Monday, June 7, 2010

#50 Blog.....Family Circle Thoughts......

Family..... When all else fails, thats really all you've got.

I witnessed a situation where family is attacking one another, for something so simple, yet turned so big.
I've learned from my parents that whatever happen in your family, its important to squash it right away. We are all we've got.
I love all my family members, and specially my brother and sisters, and thats your core, you have to keep it tight, and be their support system in whatever goes on.
You should never, never turn on your immediate family because of something so stupid. Im sorry if you feel like I'm talking to you, get over it.
Life is too short, and if something were to happen to any of your close one's, it will haunt you and change the course of your life, unless your just that bitter of a person.

So just say sorry, my fault, if you've done something wrong, or said something that hurt someone else.
Tell them you really didn't mean it and move on. With family, its called unconditional love that always will play a major roll.
Life is short, it is full of obstacles, but we count on having our family behind our back, and when were mad at each other, something's not right!  My mom said, we gotta fix it, i didn't raise you guys like that!

Have i had tuff deals with my siblings, of course, but we got over it, we love each other to well to hold a grudge for so long.

I also think its important to know when to back off and not interfere with someone's pursuit of happiness!

If they are in position to be happy about something, isn't there always someone who wanna bring you down. Right, there is, but don't the one family member doing it, have a better heart then that.
We've all had to learn this lesson at some point, and please, please, don't act like you know it all, when you don't.
Of course you been through life enough, but you still don't know it all.
Love your family through everything, I'm still learning that as we speak.

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