Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going back to Cali, Cali

I'm going back to Cali, ummm i don't think so..... LL Cool J... remember....

Los Angeles, California is a beautiful place to be, sunny year in and out.
Home of several beaches of your desire. The home of movie making, The home of the stars, and the home of the land of opportunities.

I normally go there on a regular base, for my job, to perform on stage playing drums, and record and work in the studio.

I could sit here and trash my brother's ever so loving team (The Lakers) but i won't do it. He loves kobe to death, :) and well I'm a big boston fan who just so happen to be waiting for the lakers to advance to the finals. The suns have something to say about that, tune in tonight, is it?

La is notorious for its enormous freeways filled with cars on the road stuck dead in traffic. And then again, having the sun day in and out beats having four seasons. Maybe a few of you wouldn't agree, since you may like the fall and the cold season, i know i could do without the snow!

Today I'll be back in "Cali" to perform with bilal at the UCLA  Jazz Reggae Festival. Its a cool line up of performers which includes Q-Tip, Raphael Saadiq, Georgia Anne, Foreign Exchange, And Nas and Damian marley. 
Shouts to my boys, Chris sholar & Josh David thats performing in Q-Tip Band, and Shouts to my big bro Kelo Saunders Who's Out front doing sound with Saadiq, and my buddy Lemar playing drums also with Saadiq.
Sounds like fun to me, but usually when you see a cool list of people performing like this, and your on the bill as well, we often never get to see the other artist perform, maybe were lucky if we catch a few minutes of ones show. 
Gotta love the job though, getting on a plane, flying to a place to do something you love, is a blessing .
Almost every musician would tell you that. Im very sure of that one!

Another cool thing about it is, when you play on these bills, you have close friends in the other bands and you get to re-connect with them and enjoy their company while watching them perform on stage, and just hanging around, talking, praising one another about how nice they are on their respective instruments, and just plain out have fun.
Being a musician and your great, puts you in a community of a place of your own. Were often labeled as weirdo's anyway so
My trip is a short one since im coming back on a red eye today, but thats the life.
You get in town for the day of show, and then the next morning your off to home, its called a one off. One show and back home, only thing is, being in La, which is on the west coast, your flying time is doubled from the normal two hour flight time. Still, its the life! I Wouldn't trade it in for the world. 
Enhancing it from this point on is key!

Us Airways use to be my favorite airline when my brother was  a ramp agent employee there.
That was great times of flying for free, to almost where ever i wanted to go. Just get up and go.

Oh how i miss that perk.

Anyway, my reason for bringing up this airline story is because,  Im boarding my flight and i printed my own ticket, and once i went to get on the plane, the attendant took the entire page instead of ripping off what she needed, and i get to my seat, but i forgot my seat assignment, and the lady say, well if you can't remember go back and get a ticket stub, rightfully so, i should've had it.

Once Im back with the stub, I look up to place my bag in the cabin, and this rude gay flight attendant says, sir your in the wrong section, you have to put your bags in coach cabin, I reply saying, I'm sitting right here, my ticket say 2A, First class cabin, why do i have to put my bag in coach cabin, he says, sir, please don't argue with me, with a nasty attitude, and everyone is astonished because, clearly there is room right over top of my seat to store my bags, and he's telling me to put it in coach class!
Thats way too unbelievable, then he ask to see my ticket, and I'm saying to myself, are you really kidding me dude!
This is by far, some of the worst service I've ever experienced in all my years of flying. I don't look like a thug, i dress well, I'm very respectful, bet yet and still, I get treated like that, for no reason.

I don't get it, but all thumbs down to Us airways today for that one.

I should find his name and report him. That was totally rude. I'm just gonna have to remain calm and make the best of it, get some rest, stay quiet and out of trouble, but I didn't start that one.
Check back for tomorrow's blog for pics, hopefully, im inspired enough to pull out my camera and take some photo's, but for the blog, i shall do it. enjoy your day, and memorial weekend folks!

He said he was  working all nite, i guess so, guess i gotta wake him up so i can use the bathroom, they say toilet in europe.
Bloggin and chillin out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinking out!

Here we go folks,
What a week, my team boston loses two games in a row, im doing three sessions a day and getting to bed at  4 am every night.
You think right, nope, the madness keeps at a high pace. The work load continues, but if you decide to fold.....Have i defeated myself.

