Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father Time!

Talk about a busy weekend going into another busy week.
There is basically no time to play around with, things have to get done and you can't just sit around and slack up on things.
Well for me, being as though I'm a proud father, something is always in motion.
Thank you all for the Father's day wishes and my belated wishes go out to everyone I did not get a chance to wish it too!
You guys of course know who you are!
I looked at my phone and it was literally 8-am when the text wish's began. They came every moment of the day, and some where from numbers that weren't stored in my phone, so i did not recognize some of the people that texted me.
By mid day, they continued and i felt a bundle of love from people, well only because i know that these people know my dedication to being in my children's lives.
They lasted until 1-am..... and by that time i was saying to myself.. wow.... its still happening. 
Thank you all again! i truly hope that you enjoyed your day as well.

I know I am a day late but i could not let another day go by before i speak on what it means to be a father and how easy it is to be a factor in your kids life, also how easy it is to not be a factor.

What is being a father to me? Thats pretty simple, It's about being bigger then your own life, its a sacrifice of your own life in order to see out another's.
It's about taking on full responsibility until your child reaches a point when they can stand on their own feet.
That doesn't mean you stop your support system though, a father to child relationship is never ending, no matter how old they get, your still the chief in charge!

Fatherhood is also about growing up, you've got to be a teacher for your little one, In a song my friends  produced called "Little One" By Tone whitfield Performed and written by Bilal on his new album, he talks about his two sons, and he says a few lines like, I  won't always be there to hold your hand.... But i can help you walk, but can't make you stand.... So whenever you feel like you can't go on.... Just believe..... that you can... and you will.... you always will....

When you hear the rest of that song September 14th, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!
Being a dad is a great honor too, you get to raise your kids and let them go out into this crazy world, so they are basically of product of what you are. Today in this generation i see how children are being brought up and its so sad how they miss out on having their dad in their lives, they miss so much from that presence.

I enjoy parenting my two young one's, they are my best friends, we laugh, we hangout and go to the movies, we shop and play games together, at least the ones i know anyway:)
Gotta love the challenge!

Moving right along with the program, thanks for hitting me on twitter guys! You can now follow me......SteveMckiebeats.... I"m there and i don't know for what! Ha Ha!! Everybody seems to think that i need to be there, so im there! Now only if i can get setup on my phone, i will be with you guys every step of the way!

And speaking of being a Father i have to leave you guys now so that me and the kids can go check out the new toy story flick!
Sounds like fun to me, i hope you guys enjoy yourselves today and stay cool  while enduring the heat!

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