Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Is all good.

So my weekend is winding down and i've been away from the studio for the past couple of days and i feel pretty rejuvenated! 
After a few hours of laundry, and taking a few shots on the court with the young kids, I'm actually at a quiet piece of mind. No music, no phone calls, No studio. Simply relaxation.

Oh........ there's a guy above me who discovered he wants to play the conga drum, and he's practicing almost everyday of the week, at any hour it seems. I wondered where his passion came from since i labeled him as a blue collar guy. But he seem to wanna stick to it and I'm a musician as well, so i guess i'll support it.
Only thing is, he's right directly over top of me, and he's playing the same groove over, and over, and over, and over again.
Im rarely here, but when i am, it seems as though he picks the right time to start banging away.
( Even now as I type, he's in the groove)
Shall i set up a small kit and go for it? Maybe not, people in here would have a fit, and i would get all kinds of complaints. He doesn't seem to get any, and  its been an on going thing for  two weeks  now.

I remember the feeling of those Sunday's when i use to be highly active in church as a musician, trying to perfect my craft.
I was the fourth string trying to play a tune or tune on sunday, and i often had to wait my turn because of so many better players had the stage.
I was the guy who got to play if someone didn't show up, or they was late and missed the first song.
That quickly changed as i promised myself, i'd get better, and i have such a competitive spirit, i wanted that challenge to be better.
What did i do? I surrounded myself with others and even better musicians who i could learn from.
I found a circle and this wasn't just any circle, these guys were doing it on a prime time level!

They heard something in me, and it was all she wrote from there, i would often sit and watch these guys and take little pieces from each one and i developed my own sound as a result of it.

It was easy because they allowed me to be around, they often picked me up and took me to their gigs and let me watch and occasionally sit in from time to time.
Little did i know what i was getting into. Oh yeah, to be a professional musician, and be unique at the same time, only so i can make a stand out from so many other great players. Which is a pretty hard thing to do these days, if my son practiced, he may be better then me in a few years!

It has seem to work so far, and thank god for having cool male figures in my life who guided my way there. If it wasn't for those guys, i feel like i would have a job at the airport, or post office wasting my dream away.
Those guys really took me under their wings and helped get me to a professional and very respectable level.
You guys know who you are if your reading this, i appreciate it  from my heart!

With all those things i learned on my journey, i figure the best thing you can do for an aspiring young player is give back to them what these people gave to you when you were young.
Im still young, but I'm older and wise enough to do the same thing.
In the position I'm in now, i see myself being able to help younger guys with tips that will help them in their career.
Sharing my gift, and giving great insight is about the best you can do, then the rest is up to them to take the knowledge and install it in their lives.
Trust me, i've been a witness, and it works when you are really working hard enough, and having a passion for your talent will definitely help.

If i can offer anybody some quick advice, i can tell you that, once i started out, i vowed to have lots of patience but combined with lots more of perseverance and passion.

You have to stay at it, and if you have the god given gift to do so, just try to perfect your craft and believe in it.   
Thats what happened for me, along with having so many people in my corner that i respected so much, that i wanted to be them or better.

Well thats i all i have on the brain to share today,
Shouts to the magic fans, you guys are getting crushed by CELTICS! 
Look out FLAKERS..... ha ha

Drummer Mckie
Chillin with my two Babies
Awww dorn kelo, the patron got you!
Somebody like to "Roll Bounce" and its not me
Guess who

Thats all folks

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  1. ur blogs always make me miss you...damn you steve