No, not at all. This is where you break things down and run a priority list.
Order is important, What shall stand at the top of your list.
Sadly, for me, music has taken over my life, i love it, i hate sometimes, then im always back at it. It's a never ending passion. Almost how i like basketball, but music has much more of my attention.

Lately though, a good friend of mines helped me see how you put things first that are far more important, when we often put things first and its not the right order it should be.
So as a result to that, im changing how I do things, in order to be a better person. I've been slacking on a few things that really needs my attention.
I've got to be there!

Again, im sure you all can relate. Im definitely not trying to make excuses for my day job, but it can be very demanding and time consuming.
You wanna share your passion so much, you want the world to know what your doing. (One of my reasons for me blogging and sharing with you guys my thoughts)
It is believed that, when you have a dream about something that you wanna do in life, that you figure out the best way to live it out. Otherwise, what are dreams for?
The past few days i've encountered some interesting topics, that i wanted to blog about, but i've been so tied to the studio, that when i had a chance to write about it, it was too late.
I'll be sure to keep my thinking cap on one another cool story comes to mind.

In my closing, my daughter is turning out to be quite the chess player!
Im proud of her, and i always knew that she was good, but today confirmed it when i took her lunch for  one of her matches,
The teacher ask, are you dad, I say yes,
then he goes on saying how bright of a student sheyenne is, and she's got a cool future ahead of her, and that she should attend more chess trips.
Well because she is that good, today she won four matches and first place prize that won a medal and a surprising Ipod nano. That was pretty cool, i felt so happy for her. She's ten and already  making strides in something she wants to do in life. Samarr, He's alot like me too, special and don't realize what his talent is until he's put to test. Very bright and smart studio in school.

Guess you can say, i love my kids, and i wanna keep them Top priority in my life.
Enjoy the rain and thunder tonight.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Is all good.

So my weekend is winding down and i've been away from the studio for the past couple of days and i feel pretty rejuvenated! 
After a few hours of laundry, and taking a few shots on the court with the young kids, I'm actually at a quiet piece of mind. No music, no phone calls, No studio. Simply relaxation.

Oh........ there's a guy above me who discovered he wants to play the conga drum, and he's practicing almost everyday of the week, at any hour it seems. I wondered where his passion came from since i labeled him as a blue collar guy. But he seem to wanna stick to it and I'm a musician as well, so i guess i'll support it.
Only thing is, he's right directly over top of me, and he's playing the same groove over, and over, and over, and over again.
Im rarely here, but when i am, it seems as though he picks the right time to start banging away.
( Even now as I type, he's in the groove)
Shall i set up a small kit and go for it? Maybe not, people in here would have a fit, and i would get all kinds of complaints. He doesn't seem to get any, and  its been an on going thing for  two weeks  now.

I remember the feeling of those Sunday's when i use to be highly active in church as a musician, trying to perfect my craft.
I was the fourth string trying to play a tune or tune on sunday, and i often had to wait my turn because of so many better players had the stage.
I was the guy who got to play if someone didn't show up, or they was late and missed the first song.
That quickly changed as i promised myself, i'd get better, and i have such a competitive spirit, i wanted that challenge to be better.
What did i do? I surrounded myself with others and even better musicians who i could learn from.
I found a circle and this wasn't just any circle, these guys were doing it on a prime time level!

They heard something in me, and it was all she wrote from there, i would often sit and watch these guys and take little pieces from each one and i developed my own sound as a result of it.

It was easy because they allowed me to be around, they often picked me up and took me to their gigs and let me watch and occasionally sit in from time to time.
Little did i know what i was getting into. Oh yeah, to be a professional musician, and be unique at the same time, only so i can make a stand out from so many other great players. Which is a pretty hard thing to do these days, if my son practiced, he may be better then me in a few years!

It has seem to work so far, and thank god for having cool male figures in my life who guided my way there. If it wasn't for those guys, i feel like i would have a job at the airport, or post office wasting my dream away.
Those guys really took me under their wings and helped get me to a professional and very respectable level.
You guys know who you are if your reading this, i appreciate it  from my heart!

With all those things i learned on my journey, i figure the best thing you can do for an aspiring young player is give back to them what these people gave to you when you were young.
Im still young, but I'm older and wise enough to do the same thing.
In the position I'm in now, i see myself being able to help younger guys with tips that will help them in their career.
Sharing my gift, and giving great insight is about the best you can do, then the rest is up to them to take the knowledge and install it in their lives.
Trust me, i've been a witness, and it works when you are really working hard enough, and having a passion for your talent will definitely help.

