Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If You Have A Dream

Dreams Come True.....

All you gotta do is believe, plan, and set major goals for yourself and you will see results of all the hard work and time you put in.
It's totally a grind that some of us can't seem to understand, but there's that saying , How much you put into your craft, will be how much you get back as a result!
Im sure my results should be soon coming back positive, as I put so many hours in the studio, grinding, making records, making mix-tapes, Ep's, cutting demo idea's.

Whatever you wanna think of, and I'm doing it! Its all for the love of what I do.

You've got to have a passion in what your doing, whatever it may be.
Also while your trying to reach that point, you can also use things to keep your head up and quotes from people as a motivational tool to keep you reminded of what your goal is.

Whats the number one quote.... "You can't do it" "You will never make it"  " Its too many people trying to do what your doing" " Your priorities are not in order" " Just get a Regular Job"
In the mean time, what pushed me was something i wrote on my wall in my bedroom next to my beat machine, saying, the Sky is the limit, and you have to obtain patience and perseverance to make it all come true!
I can't stress how much that is true! And if your dealing with god giving talent, then the rest is all mental and knowing how to deal with your gift and keep a level head.
Being professional and polite is key. More importantly, in my field,  It's best to have a great attitude and not so stuck up and all into yourself, your longevity will last for awhile and your respected, in an authentic way! 

As i type this and sit here as i watch my kids in the laundry wash clothes with me, I thought back on how I put myself in the frame of mind where I am now.
Pretty simple too, I just took advantage of my chances i had around me, and made the best of it, and every year that went by, there had to be another level that i conquered to my goal.
Call it brick by brick if you want, but you have to start somewhere right.

All this to say is that dreams really do come true, with alot of hard work, you definitely can make it there!
Im still pushing to my dreams and goals and as you can see,  
Hard work and dedication people.....Makes those dreams come alive in 2010........

Yup i can't stand kobe if you can read the fine print!
How did Air Tight's Revenge come alive.. these three guys..... Yessir
Hawk burns (Manager) Steve Mckie( Producer,Everything) Bilal(Singer /Producer)
Get that album Sept 14th.
There's a star born folks, in philly at Tower Theatre
The band with Bilal, Louis,Corey, myself, and Mike
enjoying a small bite, well myself anyway!
At Johnny brenda's with Ant Tidd and the crew!
Here's a treat for the Hip Hop Heads! Philly Freezer and Ant Tidd seemed to enjoy themselves!
The Groove is all there guys! Yours truly MckieBeats
At Sound Check with Bilal, check the snare sound folks
Shout Out to Rob Amour With Creative Eye Design! For the Pics and Clips.
Stay tuned in!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father Time!

Talk about a busy weekend going into another busy week.
There is basically no time to play around with, things have to get done and you can't just sit around and slack up on things.
Well for me, being as though I'm a proud father, something is always in motion.
Thank you all for the Father's day wishes and my belated wishes go out to everyone I did not get a chance to wish it too!
You guys of course know who you are!
I looked at my phone and it was literally 8-am when the text wish's began. They came every moment of the day, and some where from numbers that weren't stored in my phone, so i did not recognize some of the people that texted me.
By mid day, they continued and i felt a bundle of love from people, well only because i know that these people know my dedication to being in my children's lives.
They lasted until 1-am..... and by that time i was saying to myself.. wow.... its still happening. 
Thank you all again! i truly hope that you enjoyed your day as well.

I know I am a day late but i could not let another day go by before i speak on what it means to be a father and how easy it is to be a factor in your kids life, also how easy it is to not be a factor.

What is being a father to me? Thats pretty simple, It's about being bigger then your own life, its a sacrifice of your own life in order to see out another's.
It's about taking on full responsibility until your child reaches a point when they can stand on their own feet.
That doesn't mean you stop your support system though, a father to child relationship is never ending, no matter how old they get, your still the chief in charge!

Fatherhood is also about growing up, you've got to be a teacher for your little one, In a song my friends  produced called "Little One" By Tone whitfield Performed and written by Bilal on his new album, he talks about his two sons, and he says a few lines like, I  won't always be there to hold your hand.... But i can help you walk, but can't make you stand.... So whenever you feel like you can't go on.... Just believe..... that you can... and you will.... you always will....

When you hear the rest of that song September 14th, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!
Being a dad is a great honor too, you get to raise your kids and let them go out into this crazy world, so they are basically of product of what you are. Today in this generation i see how children are being brought up and its so sad how they miss out on having their dad in their lives, they miss so much from that presence.

