Friday, May 21, 2010


Whasup everybody,
I've been listening to music lately other the my own that i make everyday.
I came across a song that alot of us can relate to, early on in the beginning phase of a relationship...friendship... or whatever you wanna call it.

The lyrics were cool enough for me to copy and recite back to you. But only parts of it.

                       You give me a feeling that i never felt before
                              And i deserve it, i think i deserve it
                       It's becoming something that's impossible to ignore
                                         I was wondering maybe
                                      Could i make you my baby
                            If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
                                               If  you Ask me Im ready

Alicia keys and Drake did a good job on that song, Can't get those lyrics out my head.
kinda dope if you ask me. What one song grabs your attention these days?

Im also listening to a group by the name of Grizzly Bear, their stuff is pretty unique and authentic. I like the sounds they use, and the drummer  and his sounds are amazing, i think that was a well recorded and produced album. 
If your looking for something different to put in your rotation, I'd advise you to check it out there latest album, i listen to the whole thing during my workouts, and it takes your mind somewhere else....... well if your open to a new kind of sound.

Another album im listening to is Marvin gaye's "Vulnerable" album. It gives me a feeling of late Frank sinatra with the big band with strings and stuff.
Very very touching sound, marvin sang with so much perfection it doesn't make sense.

Its like his voice is on perfect pitch  with every note and run!

Well my baby girl is old enough to read this, but im gonna put her on blast anyway, and since im writing about what im listening to, i decided to share her little playlist along with mines.
So im talking to a friend of mines and we're talking about our daughters and we get on about how much they like to sing and who are some of their favorite singers or groups.
Right away, the Bieber kid came to our minds. And we broke out  in laughter because she became a fan of the song he has that my daughter and hers love. baby........ohhhhhhhhhh
Those kids love this little guy, and that song so much that they make us some how strangely like it.
Isn't that how songs work, you hate them, then you love them.
Anyway, my little girl loves that guy so much that she posted his concert dates on my page and asked if we could attend one. 
I'm gonna try my best and see if we can pull it off, we me luck!

Another group that comes to mind is "Little dragon" dope dope stuff, just google it, its great music, electronic/alternative at its best i think.
This group hails from sweden.

I'm pretty well rounded in my music, so the diversity is huge if you know what i mean.
Im not listening to the same stuff everyday, and i listen to very little of the radio stations.

What are you guys listening to, and  if your reading this, share with us what kinda music is making you go!
Enjoy the weather today, i will at least try to.



  1. Awww man I know were much alike now that song unthinkable is sick I thought I was the only one who felt the same way about it.. Awesome lyrics man! And yeah little Dev knows that song by justin B. Word from word! But if your into music it's important to listen to diffrent genre's but I love that new song that's out by Miranda Cosgrove ((from i_Carly)) called Kissing You. That's the latest

  2. Thanks Ki, i will check it out! Of course we are alike, we are blood remember silly!
    all yall need to stop hiding your music talents in so much and get to it! haha