Saturday, May 8, 2010

Take a step back!

Have you ever looked over your life and sorted out somethings that were wrong and not like you? Have you ever took the time to thank the person, who ever it was, that brought an positive outlook on your life? Do you feel bad for some things you've said and can't get back? Did you apologize for all the wrong things you've done to someone you care about or love. Did you hold that person's hand in a time of need? Were you there to listen when they needed an ear? Do you feel like you gave the most sincere advice to your best friend. Are you there for your family? Were you considerate to your mate's feelings about your relationship with them?
All of these things leads to self evaluation of one. Its therapeutic and it's a way to clear out your head, of some things you just couldn't get right. You had it on your mind, but you never did, never took the time to even think about it, you just  went right ahead and life goes on right.
Well not me, i wanna start off by saying sorry to that person for being culturally bias, in alot of ways i've could have been better in area's where it counted the most, instead i continue to be myself, and normally, being yourself is not a bad thing, but when u don't fit in somewhere, you have to alter your ego a little to get with the program right?
Im sorry for being insensitive at the wrong moment, time after time, we often say things, that we don't mean, to be spiteful in trying times. Its almost if you were kicking the wounded and they can't defend themselves.
What kind of world would this be if it wasn't for the invention of lying?
Yes, we've all lied in our time, but that does not make us liars, only when it becomes impulsive! So, yeah, sorry for the lies, forgive me, we're all human, it happened to you at one point right.(Only god can judge me :)-
If i was with you and i failed to walk on the right side of the street, forgive me, it won't happen again, i know my manners, i just wasn't on point that day.(Yeah, i could be taking about you!)
I hope your getting the point here, as i speak indirectly.
I was thinking that this could be your guide to look into yourself and try to figured out somethings you've done wrong, or even things you wanna correct, to have a good feeling and heart, And to make who ever it is you care about to feel good!
As the summer begins, try to look into a situation you didn't handle too well, let it be an template to be better, almost like spring cleaning, clean stuff up and make room for a bright and new happy beginning. Im no expert at this, but at least i looked into myself and typed this out, so  you can definitely see i did some soul searching myself. Right.
i encourage you.
Sorry for not being around lately, its been hectic, don't give up on me, thanks for following, and i hope my words helped you out in some kinda form or way!
Happy Mothers Day

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