I enjoy parenting my two young one's, they are my best friends, we laugh, we hangout and go to the movies, we shop and play games together, at least the ones i know anyway:)
Gotta love the challenge!

Moving right along with the program, thanks for hitting me on twitter guys! You can now follow me......SteveMckiebeats.... I"m there and i don't know for what! Ha Ha!! Everybody seems to think that i need to be there, so im there! Now only if i can get setup on my phone, i will be with you guys every step of the way!

And speaking of being a Father i have to leave you guys now so that me and the kids can go check out the new toy story flick!
Sounds like fun to me, i hope you guys enjoy yourselves today and stay cool  while enduring the heat!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeling accomplished just a Bit though......

What's up everybody, thanks for staying tuned in to my spot. I appreciate it much.
It's my own little way of being in a bunch of different places at one time, and i try to keep you updated on what's going on in my head. Well not too much, but just a little.

Is it safe to feel like you've accomplished something, but in the back of your mind you have so much more that you wanna achieve?
Well I have plenty of goals i have, and need to reach!  Everyday as i sacrifice my time, i have to remind myself of my ever so burning passion i have for this music thing. Contrary to that, its important as a entertainer to balance your time when you have children, something I'm working on everyday, i mean look at mogals like P Diddy. He even admited to wanting to spend more time with his kids.
Sometimes I'm questioning myself on how did I get to this point of no return.
I can credit it to multiple sources, mainly my parent and close aunts and uncles! They played music to the ground, everyday all day.
I remember vividly about one particular album my Dad played and he played lots of great records that as i kid, i said, dad is playing these old songs again, here we go!!!   The record was a Baby face release, "Tender Lover" to be exact.
That record was on repeat, my dad single handily turned me into a baby face fan by the age of 8  or 9 i believe.
When i go back now and listen, that was seriously a guilt pleasure album now.
Songs like, Where will you go, Tender lover, Whip Appeal, And my most favorite "Given A Chance"
Man...... Baby face is an amazing writer! Those songs are heart felt and i know them like the back of my head.
I can't forget about the other song he wrote on the album called "Sunshine" ( You brighten my life, sunshine you turn my darkness to light, and you brighten up the corners of my mind)

Yeah, so thanks Steve & Simone Treadwell......My Parents for giving me the space and ability to make my musical dreams come alive today, so in some sorts, i feel accomplished that 15 years later I'm doing what i love, I'm living out my gift that God gave me! 

It's really a blessing and to have two beautiful children, and you can see yourself in them, its makes it all worth it. They are being inspired just like i was when i was a child. Funny how times flip around and let you see things you once saw! Right?

Time is not standing still is it?  We're already in mid June, and soon, in two weeks July is here!
Just thank God for seeing everyday and get on with your routine.
July 7th, i get set to hit the road in Europe to tour with Bilal. Back to europe we go, to do some small promotion for the new album  Airtight's Revenge. An Album a few of my friends seem to think that will change my life.

So it brings me to that giddy feeling of accomplishing something i never thought i would.
Im sure  enough of you know the magnitude of this album being commercially released, as it took forever and ever to happen, but finally this time around, we'll get it right, and I'll be right on stage singing......... yes i said singing...... and playing the music that Bilal and I created at my studio in philly. Good feeling.... Yes, it is, but the buck does not stop right there.
Joy Denalane, german singer from Berlin Germany gave me the chance to closely produce her new album which is about set to release this fall too!  Feeling  accomplished.... Yes!
I thank her for giving me the chance to let our vision of music be heard through my production skills and musicianship. She could have  chose anyone in that situation and she chose me, lucky me.
I took that opportunity and made the best of it!
In this business, you only get one shot, and i think i did a great job on producing that album.
Shall i feel accomplished right now?
There's so much more going on that i can't share right now, but in due time, you will definitely hear about my music Adventures..... all you gotta do is log on here and follow me! Oh maybe google me too.. hahaha
Thanks........ Go celtics...........
As I mentioned before, check out this dope old school babyface tune....Just click on this sentence to hear!
And as i promised, some raw footage of myself debut backup singing..... Yes, steve doing double duties. huh


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friends.....New Friends....Life

Whasup everybody,
For all those who came out to support and see me perform with Bilal at the tower the other night, thanks alot.
Much appreciated.
The show was brief, but fun. We played new songs from the album that will finally be released September 14th!!!!!!!!!!! Air tights' revenge.