If i can offer anybody some quick advice, i can tell you that, once i started out, i vowed to have lots of patience but combined with lots more of perseverance and passion.

You have to stay at it, and if you have the god given gift to do so, just try to perfect your craft and believe in it.   
Thats what happened for me, along with having so many people in my corner that i respected so much, that i wanted to be them or better.

Well thats i all i have on the brain to share today,
Shouts to the magic fans, you guys are getting crushed by CELTICS! 
Look out FLAKERS..... ha ha

Drummer Mckie
Chillin with my two Babies
Awww dorn kelo, the patron got you!
Somebody like to "Roll Bounce" and its not me
Guess who

Thats all folks

Friday, May 21, 2010


Whasup everybody,
I've been listening to music lately other the my own that i make everyday.
I came across a song that alot of us can relate to, early on in the beginning phase of a relationship...friendship... or whatever you wanna call it.

The lyrics were cool enough for me to copy and recite back to you. But only parts of it.

                       You give me a feeling that i never felt before
                              And i deserve it, i think i deserve it
                       It's becoming something that's impossible to ignore
                                         I was wondering maybe
                                      Could i make you my baby
                            If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
                                               If  you Ask me Im ready

Alicia keys and Drake did a good job on that song, Can't get those lyrics out my head.
kinda dope if you ask me. What one song grabs your attention these days?

Im also listening to a group by the name of Grizzly Bear, their stuff is pretty unique and authentic. I like the sounds they use, and the drummer  and his sounds are amazing, i think that was a well recorded and produced album. 
If your looking for something different to put in your rotation, I'd advise you to check it out there latest album, i listen to the whole thing during my workouts, and it takes your mind somewhere else....... well if your open to a new kind of sound.

Another album im listening to is Marvin gaye's "Vulnerable" album. It gives me a feeling of late Frank sinatra with the big band with strings and stuff.
Very very touching sound, marvin sang with so much perfection it doesn't make sense.

Its like his voice is on perfect pitch  with every note and run!

Well my baby girl is old enough to read this, but im gonna put her on blast anyway, and since im writing about what im listening to, i decided to share her little playlist along with mines.
So im talking to a friend of mines and we're talking about our daughters and we get on about how much they like to sing and who are some of their favorite singers or groups.
Right away, the Bieber kid came to our minds. And we broke out  in laughter because she became a fan of the song he has that my daughter and hers love. baby........ohhhhhhhhhh
Those kids love this little guy, and that song so much that they make us some how strangely like it.
Isn't that how songs work, you hate them, then you love them.
Anyway, my little girl loves that guy so much that she posted his concert dates on my page and asked if we could attend one. 
I'm gonna try my best and see if we can pull it off, we me luck!

Another group that comes to mind is "Little dragon" dope dope stuff, just google it, its great music, electronic/alternative at its best i think.
This group hails from sweden.

I'm pretty well rounded in my music, so the diversity is huge if you know what i mean.
Im not listening to the same stuff everyday, and i listen to very little of the radio stations.

What are you guys listening to, and  if your reading this, share with us what kinda music is making you go!
Enjoy the weather today, i will at least try to.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not so good times

There will come a time and point in your life where you feel like someone has failed you, or somebody gave up on you, or they plain out just didn't understand who you are as a person.
At the same very giving moment, you feel like they used and deserted you for their very own personal and selfish reasons.
But then when these series of events happen, it prunes you to thinking about yourself and what have you done wrong, and what could the outcome be if you changed your ever so flaws.

Double standards are bizarre, you preach about how you want things to be and then in the same breathe, your living something completely different from what you expect.
Your situation is far worse, but yet your the one making all these demands on how you want things.
I found that to be the craziest thing i've ever heard of or seen.
This same person that has a double standard on you, have very selfish ways about them, and they make you feel like their circle is so tight, that every time something goes wrong, your the one to blame, or they make you feel like you need to evaluate yourself.
When in retrospect, they are the one's walking around with  all the baggage of uncertainty, and not direction about life.
You look up and the years are passed, and your still in the same place, no improvement on yourself, still the same old person.
Why is the other person to blame, because you can't control your stupid emotions, or you turn something small into something so major. It starts off so stupid, but you managed to get an volcano to erupt!

