Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday's Thoughts

Where does the time go?
Its already mid May and on our way to June, Hot summer time.
Sure feels like it was just winter, and we had that crazy snow storm on the east coast. Wait.... its snowed down south too, in atlanta, and they went nuts.

Are you ready, School is about to let out and your kids will be home.
Did you already prepare them for summer daycare, summer camp, or whatever you can find to occupy their time, while your working, taking care of business!

Are you planning any summer vacations with your family? If so, will you make this one different this time around, maybe try something new and exciting.
Well yes, i figure its time to do something different this year, i tried tennis last summer for the kids, that didn't work out too well. What shall i do this year?

Summer is that fun time of the year, but somehow it seems like it don't last long enough, and i find it very funny for it to be some people's favorite part of the year, but yet you still hear bickering about how humid and hot it is. Running for air conditioners and fans. Then once is cold, your begging for the heat. How funny we are.
How can we forget about that good old space your partner says they need conveniently when the summer breaks. Of course it has happened to the best of us, but you keep the ball rolling and find better things along that path you walk.
How do i know,  i don't, i figure that's the way it goes.

Basketball courts are filled with a bunch of hoop dreamer's, not I, i got game, and i play for fun with my friends!
Birthdays are the best in the summer, i think anyway, there's so many options to choose from to have a cool party. Unless the rain showers on your parade.

WNBA basketball league starts in the summer, kinda boring, nobody ever watches those games, and the attendance is poor. Maybe i'll take my kid to a game and let her see what's going on with it.
Interesting fact though, since the women's league is so short, in the winter, a large number of them flock to europe to play for professional teams over there.
They get to play here in the states too, and once their season is done, they go straight to europe. Two big checks, and you get to see  beautiful places and get paid for doing something you love. Can't beat that right.

Its something like touring as musician, we tour for a good month or two in the states, and then take the show to europe for shows and summer festivals.
Its a nice trade off, something about europe, where it appreciate the art of sports, music in its entire. Here in the states, we're spoiled with so much, so we often are nonchalant about things. 
Not over there, they love everything, old, new, whatever.

On any given day, you can see a vintage performance by the likes of Parliament, and at the same breath, you can watch Dominique Wilkins play for a professional europe team. 
Kinda cool right.

Well im off peoples,  enjoy your weeks ahead as it begin to warm up,
keep cool, and remember to try a new plan this summer to keep things interesting for your time in the sun!
There's My sister devan and gerald
The girls had fun that evening in the mall!
Young sheyenne, loves her dad!
My Brother Omar and nephew Chris
Jaden and Devan

Later folks

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