Its been a nice little while in the making now and things seem to be moving right along, so all that hard work shall pay off and you guys can check it out and let me know what you think.
There's another project I've invested major time into that is being wrapped up and also slated for a fall release,  German artist, Joy Denalane.
I've worked closely on that project the same way i did on Bilal's album so it was twice the fun. Look out for those releases!

Chase Allen's mix-tape is available for download, he's the kid im working with now, one of the new brightest talents in my camp! Take a download and listen, right here on this link! Trust, its good music! "Chase"s Mixtape download"

I would like to send a special shout to my boy Robert Armour Of Creative design.
This guy was suppose to meet me at the tower Theatre venue at 2 p.m. on Tuesday for my sound check for the Bilal/Badu concert and take some photo's and video footage for my next blog i wanted to post.
Funny thing is, he's a really cool dude, and getting along with anybody is not a problem for him. 
Some how he managed to talk to Badu's production team, made quick friends with them, and he fixed someone's hardrive, sat in their office shooting the breeze while waiting on my often late self!
He Managed himself future work, new friends, and all.
So finally i arrive at the sound check and he's there, and the image would seem as though, he was working for them!
He had press passes, backstage passes, meet and greet passes,
Everyone showed him loved and it felt cool!
I said to myself, what is going on. He had it going on, great people's person.

Hopefully he made a good enough impression to work with us in the future, enough can't be said about positive people around you, and doing their jobs to perfection.
He definitely could get that done and i would love to have him on the road with us once we set out for tour!

No time for rest right now, the days are set in and projects and music has to get finished!
So off to work for now, stay tuned in for more video blogs coming your way from this past week's show!

Monday, June 7, 2010

#50 Blog.....Family Circle Thoughts......

Family..... When all else fails, thats really all you've got.

I witnessed a situation where family is attacking one another, for something so simple, yet turned so big.
I've learned from my parents that whatever happen in your family, its important to squash it right away. We are all we've got.
I love all my family members, and specially my brother and sisters, and thats your core, you have to keep it tight, and be their support system in whatever goes on.
You should never, never turn on your immediate family because of something so stupid. Im sorry if you feel like I'm talking to you, get over it.
Life is too short, and if something were to happen to any of your close one's, it will haunt you and change the course of your life, unless your just that bitter of a person.

So just say sorry, my fault, if you've done something wrong, or said something that hurt someone else.
Tell them you really didn't mean it and move on. With family, its called unconditional love that always will play a major roll.
Life is short, it is full of obstacles, but we count on having our family behind our back, and when were mad at each other, something's not right!  My mom said, we gotta fix it, i didn't raise you guys like that!

Have i had tuff deals with my siblings, of course, but we got over it, we love each other to well to hold a grudge for so long.

I also think its important to know when to back off and not interfere with someone's pursuit of happiness!

If they are in position to be happy about something, isn't there always someone who wanna bring you down. Right, there is, but don't the one family member doing it, have a better heart then that.
We've all had to learn this lesson at some point, and please, please, don't act like you know it all, when you don't.
Of course you been through life enough, but you still don't know it all.
Love your family through everything, I'm still learning that as we speak.

BTW.... Please take a listen to my boy Chase Allen mixtape too! Click right on this sentence! And be honest as you can...


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Music, and presenting The leader of the New School "Chase Allen"

I make music of all types, and people are always asking me, what do i specialize in.
I tell them, i make good music and i work with great artist that takes the beats i produce to the next level.
You should never be subject to one genre of music, specially when its been flowing through your veins since you were a child.
If you have the ear to make it, then just do it!
I grew up listening to Steely Dan,Prince,Steve Wonder,Michael Jackson,Heat wave,New Birth,Peabo Bryson..... you name it.
I credit my family for spoiling my ears with such great music when i was young, and back then, growing up in the early eighties, music all around was great. Not one bad record, even one hit wonder records where great.
Now days, music seems to be in another place, and in the hands of people who don't even have a clue about music, well real music anyway.
Thanks mom, for being the great singer you still are, and sacrificed your talent and career to take care of me and brother and sisters. I love you so much for doing that, and thank you for all the belief you had in me once i discovered my dream of being a full time musician.

As i stated before in my last blog, having the support system from your parents is pivotal!
And i had that from my parents.
Dad thank you for letting bang on the drums when i was getting my beat together, i know that was a long and loud process, but see, now i have a studio where i can make as much noise as i want. Thank you for putting me in touch with all the great music, and thank you for taking me to concerts as a kid. That goes a long way!
So with that, back to music.

