, its all in one, spending time, learning, helping and doing your duties as you should do. All these little things end up being the most major things that counts in their lives, and goes a long way and it keeps you in fine tune with them later on in their teenage/adult life.  Why wouldn't you wanna be apart of that process? I kinda felt overwhelmed at first because researching and putting things into words from a kids view, and she started off kinda sluggish and i didnt want her project to seem as if it was done by me, so i just told her to use her brain, and told her that all the answers are in front of her if she just read, and now she's breezing through like its nothing. Thats great, im happy and proud, she's even typing in Microsoft word outlining her project, and putting it all into her own words!

Which allows me to sit her and check out what she's doing, and write to you fellow reader's on your relaxing sunday.
i feel kinda excited even though its her project, but i wanna see the grade A in the end because she's put some work into it and she needs to get her grade back up to higher marking. 
You know that feeling when your children brings home these ridiculous grades and you know they are smarter then the result, kinda get you upset, but step back and throw yourself into the situation, apply yourself, and make it known what's at stake.
I if remember, i'll be sure to post her final grade from this project, about four states she selected to research on, about its whole entire.

I hope everybody week has been a good one, as we gear up for next week, don't forget to send a special  thanks to god for allowing you to see yet another day.

The project is being finished!
My job is for the evening is almost over

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