Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If You Have A Dream

Dreams Come True.....

All you gotta do is believe, plan, and set major goals for yourself and you will see results of all the hard work and time you put in.
It's totally a grind that some of us can't seem to understand, but there's that saying , How much you put into your craft, will be how much you get back as a result!
Im sure my results should be soon coming back positive, as I put so many hours in the studio, grinding, making records, making mix-tapes, Ep's, cutting demo idea's.

Whatever you wanna think of, and I'm doing it! Its all for the love of what I do.

You've got to have a passion in what your doing, whatever it may be.
Also while your trying to reach that point, you can also use things to keep your head up and quotes from people as a motivational tool to keep you reminded of what your goal is.

Whats the number one quote.... "You can't do it" "You will never make it"  " Its too many people trying to do what your doing" " Your priorities are not in order" " Just get a Regular Job"
In the mean time, what pushed me was something i wrote on my wall in my bedroom next to my beat machine, saying, the Sky is the limit, and you have to obtain patience and perseverance to make it all come true!
I can't stress how much that is true! And if your dealing with god giving talent, then the rest is all mental and knowing how to deal with your gift and keep a level head.
Being professional and polite is key. More importantly, in my field,  It's best to have a great attitude and not so stuck up and all into yourself, your longevity will last for awhile and your respected, in an authentic way! 

As i type this and sit here as i watch my kids in the laundry wash clothes with me, I thought back on how I put myself in the frame of mind where I am now.
Pretty simple too, I just took advantage of my chances i had around me, and made the best of it, and every year that went by, there had to be another level that i conquered to my goal.
Call it brick by brick if you want, but you have to start somewhere right.

All this to say is that dreams really do come true, with alot of hard work, you definitely can make it there!
Im still pushing to my dreams and goals and as you can see,  
Hard work and dedication people.....Makes those dreams come alive in 2010........

Yup i can't stand kobe if you can read the fine print!
How did Air Tight's Revenge come alive.. these three guys..... Yessir
Hawk burns (Manager) Steve Mckie( Producer,Everything) Bilal(Singer /Producer)
Get that album Sept 14th.
There's a star born folks, in philly at Tower Theatre
The band with Bilal, Louis,Corey, myself, and Mike
enjoying a small bite, well myself anyway!
At Johnny brenda's with Ant Tidd and the crew!
Here's a treat for the Hip Hop Heads! Philly Freezer and Ant Tidd seemed to enjoy themselves!
The Groove is all there guys! Yours truly MckieBeats
At Sound Check with Bilal, check the snare sound folks
Shout Out to Rob Amour With Creative Eye Design! For the Pics and Clips.
Stay tuned in!

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