Recently i just finished working with my homie, Chase Allen, he's got the sound that will take him out of philly and further. We also had the pleasure of working with My man Dj Statik AKA Mr Sonny James, who put a thrilling touch on the mix your listening to now!

I started off saying i do all types of music, and one of them is of course Hip Hop!
Chase is a 20 year old Mc in philly, who's sound got me to work with him and work on his new mix-tape he just released today.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His rhymes are clever, and he's got enough confidence to be out in the front.
Not the typical philly rapper talking about drugs, and killing people, a cool mix of drake, kid cudi,and lupe.
Also, once you hear him, you may think that he sounds similar to kanye, and trust me, thats not a bad thing. I agree with you :) But everyday he's evolving into his own.
I produced a few songs on the mix-tape along with my boy "Philly Ant" And his own Older Brother Corey"Ceasi" Smith. Dope New producers with banging beats!
It was fun listening to his verses as we recorded them at studio pine.
I hope when you listen, you can vision this kid's future! Please tune in, check out his song entitled "The Future" That i did, and we concluded the mix-tape with it.

So please enjoy listening to his mix tape as we begin a journey towards his bright future!
The Leader of the New School. Check out the trailer Put together by Creative design's Robert Armour
And Click right underneath to listen and download the 2010 Chase allen mixtape!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


To Sheyenne and Samarr

I had so much fun with you guys in the playground, playing basketball, watching you swing so high on the swings.

Time has gone by and you've gotten bigger and stronger!

I remember when there was a time i had to push you both on the swings because you couldn't push yourself, and Sheyenne picked it up at one point but i still pushed you both!
At times yesterday i stopped and looked at you two and thought about how happy i was to be your Father.
It felt like we all were best friends out there having fun.
Especially when Sheyenne walked on the basketball courts and start taking shots, that made my head turn a little, but i stayed with it and we got caught in a friendly little two on two game with some other kids, and that was all she wrote.
I saw my competitive spirit that  i posse right before my eyes, even though she walked, double dribbled and recited almost every wrong call in the book, but she played amazing defense moving her legs faster then i ever seen, in flip flops!
I wish i had it on camera, me and the other kids out there couldn't help but laugh, it was way too funny! (She was moving left to right so fast)
There was no way you could get by her, then she got down and dirty and stole the ball from the little guy, and slammed him to the ground.

I couldn't control her competitive spirits, if she keeps this up, she's definitely gonna have the  college teams knocking down her door.
i really couldnt believe it, it was too funny, she really takes a liking to basketball and was very serious about it.
Guess who's going to basketball camp and not ballet!
Meanwhile, my son, he's a character.
There's this little guy the same age as him, over playing the crap out of my son, and sometimes i have to remind myself that he's only 8 and that he's not suppose to operate how an older kid is, but he looks like he's ten.
So this little guys is killing my son, but my son is bullying him all over, but the little guy had natural skill.
I was laughing all day because of that, he seems to have passion for knocking over people and making his own way.
Sounds like a football player to me! (God help him) and me, how much these camps gonna cost?
I know i may have mentioned it before, but when you put time in with your kids, its really a good thing.
It's guidance for them, something that seems to be an lost art in parenting.
Some kids have their own agenda by the time they are ten or twelve.

Anyway, i felt like a kid again, joking around and talking with my kids, i love them,they are my pride and joy, what much better can you ask for.
You put life into something and to be able to see it grow is the best thing.

I vow to stay close to them, so that they can be everything that they wanna be. I wanna see them succeed!  It is very important that they have my support 100% in everything that they do. 
And it makes it easier for them. Life is a tuff thing, and your gonna have your obstacles, but having a support system is everything.
I will be that for them regardless on how demanding my career is.

Try to stay young people, stay young with your kids, don't be the parent that doesn't have a friendly relationship with your child. Participate, be active with them, it  goes a long way.
I have to learn how to play chess so i can beat my smart little daughter!
I want bragging rights on her, ha-ha.
I hate cartoons, but i have to stay updated on some of them in order to share jokes with my son!
All these things are little things, but they become they biggest memories in a child's life.
Best believe that one!
Every now and then, you have to come out of your serious person you are, and become a child again, i did, and it was fun, smiling,laughing, making little jokes. Keeps the peace, and it is your way to their heart.
Once that is done, the listening to, and guidance is a piece of cake!