Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday's Beef

So your all done with mothers day celebrations and all?  Was it a good turn out for you and your family? My prayers goes out to those who lost their mom and is reminded every year on how much they miss them when this holiday rolls around.

Back to work everyone, back to all the hard work that makes us who we are! Its time to finish what you started. Everything you set out for, is achievable, just put in the work. Time to get back in the gym, get your figure together, you know you wanna get out there on the beach and show your stuff right? Well i don't care for it too much, but thats what seems to be everyone's mission.

To get back in the gym and work out is a job in it self.  Lots of dedication goes in with that, and lots of sacrifices of all these lovely cravings for whatever it be that you want.
Im staying true to my word, but it's definitely not easy folks. I can admit that once you get going, your body and mind accepts what your trying to do and buy in, but that doesn't mean its not gonna be a struggle.
It also can be frustrating having a nagging injury to slow you down, when your mind is set out, and then ................. your body can not catch up. Sad, sad thing it is.
I guess by now you've figured i have an injury, and i hate to admit it, but we can't be forever young like Mr...... well you all know who wrote that wishful thinking song :)

So i had to postpone my cardio workout until further notice, which blows though, because i was getting into my groove and making strides in my duration time in running.
Well I guess the human body well prevail over the mind, we can't do it, we need rest!  

Enough with the injury talk, i had a good talk with a friend, and we were on the topic about Over night laptop producer's. :) ..................... I know its way too funny, and to all my fellow reader's and good friends, this is no way of a disrespect to you guys. You all are hard working dudes and ladies, so you know how much time you put into your career! So No, im not talking about you at all.

Technology is great, if your a geek in that regards, then you know what I'm talking about.
In particular, apple as created an atmosphere of people who had in their minds that they wanna make music, and make it fast as overnight. 
One day day your sitting around, and then you say, hey i wanna make some beats, i wanna become a producer! I dont wanna single hand point out people, but i see enough of it.
I guess that's why i dont' work in a music store or something of that sort, because  i would make guitar center lose so much money by telling folks, you dont wanna buy this beat machine!

You do not  wanna buy that drum set, its a waste of your money!

On the other hand,
"The Apple Store" has created havoc like you've never seen it before! Ok so when you buy an apple laptop, your pretty much set to become a beat maker, it comes with this program called" Garage band" It has all types of audio loops that you literally can drag into your session and pick which tempo you want and boom, you have a beat!

It's been done on major hit records, to name a few," Make Love in this Club By Usher, And Umbrella by Rhiana.
My problem is, I've been running into guys saying, Hey man,i do beats, wanna check out some of my stuff, and of course, i say sure, then once i listen, i notice every sound is used by an apple loop, no thought at all was put into making that beat, or song. It Makes you become a beat maker/producer overnight.

Once i figure out how to put music on this site, i will put together a loop beat for your listening pleasure, lets see if you can tell the difference!

Well thats all for me today, no gym, little studio, more rest.
I hope everyone enjoy their evening tonight, snuggle up, its pretty windy and chilly

Here's some good old classic bilal live material, i was suppose to be singing
But as you can see, i wasn't to quite comfortable with my part yet!

Here you can see me and my son playing a little hoops, man i can't wait till he gets his shot together, dad can play, why not him?

Thats My Baby Girl
Almost tall as me! 10 yr old Shey
There's my Family

Thats all folks!

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