Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Note to myself.......

Is it hump day? I hate that term for a day.
Anyway, you ever felt like you've had so much music installed in your memory and you don't need to listen too much on a ipod to get your fix.

Have you ever felt like you don't need to listen to the radio as much to be creative in making music. Well i don't and partly because im not afraid of being different and trying out new things. Music producer Pharell does it all the time, which got his career boosted with hit after hit, all from a string of bold and different sounds.

I like to use that same recipe in my music, or even the thought process of it.
Its the way to go when you have billions of people around the globe doing the same thing. You have to have something ground breaking about your work, because if you dont, well then it will sound the same as the next man's.

Be authentic, be the original blueprint, its ok to be inspired by others, but take little doses of it, and keep it moving and tie it all into what you do. Meaning, take notes, and make it your own project. 
You can use this information in anything that your doing in life. I sure have!

One thing to remember though is, its not a overnight process, it takes time to build up to a respectable level. You to prove yourself in this game, longevity 
is critical, you wanna be remembered a icon at it, so take your time, study your craft. And Yes, that means me too,
everyday is a learning process for me, i can never slack off and feel like i know it all.  
You can never be too good. Trust me on that.
Once you began to realize who you are, and what you bring to the fold, then the real business starts. Your career is beginning to blossom and you can began your god given paths.
share, dont' be stingy, you don't obtain all this information to be greedy, its important to give back. You will still remain the same dope drummer and producer you set out to be.
As long as you remember the goal at hand, everything will be in its right place.

Note to myself


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