Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom's Day

Happy Mother's day!
I know a good bunch of strong women who really  deserve this glorified day of the year. But i feel like everyday should be mother's day. When you take the time to think about it, while we were young and growing as a child to a teenager thats about a good fifteen years of their lives that we  were taking from. They Had to be there to endure that shoulder surgery you had, or remember when you got hit by that car and how many days you had to be in the hospital to heal, or even the time when you've be diagnosed with cancer and she willed it to the end until you were cured? What about the guidance she gave you to see your way  through these tough streets and kept you as a well respected man you've become to be. (Side bar, well that took having my father there as well, so my mom, we she gets enough credit, but having dad there sealed the deal pretty much). I say these things on to make you realize that its a team work! Meaning if you have your mom and your dad with you, its makes life a little easier to see as you walk through it, lot's of things are taught when you have them both in your life.
I just thought i would add that two cents, because it's important and it can go unnoticed by far sometimes.
Do something cool,take your mom out to a nice restaurant for dinner, or even lunch.
Instead of buying that lady you have something, buy it for your moms, she will definitely appreciate it! Buy her a hot new gadget because she's into keeping up with the times these days, yup, that means buy her an iphone, almost every mom would like that. Mines got a cool new apple ipad today! She's very happy too. 
Its an amazing thing how women have to be so strong through everyday life, from carrying a child, to raising them alone, to existing in what we call a man's world. Its tough, but they somehow are built with the inner strength that lots of men don't even have these days, i swear its like they are built with shredded paper for a brain like MJ of the wizard of oz. So with all that said, i guess it is worth being considered a national holiday! Enjoy your day  and all the family filled moments and gifts!

Btw, sunday's best is a joke! How can you judge gospel music and who can sing the best, its almost no different from the world music. its all the same now. Who begs to differ? Happy Mother's Day
The Ipad we got moms for mother's day
Mom showing off her new gadget
My Sisters ( Kita Tasha Dee) Oh yeah I switched to B/W
Dad Checking out the ipad, mom reading up on it but i get the feeling she's gonna return because it's way too advanced for her.
My Sister Tash, and Jabari Her Older son, and Aunt Gloria on the side
Jabari And My Other Sister Kita
My Older sister devan and her daughter Sianni

Enjoy your evening everyone!

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