There also will come a time in your life where you meet someone and they are not out what they seem to be. Lots of times we often find ourselves bending our great personalities to match with someone we like so much,  and we lose the whole focus, and in the end,  its not what you expected to be.
I credit that to people being stuck in their own ways, for years and they never changed. Never changed for the person they said they loved.
It will also feel like every time something happens bad, they credit you for never being accountable for your actions, but think about it, when you have a person saying that about you every time something goes wrong, then it has to make you wonder, what is really wrong with them, and what do they have going on.

There will come a time where you feel like the other person can't give you everything you need. Your doing your part, being there,doing whatever it is, but this person can't give you the same back. Why?
i figure because they just wasn't out for you in the first place and they have other obligations going on and your just a time being getaway.
They always point the finger at you, knowing they shouldn't even be involved with you, because they dont even know what they want themselves.
They have someone at home with them, and they come to you in garbage time, giving not the same satisfaction that you give them.
But you want someone to be understanding and giving and you don't even have it all together.

In the end, they said that they loved you, they cared about you, and they will be there, and then all of the sudden, they found every reason why "YOU" pushed them away. Interesting to me, when all you had to do was be honest and truthful to begin with.
Just admit you wanted a way out, and that was it, by putting all your problems on the other person. You want back  your boring as hell life with him.
Just say that.
Just forget that person ever existed, walk into a new chapter of life, explore and make sure you don't pick up the same kind of person, who will lead to fail you.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday's Thoughts

Where does the time go?
Its already mid May and on our way to June, Hot summer time.
Sure feels like it was just winter, and we had that crazy snow storm on the east coast. Wait.... its snowed down south too, in atlanta, and they went nuts.

Are you ready, School is about to let out and your kids will be home.
Did you already prepare them for summer daycare, summer camp, or whatever you can find to occupy their time, while your working, taking care of business!

Are you planning any summer vacations with your family? If so, will you make this one different this time around, maybe try something new and exciting.
Well yes, i figure its time to do something different this year, i tried tennis last summer for the kids, that didn't work out too well. What shall i do this year?

Summer is that fun time of the year, but somehow it seems like it don't last long enough, and i find it very funny for it to be some people's favorite part of the year, but yet you still hear bickering about how humid and hot it is. Running for air conditioners and fans. Then once is cold, your begging for the heat. How funny we are.
How can we forget about that good old space your partner says they need conveniently when the summer breaks. Of course it has happened to the best of us, but you keep the ball rolling and find better things along that path you walk.
How do i know,  i don't, i figure that's the way it goes.

Basketball courts are filled with a bunch of hoop dreamer's, not I, i got game, and i play for fun with my friends!
Birthdays are the best in the summer, i think anyway, there's so many options to choose from to have a cool party. Unless the rain showers on your parade.

WNBA basketball league starts in the summer, kinda boring, nobody ever watches those games, and the attendance is poor. Maybe i'll take my kid to a game and let her see what's going on with it.
Interesting fact though, since the women's league is so short, in the winter, a large number of them flock to europe to play for professional teams over there.
They get to play here in the states too, and once their season is done, they go straight to europe. Two big checks, and you get to see  beautiful places and get paid for doing something you love. Can't beat that right.

Its something like touring as musician, we tour for a good month or two in the states, and then take the show to europe for shows and summer festivals.
Its a nice trade off, something about europe, where it appreciate the art of sports, music in its entire. Here in the states, we're spoiled with so much, so we often are nonchalant about things. 
Not over there, they love everything, old, new, whatever.

On any given day, you can see a vintage performance by the likes of Parliament, and at the same breath, you can watch Dominique Wilkins play for a professional europe team. 
Kinda cool right.

Well im off peoples,  enjoy your weeks ahead as it begin to warm up,
keep cool, and remember to try a new plan this summer to keep things interesting for your time in the sun!
There's My sister devan and gerald
The girls had fun that evening in the mall!
Young sheyenne, loves her dad!
My Brother Omar and nephew Chris
Jaden and Devan

Later folks

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Note to myself.......

Is it hump day? I hate that term for a day.
Anyway, you ever felt like you've had so much music installed in your memory and you don't need to listen too much on a ipod to get your fix.

Have you ever felt like you don't need to listen to the radio as much to be creative in making music. Well i don't and partly because im not afraid of being different and trying out new things. Music producer Pharell does it all the time, which got his career boosted with hit after hit, all from a string of bold and different sounds.

I like to use that same recipe in my music, or even the thought process of it.
Its the way to go when you have billions of people around the globe doing the same thing. You have to have something ground breaking about your work, because if you dont, well then it will sound the same as the next man's.

