Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeling accomplished just a Bit though......

What's up everybody, thanks for staying tuned in to my spot. I appreciate it much.
It's my own little way of being in a bunch of different places at one time, and i try to keep you updated on what's going on in my head. Well not too much, but just a little.

Is it safe to feel like you've accomplished something, but in the back of your mind you have so much more that you wanna achieve?
Well I have plenty of goals i have, and need to reach!  Everyday as i sacrifice my time, i have to remind myself of my ever so burning passion i have for this music thing. Contrary to that, its important as a entertainer to balance your time when you have children, something I'm working on everyday, i mean look at mogals like P Diddy. He even admited to wanting to spend more time with his kids.
Sometimes I'm questioning myself on how did I get to this point of no return.
I can credit it to multiple sources, mainly my parent and close aunts and uncles! They played music to the ground, everyday all day.
I remember vividly about one particular album my Dad played and he played lots of great records that as i kid, i said, dad is playing these old songs again, here we go!!!   The record was a Baby face release, "Tender Lover" to be exact.
That record was on repeat, my dad single handily turned me into a baby face fan by the age of 8  or 9 i believe.
When i go back now and listen, that was seriously a guilt pleasure album now.
Songs like, Where will you go, Tender lover, Whip Appeal, And my most favorite "Given A Chance"
Man...... Baby face is an amazing writer! Those songs are heart felt and i know them like the back of my head.
I can't forget about the other song he wrote on the album called "Sunshine" ( You brighten my life, sunshine you turn my darkness to light, and you brighten up the corners of my mind)

Yeah, so thanks Steve & Simone Treadwell......My Parents for giving me the space and ability to make my musical dreams come alive today, so in some sorts, i feel accomplished that 15 years later I'm doing what i love, I'm living out my gift that God gave me! 

It's really a blessing and to have two beautiful children, and you can see yourself in them, its makes it all worth it. They are being inspired just like i was when i was a child. Funny how times flip around and let you see things you once saw! Right?

Time is not standing still is it?  We're already in mid June, and soon, in two weeks July is here!
Just thank God for seeing everyday and get on with your routine.
July 7th, i get set to hit the road in Europe to tour with Bilal. Back to europe we go, to do some small promotion for the new album  Airtight's Revenge. An Album a few of my friends seem to think that will change my life.

So it brings me to that giddy feeling of accomplishing something i never thought i would.
Im sure  enough of you know the magnitude of this album being commercially released, as it took forever and ever to happen, but finally this time around, we'll get it right, and I'll be right on stage singing......... yes i said singing...... and playing the music that Bilal and I created at my studio in philly. Good feeling.... Yes, it is, but the buck does not stop right there.
Joy Denalane, german singer from Berlin Germany gave me the chance to closely produce her new album which is about set to release this fall too!  Feeling  accomplished.... Yes!
I thank her for giving me the chance to let our vision of music be heard through my production skills and musicianship. She could have  chose anyone in that situation and she chose me, lucky me.
I took that opportunity and made the best of it!
In this business, you only get one shot, and i think i did a great job on producing that album.
Shall i feel accomplished right now?
There's so much more going on that i can't share right now, but in due time, you will definitely hear about my music Adventures..... all you gotta do is log on here and follow me! Oh maybe google me too.. hahaha
Thanks........ Go celtics...........
As I mentioned before, check out this dope old school babyface tune....Just click on this sentence to hear!
And as i promised, some raw footage of myself debut backup singing..... Yes, steve doing double duties. huh


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