Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not so good times

There will come a time and point in your life where you feel like someone has failed you, or somebody gave up on you, or they plain out just didn't understand who you are as a person.
At the same very giving moment, you feel like they used and deserted you for their very own personal and selfish reasons.
But then when these series of events happen, it prunes you to thinking about yourself and what have you done wrong, and what could the outcome be if you changed your ever so flaws.

Double standards are bizarre, you preach about how you want things to be and then in the same breathe, your living something completely different from what you expect.
Your situation is far worse, but yet your the one making all these demands on how you want things.
I found that to be the craziest thing i've ever heard of or seen.
This same person that has a double standard on you, have very selfish ways about them, and they make you feel like their circle is so tight, that every time something goes wrong, your the one to blame, or they make you feel like you need to evaluate yourself.
When in retrospect, they are the one's walking around with  all the baggage of uncertainty, and not direction about life.
You look up and the years are passed, and your still in the same place, no improvement on yourself, still the same old person.
Why is the other person to blame, because you can't control your stupid emotions, or you turn something small into something so major. It starts off so stupid, but you managed to get an volcano to erupt!

There also will come a time in your life where you meet someone and they are not out what they seem to be. Lots of times we often find ourselves bending our great personalities to match with someone we like so much,  and we lose the whole focus, and in the end,  its not what you expected to be.
I credit that to people being stuck in their own ways, for years and they never changed. Never changed for the person they said they loved.
It will also feel like every time something happens bad, they credit you for never being accountable for your actions, but think about it, when you have a person saying that about you every time something goes wrong, then it has to make you wonder, what is really wrong with them, and what do they have going on.

There will come a time where you feel like the other person can't give you everything you need. Your doing your part, being there,doing whatever it is, but this person can't give you the same back. Why?
i figure because they just wasn't out for you in the first place and they have other obligations going on and your just a time being getaway.
They always point the finger at you, knowing they shouldn't even be involved with you, because they dont even know what they want themselves.
They have someone at home with them, and they come to you in garbage time, giving not the same satisfaction that you give them.
But you want someone to be understanding and giving and you don't even have it all together.

In the end, they said that they loved you, they cared about you, and they will be there, and then all of the sudden, they found every reason why "YOU" pushed them away. Interesting to me, when all you had to do was be honest and truthful to begin with.
Just admit you wanted a way out, and that was it, by putting all your problems on the other person. You want back  your boring as hell life with him.
Just say that.
Just forget that person ever existed, walk into a new chapter of life, explore and make sure you don't pick up the same kind of person, who will lead to fail you.



  1. Steve you hit the nail right on the head with this one. Its funny how women want happiness, but they over look it daily when its staring them dead in the face. (please ladies don't write me any hate mail! LOL... i'm just saying)... Its called "Having your cake and eat it too." True story... a chick I haven't talked to in over a year contacts me wanting to know all the details of my life currently (whats going on with my music? what city im living in? whats going on in my life?) and she has a man??? and she's emailing me??? LOL!?!?!

  2. Cake and eat it too is right, we actually did a song with that exact title, on bilal's new record. Sad deal man. i don't get it.