Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going back to Cali, Cali

I'm going back to Cali, ummm i don't think so..... LL Cool J... remember....

Los Angeles, California is a beautiful place to be, sunny year in and out.
Home of several beaches of your desire. The home of movie making, The home of the stars, and the home of the land of opportunities.

I normally go there on a regular base, for my job, to perform on stage playing drums, and record and work in the studio.

I could sit here and trash my brother's ever so loving team (The Lakers) but i won't do it. He loves kobe to death, :) and well I'm a big boston fan who just so happen to be waiting for the lakers to advance to the finals. The suns have something to say about that, tune in tonight, is it?

La is notorious for its enormous freeways filled with cars on the road stuck dead in traffic. And then again, having the sun day in and out beats having four seasons. Maybe a few of you wouldn't agree, since you may like the fall and the cold season, i know i could do without the snow!

Today I'll be back in "Cali" to perform with bilal at the UCLA  Jazz Reggae Festival. Its a cool line up of performers which includes Q-Tip, Raphael Saadiq, Georgia Anne, Foreign Exchange, And Nas and Damian marley. 
Shouts to my boys, Chris sholar & Josh David thats performing in Q-Tip Band, and Shouts to my big bro Kelo Saunders Who's Out front doing sound with Saadiq, and my buddy Lemar playing drums also with Saadiq.
Sounds like fun to me, but usually when you see a cool list of people performing like this, and your on the bill as well, we often never get to see the other artist perform, maybe were lucky if we catch a few minutes of ones show. 
Gotta love the job though, getting on a plane, flying to a place to do something you love, is a blessing .
Almost every musician would tell you that. Im very sure of that one!

Another cool thing about it is, when you play on these bills, you have close friends in the other bands and you get to re-connect with them and enjoy their company while watching them perform on stage, and just hanging around, talking, praising one another about how nice they are on their respective instruments, and just plain out have fun.
Being a musician and your great, puts you in a community of a place of your own. Were often labeled as weirdo's anyway so
My trip is a short one since im coming back on a red eye today, but thats the life.
You get in town for the day of show, and then the next morning your off to home, its called a one off. One show and back home, only thing is, being in La, which is on the west coast, your flying time is doubled from the normal two hour flight time. Still, its the life! I Wouldn't trade it in for the world. 
Enhancing it from this point on is key!

Us Airways use to be my favorite airline when my brother was  a ramp agent employee there.
That was great times of flying for free, to almost where ever i wanted to go. Just get up and go.

Oh how i miss that perk.

Anyway, my reason for bringing up this airline story is because,  Im boarding my flight and i printed my own ticket, and once i went to get on the plane, the attendant took the entire page instead of ripping off what she needed, and i get to my seat, but i forgot my seat assignment, and the lady say, well if you can't remember go back and get a ticket stub, rightfully so, i should've had it.

Once Im back with the stub, I look up to place my bag in the cabin, and this rude gay flight attendant says, sir your in the wrong section, you have to put your bags in coach cabin, I reply saying, I'm sitting right here, my ticket say 2A, First class cabin, why do i have to put my bag in coach cabin, he says, sir, please don't argue with me, with a nasty attitude, and everyone is astonished because, clearly there is room right over top of my seat to store my bags, and he's telling me to put it in coach class!
Thats way too unbelievable, then he ask to see my ticket, and I'm saying to myself, are you really kidding me dude!
This is by far, some of the worst service I've ever experienced in all my years of flying. I don't look like a thug, i dress well, I'm very respectful, bet yet and still, I get treated like that, for no reason.

I don't get it, but all thumbs down to Us airways today for that one.

I should find his name and report him. That was totally rude. I'm just gonna have to remain calm and make the best of it, get some rest, stay quiet and out of trouble, but I didn't start that one.
Check back for tomorrow's blog for pics, hopefully, im inspired enough to pull out my camera and take some photo's, but for the blog, i shall do it. enjoy your day, and memorial weekend folks!

He said he was  working all nite, i guess so, guess i gotta wake him up so i can use the bathroom, they say toilet in europe.
Bloggin and chillin out!


  1. Yo, you should definitely call and complain about that service. Enjoy your day!

  2. Maaaaaaan, I HATE poor service like that. The crazy thing is I usually only run into bad service like that in the States (hint hint). I swear one of the #1 reasons I can't wait to visit/gig in New Zealand and Australia again is the phenomenal service on Air New Zealand and Quantas!

    I feel you on playing good bills like the one you describe. Seeing old friends and making new ones in other bands is the best experience, I learn something new every single time, can't trade that for the world!!

    - r