Be authentic, be the original blueprint, its ok to be inspired by others, but take little doses of it, and keep it moving and tie it all into what you do. Meaning, take notes, and make it your own project. 
You can use this information in anything that your doing in life. I sure have!

One thing to remember though is, its not a overnight process, it takes time to build up to a respectable level. You to prove yourself in this game, longevity 
is critical, you wanna be remembered a icon at it, so take your time, study your craft. And Yes, that means me too,
everyday is a learning process for me, i can never slack off and feel like i know it all.  
You can never be too good. Trust me on that.
Once you began to realize who you are, and what you bring to the fold, then the real business starts. Your career is beginning to blossom and you can began your god given paths.
share, dont' be stingy, you don't obtain all this information to be greedy, its important to give back. You will still remain the same dope drummer and producer you set out to be.
As long as you remember the goal at hand, everything will be in its right place.

Note to myself


Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday's Beef

So your all done with mothers day celebrations and all?  Was it a good turn out for you and your family? My prayers goes out to those who lost their mom and is reminded every year on how much they miss them when this holiday rolls around.

Back to work everyone, back to all the hard work that makes us who we are! Its time to finish what you started. Everything you set out for, is achievable, just put in the work. Time to get back in the gym, get your figure together, you know you wanna get out there on the beach and show your stuff right? Well i don't care for it too much, but thats what seems to be everyone's mission.

To get back in the gym and work out is a job in it self.  Lots of dedication goes in with that, and lots of sacrifices of all these lovely cravings for whatever it be that you want.
Im staying true to my word, but it's definitely not easy folks. I can admit that once you get going, your body and mind accepts what your trying to do and buy in, but that doesn't mean its not gonna be a struggle.
It also can be frustrating having a nagging injury to slow you down, when your mind is set out, and then ................. your body can not catch up. Sad, sad thing it is.
I guess by now you've figured i have an injury, and i hate to admit it, but we can't be forever young like Mr...... well you all know who wrote that wishful thinking song :)

So i had to postpone my cardio workout until further notice, which blows though, because i was getting into my groove and making strides in my duration time in running.
Well I guess the human body well prevail over the mind, we can't do it, we need rest!  

Enough with the injury talk, i had a good talk with a friend, and we were on the topic about Over night laptop producer's. :) ..................... I know its way too funny, and to all my fellow reader's and good friends, this is no way of a disrespect to you guys. You all are hard working dudes and ladies, so you know how much time you put into your career! So No, im not talking about you at all.

Technology is great, if your a geek in that regards, then you know what I'm talking about.
In particular, apple as created an atmosphere of people who had in their minds that they wanna make music, and make it fast as overnight. 
One day day your sitting around, and then you say, hey i wanna make some beats, i wanna become a producer! I dont wanna single hand point out people, but i see enough of it.
I guess that's why i dont' work in a music store or something of that sort, because  i would make guitar center lose so much money by telling folks, you dont wanna buy this beat machine!

You do not  wanna buy that drum set, its a waste of your money!

On the other hand,
"The Apple Store" has created havoc like you've never seen it before! Ok so when you buy an apple laptop, your pretty much set to become a beat maker, it comes with this program called" Garage band" It has all types of audio loops that you literally can drag into your session and pick which tempo you want and boom, you have a beat!

It's been done on major hit records, to name a few," Make Love in this Club By Usher, And Umbrella by Rhiana.
My problem is, I've been running into guys saying, Hey man,i do beats, wanna check out some of my stuff, and of course, i say sure, then once i listen, i notice every sound is used by an apple loop, no thought at all was put into making that beat, or song. It Makes you become a beat maker/producer overnight.

Once i figure out how to put music on this site, i will put together a loop beat for your listening pleasure, lets see if you can tell the difference!

Well thats all for me today, no gym, little studio, more rest.
I hope everyone enjoy their evening tonight, snuggle up, its pretty windy and chilly

Here's some good old classic bilal live material, i was suppose to be singing
But as you can see, i wasn't to quite comfortable with my part yet!

Here you can see me and my son playing a little hoops, man i can't wait till he gets his shot together, dad can play, why not him?

