Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinking out!

Here we go folks,
What a week, my team boston loses two games in a row, im doing three sessions a day and getting to bed at  4 am every night.
You think right, nope, the madness keeps at a high pace. The work load continues, but if you decide to fold.....Have i defeated myself.

No, not at all. This is where you break things down and run a priority list.
Order is important, What shall stand at the top of your list.
Sadly, for me, music has taken over my life, i love it, i hate sometimes, then im always back at it. It's a never ending passion. Almost how i like basketball, but music has much more of my attention.

Lately though, a good friend of mines helped me see how you put things first that are far more important, when we often put things first and its not the right order it should be.
So as a result to that, im changing how I do things, in order to be a better person. I've been slacking on a few things that really needs my attention.
I've got to be there!

Again, im sure you all can relate. Im definitely not trying to make excuses for my day job, but it can be very demanding and time consuming.
You wanna share your passion so much, you want the world to know what your doing. (One of my reasons for me blogging and sharing with you guys my thoughts)
It is believed that, when you have a dream about something that you wanna do in life, that you figure out the best way to live it out. Otherwise, what are dreams for?
The past few days i've encountered some interesting topics, that i wanted to blog about, but i've been so tied to the studio, that when i had a chance to write about it, it was too late.
I'll be sure to keep my thinking cap on one another cool story comes to mind.

In my closing, my daughter is turning out to be quite the chess player!
Im proud of her, and i always knew that she was good, but today confirmed it when i took her lunch for  one of her matches,
The teacher ask, are you dad, I say yes,
then he goes on saying how bright of a student sheyenne is, and she's got a cool future ahead of her, and that she should attend more chess trips.
Well because she is that good, today she won four matches and first place prize that won a medal and a surprising Ipod nano. That was pretty cool, i felt so happy for her. She's ten and already  making strides in something she wants to do in life. Samarr, He's alot like me too, special and don't realize what his talent is until he's put to test. Very bright and smart studio in school.

Guess you can say, i love my kids, and i wanna keep them Top priority in my life.
Enjoy the rain and thunder tonight.

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