Thats My Baby Girl
Almost tall as me! 10 yr old Shey
There's my Family

Thats all folks!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom's Day

Happy Mother's day!
I know a good bunch of strong women who really  deserve this glorified day of the year. But i feel like everyday should be mother's day. When you take the time to think about it, while we were young and growing as a child to a teenager thats about a good fifteen years of their lives that we  were taking from. They Had to be there to endure that shoulder surgery you had, or remember when you got hit by that car and how many days you had to be in the hospital to heal, or even the time when you've be diagnosed with cancer and she willed it to the end until you were cured? What about the guidance she gave you to see your way  through these tough streets and kept you as a well respected man you've become to be. (Side bar, well that took having my father there as well, so my mom, we she gets enough credit, but having dad there sealed the deal pretty much). I say these things on to make you realize that its a team work! Meaning if you have your mom and your dad with you, its makes life a little easier to see as you walk through it, lot's of things are taught when you have them both in your life.
I just thought i would add that two cents, because it's important and it can go unnoticed by far sometimes.
Do something cool,take your mom out to a nice restaurant for dinner, or even lunch.
Instead of buying that lady you have something, buy it for your moms, she will definitely appreciate it! Buy her a hot new gadget because she's into keeping up with the times these days, yup, that means buy her an iphone, almost every mom would like that. Mines got a cool new apple ipad today! She's very happy too. 
Its an amazing thing how women have to be so strong through everyday life, from carrying a child, to raising them alone, to existing in what we call a man's world. Its tough, but they somehow are built with the inner strength that lots of men don't even have these days, i swear its like they are built with shredded paper for a brain like MJ of the wizard of oz. So with all that said, i guess it is worth being considered a national holiday! Enjoy your day  and all the family filled moments and gifts!

Btw, sunday's best is a joke! How can you judge gospel music and who can sing the best, its almost no different from the world music. its all the same now. Who begs to differ? Happy Mother's Day
The Ipad we got moms for mother's day
Mom showing off her new gadget
My Sisters ( Kita Tasha Dee) Oh yeah I switched to B/W
Dad Checking out the ipad, mom reading up on it but i get the feeling she's gonna return because it's way too advanced for her.
My Sister Tash, and Jabari Her Older son, and Aunt Gloria on the side
Jabari And My Other Sister Kita
My Older sister devan and her daughter Sianni

Enjoy your evening everyone!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Take a step back!

Have you ever looked over your life and sorted out somethings that were wrong and not like you? Have you ever took the time to thank the person, who ever it was, that brought an positive outlook on your life? Do you feel bad for some things you've said and can't get back? Did you apologize for all the wrong things you've done to someone you care about or love. Did you hold that person's hand in a time of need? Were you there to listen when they needed an ear? Do you feel like you gave the most sincere advice to your best friend. Are you there for your family? Were you considerate to your mate's feelings about your relationship with them?
All of these things leads to self evaluation of one. Its therapeutic and it's a way to clear out your head, of some things you just couldn't get right. You had it on your mind, but you never did, never took the time to even think about it, you just  went right ahead and life goes on right.
Well not me, i wanna start off by saying sorry to that person for being culturally bias, in alot of ways i've could have been better in area's where it counted the most, instead i continue to be myself, and normally, being yourself is not a bad thing, but when u don't fit in somewhere, you have to alter your ego a little to get with the program right?
Im sorry for being insensitive at the wrong moment, time after time, we often say things, that we don't mean, to be spiteful in trying times. Its almost if you were kicking the wounded and they can't defend themselves.
What kind of world would this be if it wasn't for the invention of lying?
Yes, we've all lied in our time, but that does not make us liars, only when it becomes impulsive! So, yeah, sorry for the lies, forgive me, we're all human, it happened to you at one point right.(Only god can judge me :)-
If i was with you and i failed to walk on the right side of the street, forgive me, it won't happen again, i know my manners, i just wasn't on point that day.(Yeah, i could be taking about you!)
I hope your getting the point here, as i speak indirectly.
I was thinking that this could be your guide to look into yourself and try to figured out somethings you've done wrong, or even things you wanna correct, to have a good feeling and heart, And to make who ever it is you care about to feel good!
As the summer begins, try to look into a situation you didn't handle too well, let it be an template to be better, almost like spring cleaning, clean stuff up and make room for a bright and new happy beginning. Im no expert at this, but at least i looked into myself and typed this out, so  you can definitely see i did some soul searching myself. Right.
i encourage you.
Sorry for not being around lately, its been hectic, don't give up on me, thanks for following, and i hope my words helped you out in some kinda form or way!
Happy Mothers Day